Murder scene 3

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Yu Ming broke down: "I said, officer, I said-it has nothing to do with me, I have already advised my husband..."

Wu Fu is also a little confused: "No.". Is there a second square crisp in the place of singing? Hey. I used to be a Chinese teacher. Xiao Yue said that the girl wanted to develop into the entertainment circle. Think of a nice and memorable name. I helped my daughter think together. This name was found by me when I looked up Tang and Song poetry. Xiao Yue said she liked it very much. "Really?"? How on earth did they know each other? An Niuniu is very interested. Father Wu lowered his head. I don't really want to talk about this topic: "Who knows.". Maybe it's a coincidence. It happened many years ago. Who remembers so clearly? "For years?"? Was Wu Xiyue still a student at that time? Father Wu sighed, "It happens to be the third year of high school.". When I got sick. At that time, the square crisp was not yet famous. She's probably still working as a tour guide. Father Wu clapped his hands and said, "Then we are talking about one person. The one I know, Xiao Yue, was also a tour guide at the beginning." When the door of the courtyard opened, Mother Wu came in and saw An Niuniu? Are you a student? Father Wu replied, "No, it was Xiao Yue's colleague who sent Xiao Yue a bag." Auntie. Hello Father Wu frowned and asked, "Do you know that Xiao Yue has been working in a performing arts company for more than half a year?" Mother Wu was surprised: "The performing arts company?"? She wasn't always at the law firm. "Oh, look, you don't know, do you?"? The child doesn't discuss anything with us. If her colleague hadn't come to deliver the bag, we wouldn't know now. Wu Mu: "Alas.". This kid, a good lawyer doesn't do it. What are you going to do in the acting company? She suddenly thought of one thing: "Oh, acting companies are not all singers, movie stars and so on?"? She's not going to help Miss Fang. Father Wu shook his head. "Her colleague said she had just resigned-forget it.". We can't take care of the child's affairs, and we don't care. We Xiaoyue are a child who can do everything. We don't have to worry about it blindly. Mother Wu said politely, "Shall we eat here?" "No, aunt, I have something to do when I go back." "Thank you. Oh,304 Stainless Steel Bar, I haven't asked you your last name yet." An Niuniu smiled, "You're welcome. Just say the person who sent the bag, and she will know who it is." An Niuniu called Long Jie. Long Jie said, "Very good. Now let Li Kun and Liu Liyuan take Wu Xiyue and Fang Yisu to the police station separately. It's not a secretive relationship. It's very suspicious for them to hide like this." "Yes, Dragon Team." "By the way, Niuniu, let me tell you something new." Long Jie's voice was very happy. What's the good news? "It's Wu Bin. We have news of him." Where is he? "I asked Wang Yan to monitor Lin Wanrong's husband and wife. Just now I found a major clue. Lin Wanrong's wife, Yu Ming, received a phone call from a foreign number. She immediately remitted 20,000 yuan to a bank card number, and then dialed the number. We monitored the phone. It was Wu Bin. He is now in Wenzhou. Yu Ming called to say that the money was remitted to him." He also told him that the police were looking for him and told him not to contact his family. "Wenzhou?" "Yes, Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet ,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, it's clear now. It must be the couple who let him escape. Wang Yan has taken someone to control Yu Ming. In addition, we have contacted the police in Wenzhou. They are searching Wu Bin now. Maybe they will find him soon." "Great, Dragon Team, now the suspects have been exposed, we surprise interrogation, the truth will soon emerge." "These people are not so easy to deal with, but finally we have taken the initiative and don't have to be nosed away by the suspects." Long Jie paused for a moment and said to Niuniu, "Wang Yan has come, and Yu Ming has already brought it." "Dragon Team, hurry up, I'll be right back." Yu Ming is in her thirties. She used to be a music teacher. She has been married to Lin Wanrong for eight years. She has a son and a daughter, and has been a full-time wife at home. Yu Ming, probably because of his simple life or guilty fear, was taken to the police station with a pale face, a flustered look, and a look of wanting to cry and not daring to cry. When Long Jie and Wang Yan entered the interrogation room, she was so frightened that she almost jumped up. Wang Yan first opened his mouth: "Yu Ming, you went to the bank to remit money at noon today." Yu Ming's eyes looked like a frightened little rabbit: "Ah." "Yes, or no, please answer-since we can ask you this question, we naturally have the necessary evidence." Yu Ming burst into tears. "Is it for Wu Bin?" Yu Ming bowed his head and wiped away his tears. Wang Yan picks up the data in the hand, read a phone number: "After you remit money, dialed this phone then, this phone we checked, user position is in Wen Zhou". Yu Ming bit his lip and secretly glanced at Wang Yan and Long Jie. Long Jie said with an expressionless face, "Yu Ming, you must know the meaning of leniency to those who confess and severity to those who refuse. Are you and your husband going to play games with the police?" "No, not …" "You don't have to think about anyone else, but you have to think about your two children-do you know the consequences of hiding important clues from the police and misleading the investigation?" Yu Ming broke down: "I said, officer, I said-it has nothing to do with me, I have already advised my husband..." Words dividing line This is arguably the longest murder scene story of all time. Tighten up at the end Happy reading (to be continued), if you want to know what happened, please log in.. Com, more chapters, Text Bath City Massacre Chapter 48 An Unlucky Couple Interrogation room. Yu Ming sobbed: "This has nothing to do with me,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, I have already advised my husband what happened?"? Is that what you mean when he runs away? Yu Ming quickly shook his head: "He wanted to go himself. He came to discuss with us. He was supposed to go back to his hometown. He bought a train ticket from his hometown. My husband said he was stupid. If he wanted to go back to his hometown, he would be caught by the police." He suggested that it would be better to spend some time in places that the police could not think of. Why did Wu Bin go back to his hometown? Why run from the police? "He.." It's Zuo Jilin. Yu Ming suddenly did not know how to say: "That." He picked up his stuff and didn't tell the police. "What is it?" Yu Ming said in a low voice, "It's a diamond ring." "Where did you pick it up?" "Bath City." 。