Suddenly like a night of illness Jiao

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Suddenly like a night of illness Jiao (through the illness Jiao sweet pet pseudo-brother and sister)

"Who dares to fight with my ancestors?" She took off a whip with a barb on her waist and whipped a servant fiercely. The man immediately covered his face and howled miserably, and blood gurgled through his fingers. Everyone was quiet for a moment, involuntarily separating a passage and letting her walk to the front of the hall. Xiang'er? Is that you, Hsiang? The old lady stared at her in disbelief. It's me. Ancestor, I've come to see you! She quickly stepped forward and hugged the old lady, crouching in her ear and whispering, "My brother is all right. Now he has defeated the western barbarians and returned to the capital the day after tomorrow.". The emperor has his own plans. Don't say anything now! With a shock, the old lady immediately hugged her and cried bitterly. As she cried, she confessed, "Xiang, it's good that you can come to see me.". I'm old and confused. That's why I did something wrong. Don't hate me! "How? I can't hate my own ancestors if I hate anyone.". We will always be a family. Yu Xiang also felt something in his heart, and his eyes were slowly flushed. Yu Siyu pushed the servant away and walked over, and the three of them hugged each other and cried bitterly. Yu Xiang, you are here at last. I thought you weren't gonna recognize your grandmother for the rest of your life. Yu Miaoqi broke the scene of the reunion of the three. A few days ago, the leg injury recurred and urgently needed medical treatment, so it was delayed for several months. I'm not an ungrateful, ungrateful, ungrateful man like you. Yu Xiang helped the old lady sit upright, and helped her pour a cup of ginseng tea, then slowly opened his mouth. Yu Miaoqi scowled and was about to retort when she heard Zhuo sneer, "Yu Xiang, oh no,caustic calcined magnesite, look at my memory. I should be called Shen Xiang now.". Your surname is Shen, and our surname is Yu. Why do you interfere in the family affairs of the Yu family? As soon as he came, he hurt the servant of my family. You have a big face. Do you really think you are the third lady of Yongle Hou Mansion? I don't think of myself as the third lady of Hou Fu. I only think of myself as Mrs. Hou of Hou Fu. Of course, this sentence Yu Xiang can not be declared in the mouth, had to cover his mouth and said with a smile, "I really have a big face.". Did Mrs. Zhuo forget that although I am no longer a lady of Hou Fu, I still have the title of Si Nong Xiang Jun on my head? If you talk about rank, you will kneel down and salute when you see me. …… Zhuo Shi and Yu Miaoqi were suddenly speechless, and their expressions seemed to have swallowed hundreds of flies. Chapter 129 Yu Xiang closed the door for several months,Magnesium Oxide price, outsiders thought she was lost Hou Fu Di Miss identity, this is ashamed to see people, but all forget Hou Fu Di Miss identity although high, but also high but Xiangjun. The emperor had never issued a decree to take away her title, so she was still the king of Si Nong Xiang. Ordinary women like Zhuo Shi and Yu Miaoqi, who had no taste, had to kneel down when they saw her, and they called her the Empress of Xiangjun. At this time, the two men were struggling between kneeling and not kneeling, and their facial features were distorted by resentment and unwillingness, which made them look very terrible. Yu Xiang slowly fed the old lady ginseng tea, and after a moment he shouted in a deep voice, "The upright son is so impolite that he beat them out for me!" Mammy Ma and others, as if they had found the backbone, grabbed sticks, magnesium nitrate hexahydrate ,Magnesium Oxide MgO, brooms, feather dusters and other objects, and aggressively drove people away. Zhuo Shi couldn't order the servants to fight back. If he bumped into Yu Xiang's flesh in the chaos, it would be a big deal. He had to lift up his skirt and run away dejectedly. Still refusing to give up, Yu Xiang shouted at their fleeing backs, "Mrs. Zhuo, I'm kind enough to warn you.". Yu Miaoqi killed her adoptive mother, secretly harmed her adoptive brother, framed her own elder sister, and ganged up with her biological mother to frame her own elder brother. The coolness and cruelty of her heart are rare in the world. If you take advantage of her, be careful that in the end there will be no bones left to be gnawed by her. Zhuo's footsteps paused slightly, and when he crossed the threshold, he was severely tripped. Yu Miaoqi hurriedly stretched out her hand to help her, but was violently patted away by her, which showed that the words had gone into her heart. However, Yu Miaoqi was in urgent need of the power of the third room to send herself to the imperial concubine's throne. When she went back, she had no choice but to try to please her. If she couldn't get rid of her guard, the person who was sent to the palace by the Yu family would change. Splendor and wealth may be subverted because of this sentence, Yu Miaoqi's hatred for Yu Xiang can be imagined, determined to wait for their own rise in the world, must rectify Yu Xiang's survival can not die. When all the people were gone, the old lady again took her granddaughter into her arms and patted her, calling her darling and asking her if she had suffered hardships along the way. "With the care of Master Kuhai and Master Kuhui, the granddaughter did not suffer.". My brother is also very good, and he will arrive in Beijing in a few days. Yu Xiang told the old lady what had happened after he went to the west. The old lady burst into tears and said firmly, "Well, well, no matter how you win or lose on the battlefield, as long as you can go home safely.". In the future, our ancestors will go to Zhenguo Temple to ask for an auspicious day to hold a wedding for you and Yan'er. I have agreed with Lord Shen that the betrothal gifts and dowry will be paid by me, which will surely make your ten miles of red makeup scenery infinite. As for the brother-sister chaos, let the Philistines say, let's just get our little life together. Overjoyed, Yu Xiang hugged the old lady's neck and said coquettishly, "Ancestor, you still love me.". I will help you give birth to a brood of great grandchildren in the future, and we will live together for four generations. What do you say? The old lady was so sweet in her heart that she couldn't see her eyes with a smile and said yes in a stack of voices. Yu Siyu also smiled, but two lines of tears flowed from the corners of his eyes. The old lady was very distressed when she saw it. She hugged her and comforted her. "Shao Xueze's child is affectionate. I look at him coldly. When your eldest brother comes back, we will get your marriage done again. It will be more grand and lively than before.". Our whole family takes advantage of your happy event to wash away the bad luck. "Mmm." Yu Siyu hurriedly bowed his head and wiped his tears. After returning home, Zhuo Shi immediately left Shen Miaoqi and went to find Yu Junwei. The two of them saw that the noble had a little interest in Yu Miaoqi before, so they chose to send her there. Now, with a little mention from Yu Xiang, I realized how ungrateful Yu Miaoqi was. Even her adoptive father, adoptive mother, adoptive brother, first brother, first sister and first grandmother could abandon or assassinate her without blinking. Her heart was made of stone and could not be covered up in any case. Now she is down and out, naturally gentle and obedient, and when she gains power, she may not be sure when to make a knife. After staying in Shu for a long time,Magnesium Sulphate producer, my brain was damaged by those hard work, and I wanted to send her there. Yu Junwei looked at his calloused hands and sighed. After six or seven years of hard labor, he had forgotten even the art of observing people.