Take charge of the three prehistoric realms again

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You can go back with me to see Haner. I can rest assured only if you stay with him. Han Wugou was overjoyed to pull up the phoenix and leave.

In the seventy-first chapter, there is a stone statue of white phoenix Nirvana on the Danxue Mountain? Phoenix is born [Number of Words in this Chapter: 3086 Last Updated: 2010-03-26 19:24: 26.0] It is said that Han Wugou bent down to worship on behalf of Hongyun Lao Zu, and the white tiger hurriedly came forward from a distance and looked up and was so frightened that he bent down to worship. But see that multicolored stone carving head, swallow jaw, snake neck, turtle back, fish tail, five colors, six Zhangs high. The pattern on the top of the head is the word "De", the pattern on the wings is like the word "Yi", the pattern on the back is like the word "Li", the patterns on the chest are like the words "Ren", and the patterns on the abdomen are the words "Xin". This is the portrait of the phoenix, the holy beast of heaven. No wonder Han Wugou and the white tiger are competing to bow down. When Mo Xue saw Han Wugou worshipping, how could he not worship? He was about to bend down to worship, but was stopped by Bai Feng. Bai Feng pointed his hand to the bottom of the stone carving, which was engraved with a number of ancient seals, which was written with nirvana? Reborn Even if the spirit is out of body, it is necessary for a person without tears to touch my eyebrow with his burning blood before the soul can return. Hard search for thousands of years, looking for a body without tears named Gong Gong, is to offend the common people, after death there is no blood. I have no choice but to find a predestined person on the white jade. When Mo Xue finished reading these words, Bai Feng led the others to the other side. There was also an ancient seal engraved with numbers on it,potassium sulphate fertilizer, which read: Infinite merit, auspicious sign, avoid evil, and always control the luck of Qi. Mo Xue looked at Bai Feng in puzzlement, and Bai Feng bent over the ground and wrote the words "Haner" and "Cracking the Sky". Everyone would not understand what Bai Feng was thinking, and they were all ecstatic. "This phoenix can help Haner whether he is a teacher or a demon." Han Wugou was overjoyed and said with a sigh, "Gonggong is dead in the past, but where can I find someone without tears?" When Mo Xue heard this, he did not speak,Magnesium Oxide powder, but put his finger into his mouth and bit it. The blood that flowed out was very strange, not like the usual blood at all, but when he saw the colorful auspicious signs around him, they all came to the blood, and the drops of blood were moistened by the five colors and burned like fire. That Mo Xue how to withstand, no opinion on the ground that the white phoenix wrote cold son and crack day four words, only the root of the teeth clenched, hard to bear. Sister Moxue is actually a body without tears. Brother Dao, don't you know? The white tiger asked Han Wugou in surprise. Han Wugou just shook his head and said, "She never told me." When Bai Feng saw that Mo Xue was suffering, she hurriedly picked up Mo Xue's fingers and nodded to her forehead, then to Mo Xue's forehead, and then stood aside with a smile, changing the seal in her hand. "What is Bai Feng doing? Is he the soul of the Phoenix?" The white tiger said in surprise. Don't talk nonsense. Han Wugou said nervously. As soon as the voice fell, he saw the white phoenix dress on fire, and the ink snow could not get in, Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer ,Magnesium Sulphate price, so he could only watch the white phoenix burn in the fire. Feng, what's wrong with you. Come out quickly! Mo Xue's heart was full of fear, and he stretched out his hand to pull the smiling white phoenix in the fire. Han Wugou hurriedly grabbed Mo Xue and shouted at the top of his voice, "Don't come forward. This is Phoenix Nirvana."? The fire I can't bear to wait for Jinxian, let alone you. "Sister Moxue, White Phoenix Nirvana? You should be overjoyed when the Phoenix is reborn." The white tiger laughed. The white phoenix was engulfed by a huge fire, and a white light ran into the colorful phoenix statue from the fire. The fire was also burning, and the stone statue was wrapped up. It burned like this for several hours, but when I saw the five-color auspicious sign dispersing around the fire, it shone in ten directions, and then I heard a crisp sound, which spread all over the world. All the living beings between heaven and earth worship piously, which attracts countless birds to sing and sing happily. The East Emperor Taiyi, Qinglong and Longzhi in the East Mountain, the Emperor Jun, Lu Wu, Kirin and Feiyi walking in the West Mountain? Bird He Ju's father was even more excited when he heard the sound of the phoenix. He knelt down to the south. East Emperor Taiyi and Emperor Jun showed the original shape of the three-legged golden black, and then they also chirped several times to cater to it. Xiniu Hezhou's Kong Xuan, who drinks in the world, the Great Sun Tathagata, who listens to Buddhist teachings at the Leiyin Temple in the whirling Pure Land, and the Dapeng Mingwang in the Great Leiyin Temple on Mount Sumeru in the West have a heart to heart, but they dare not show their true colors and resonate with the phoenix. Only Kong Xuanhua made a green light to show his true shape in the empty place, and shouted from the sky. As soon as the phoenix startled the sky, it turned itself into a woman in white, and it was the white phoenix. I saw her holding a phoenix nirvana in her hand and a phoenix pan in her belt. Mo Xue was overjoyed. She grabbed Bai Feng's hands and said with a lingering fear, "Feng, you scared me to death.". ” Han Wugou said with a smile, "Mo Xue, you can never call him Feng'er again." "It has been known since ancient times that the phoenix is male and the phoenix is female. Now you know what it should be called." The white tiger laughed too. Phoenix, Phoenix.. I'll call you Huang'er from now on. Mo Xue laughed. Senior, please accept my worship again. Han Wugou and Bai Hu said in chorus. Huang'er hurriedly lifted Bai Hu and Han Wugou up and said, "You can't call me senior in the future. I'm reborn today. Huang'er should wait for your sister.". I wonder if the two eldest brothers have ever been willing. "Yes, yes, today is really a great joy!"! Sister, I don't need to look for other people of the demon clan. You can go back with me to see Haner. I can rest assured only if you stay with him. Han Wugou was overjoyed to pull up the phoenix and leave. When they heard this, Moxue nodded with a smile, but Huang took Moxue's hand and said, "Sister, I don't want to leave you for a moment. If you want me to go back to Haner, you must stay with me around Haner." When Mo Xue heard this, he turned pale in panic and said hurriedly, "Sister, what are you talking about?" Huang smiled and took off the jade pendant from his waist and put it on for Mo Xue. "This Huang Pan Zhu Pei can guarantee you a safe life.". Its function is to ward off evil spirits. Then the name of Ruyi in my hand is Feng Nie Yingluo, which can suppress the eternal luck. I will give him to Haner. "But you can't defend yourself. What if you meet a thief?" Mo Xue worried. "Sister Moxue," they said with a laugh, "I'm afraid no one in the world can hurt the Phoenix except the saints." Mo Xue seemed incredulous and turned to ask, "Huang, is what they said true?" Huang nodded and said with a smile, "The sage can't do anything to me. I'm in charge of the luck of heaven and earth.". Except for Pangu's brother. Oh, stop talking,dap diammonium phosphate, let's go quickly! Huang Er hesitated to speak and took the lead in the front. Mo Xue was puzzled and asked, "Wugou, what happened to Pan Gu?" 。 stargrace-magnesite.com