A windfall of 10 billion yuan

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Xu Rui was too lazy to talk to them and said in a loud voice, "Grandma, I'm going to talk to you about changing the house.

In this way, Xu Rui, accompanied by his guardian's grandmother, went to the bank to open an online bank for his card, and was able to start the online prodigal road smoothly. System 1212: "It seems that the difficulty has been reduced a lot." Xu Rui originally stared at the shopping network to see, listen to it, immediately nervous: "No, no, no!"! It's still hard! There are not many valuable things on the Internet now. I want to choose hundreds of thousands of yuan. How much does the shopping cart have to hold! Very difficult, very difficult! System 1212: "How do you know it's hundreds of thousands?" Xu Rui:.. You're not going to tell me to start the mission now, are you? System 1212: "Oh, no." Xu Rui breathed a sigh of relief, because she had already calculated, and the result was shocking. The first main task is 10,000, the second is 50,000, the third is 100,000, and the fourth should be 200,000. Push the time again, the first time is 10 minutes, the second time is 20 minutes, the third time is 30 minutes, then the fourth time is 40 minutes. System 1212: "The little Comrade is really clever. He draws inferences about other cases from one instance." Xu Rui: "…" Forty minutes, 200,000, Xu Rui knew she had to get ready quickly. Rui Rui, come here. Is thinking hard about how to ruin the family, but the door came grandma's cry, Xu Rui hurriedly got up to see. Originally, the first wave of express delivery arrived, miscellaneous cartons, large and small express bags, almost filled the whole stairwell. Xu Rui reborn back this period of time, although the most is not short of money,Walking measuring wheel, but there are various conditions, really did not have a good experience of the fun of shopping. It was not until a few days ago that she got online banking and was able to shop online that she found the feeling of shopping. The head is the same, but convenient! Move an idea, want to eat something to eat, want to wear something to wear, want to use something to use, shopping cart checkout, directly complete the daily task. The amount of ten thousand yuan can be spent without too much thinking. But the consequence of this is that the express delivery is like a hill. Are you Xu Rui? Please sign for it. The courier should be the first time to see such a buyer, staring at Xu Rui for a long time. About feel this girl is good-looking, he cannot help guessing: "You won't be those who do dress business?" Xu Rui was happy. "No, I just bought it for fun," she said as she signed the bill. As he spoke, the old lady upstairs came back. The old lady surnamed Guo, since she also lives in the teacher's apartment, is a natural teacher or a teacher's family member. She is not only Ji Jufang's neighbor, but also her colleague. The two families have a clear background. As soon as Old Mrs. Guo heard Xu Rui say, "Buy for fun," and saw the things piled up on the ground, Surveyors tape measure ,Diameter tape measure, she tutted: "After all, it's the children of a millionaire's family. Look at the guys in this place. How much money they have to waste? Your rich granddaughter is not rare. Can this be used up? Next door, Mrs. Li also opened the door, probably looking through the cat's eyes for a while, and as soon as she opened the door, she picked up the topic of Mrs. Guo. Yes, indeed! So I said that Mr. Ji was very lucky. His son was a rich man, and his granddaughter came in with a silver spoon in her mouth. This month, the air conditioner, color TV and refrigerator were all replaced with new ones, and the house was tidied up like a model house. Old Mrs. Li said this and changed the subject: "Teacher Ji, if I have your good fortune, why do I still live in this broken house?" Old Mrs. Guo laughed and said to Ji Jufang, "That's right. Why don't you let your granddaughter buy a new house and live outside?"! Don't spoil your roomful of good things in this miserable place. Old Mrs. Li covered her mouth with a smile. "You are poor and worried. Rich people are different from what we think. They specially invited two bodyguards to live downstairs!" "Really?" Old Mrs. Guo exclaimed and looked at Ji Jufang with more envy in her eyes. "How rich I am! Why don't I have such a good granddaughter?" Old Mrs. Li gave her a sidelong glance and said, "There is no good granddaughter, but there is no good son!"! Otherwise, if you cheat a rich girl to come back, you will have no worries about food and drink all your life, and you can still live a poor life like us. Ji Jufang originally wanted to explain a few words, but she was not good at quarreling with people, and the more she listened, the more she felt ashamed and indignant, and her face was red and white for a while. When Xu Rui signed the bill, she was very angry when she heard them say so. Of course, she knew what the two old ladies were doing. That is, when we work, we are all at the same level, so we can't see that Grandma's old age is better than theirs. Brother Ma Yang, please help me move the express in. Sister Xiaoli, please help me unpack and tidy up. Xu Rui shouted and deliberately ordered people in front of the two old ladies. The two old ladies exchanged glances, staring at the diligent and tall Ma Yang for a moment, and at the neat Qian Xiaoli for a moment, as if to see a hole. Sorry, I just have too much money to spend. My grandmother has a good life. I can't envy her. I'll catch up early in my next life. Xu Rui said to the two old ladies, and the old ladies blushed, "You have no tutor!"! Teacher Ji, do you teach children to speak like this? Xu Rui was too lazy to talk to them and said in a loud voice, "Grandma, I'm going to talk to you about changing the house. The public order here is not good, the residents are complicated, and the environment is noisy. You are not in good health. I'll change a good house for you and let you enjoy a happy life." As soon as Mrs. Guo and Mrs. Li heard this, they couldn't hang on their faces. Just as they were thinking of teaching the little girl to be a man, Ji Jufang hesitated and said, "No, it will cost a lot of money. We live here very well." "Where is it good?"? Chattering, if you live in a better place, it will be much quieter. Xu Rui said with a smile, her voice was not light: "Hey, but it also depends on the quality, don't you think?"? People with low quality always can't control their mouths. After saying this, Xu Rui closed the door. Without looking back, the two old ladies, who knew that their ears were not bad and their lips were still sharp, must have been blue in the face. I don't know how to poke her in the spine and scold her. Xu Rui did not care at all, according to her character, the matter of being angry and humiliated, must be fought back at that time. Otherwise,Adhesive fish ruler, a mouthful of old blood will be pressed in my heart, and I will not be happy to do anything, and I will be able to get sick. tapemeasure.net