Marry first and love deeply

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Only then did I know that on the day I left, the model room collapsed in the morning, and the case of the activity manor was officially declared a failure.

The other side of the phone was silent for a long time before Chen Cheng's slightly crying voice came. He thought he had struggled for a long time on the other side of the phone. Then he opened his mouth and called out: "Sister Gu.." Enron tightened his phone and asked, "Did you take the design with you?" Chen Cheng did not speak for a while, but she could faintly hear her voice sobbing slightly on the other side of the phone. She did not speak, just holding the phone quietly waiting for her to give her an answer. After a while, Chen Cheng on the other side of the phone finally opened his mouth and said, "Sister Gu, let's meet and talk about it." "Oh." Enron sneered without mercy and said, "What do you think we should talk about?"? How did you get the blueprints from my office? The tone was marked by angry sarcasm. I'm sorry Chen Cheng seemed to have some repentance, but insisted on meeting her. "Sister Gu, let's meet and talk about it. I have something to tell you." When Enron arrived at Chen Cheng's coffee shop, Chen Cheng had already arrived, sitting by the window, with a cup of coffee in front of her, while she turned to look out of the window at the cars and pedestrians coming and going, her eyes drifting a little, and there was no focus at all. Enron went to her, finally pulled out the chair and sat down opposite her, put the bag in his hand on the seat beside him, looked at Chen Cheng, opened his mouth lightly, and said: "Give me the design." The tone was flat,Automated warehouse systems, not even angry or angry, but it was cold, cold to the bone. Only then did Chen Cheng turn his head and look at Enron steadily. He bowed his head to her with some guilt and said, "I'm sorry!" Before Enron could open his mouth, the waiter of the coffee shop came up in time, holding the menu and said with a smile, "Do you need to order?" Enron looked at Chen Cheng, turned to the waiter and said,industrial racking systems, "Give me a cup of boiled water, thank you." "Yes, please wait a moment." The waiter nodded with a smile. Enron turned his eyes to Chen Cheng again and looked at her steadily. "Why?" He asked? Can you give me a reason? Chen Cheng lowered his eyes and held the coffee cup tightly in both hands. After a long time, he opened his mouth lightly and said, "I need money. Someone offered me 100,000 yuan as long as I took away the design of the'activity manor '. I, I really need the money, so I agreed." She knew how wrong she was, but she really had no way. News came from home that her mother's illness had worsened and she continued to have an operation. But how much money could the family afford? Last year, because of her mother's illness, she almost emptied all the money in the family. Originally, she thought that her illness had improved and that it would be absolutely no problem for her to live for at least a few more years. But suddenly called to say that the condition had deteriorated again, the hospital urged the operation every day, and finally my father and brother had no way out, so they called her. When she was in a hurry to raise money, heavy duty cantilever racks ,push back racking system, but at her wits' end, the man said that as long as she took the design of the'activity manor 'and disappeared for a few days, he could give her 100,000 yuan at one time. She really needed the money. With the 100,000 yuan, her mother could have an operation. Although she did not know how long her mother's life would last after the operation, maybe a few years, maybe a few months, if she watched her mother suffer and did not think of a way, how could she do it as a child? Just for her mother, she hurt Enron. Enron did not speak, but looked at her steadily, as if waiting for her to continue. I went back to my hometown these days. I came back to Jiangcheng today. It was only today that I learned that the model room had an accident in the morning when I left. Chen Cheng said in a low voice that her guilt made her uneasy. She knew that Enron was the most innocent in this matter, and that those people undoubtedly wanted Enron to have no way out. She felt it necessary for her to tell her what she knew, at least so that she could take precautions. Who told you to take the drawings? Enron asked lightly, in fact, there was a vague guess in his heart. Chen Cheng looked at her for a while before he opened his mouth and said, "It's the director." One day, Huang Dexing called her into his office. It seemed that he had already asked someone to investigate some of the situation in her home. He said that he was willing to give her 100,000 yuan. As long as she took the design drawings from Gu Enron and gave them to him, he could give her cash on the spot. In addition, even if it happened, he could protect her and not let the official investigate the matter. So under the urging of the phone calls at home, she really had no way. That night, her brother called again to say that if she didn't have an operation, the hospital would issue a notice of critical illness. She felt so uncomfortable that she could only hide in the stairwell and cry. That night, she called Huang Dexing directly after Enron left, telling him that she could steal the drawings as he said, but he had to prepare 100,000 yuan for her that night, because she really couldn't wait. Huang Dexing readily agreed. They met at the coffee shop opposite the company at more than 9 o'clock that night. She gave the drawings to Huang Dexing and Huang Dexing also gave her the money as promised. She resigned orally directly with Huang Dexing that night, and then took the train back to her hometown the next morning. Mother's condition improved slightly these two days, and the more she thought about it, the more she felt wrong. So I went back to Jiangcheng. The first time I came back, I went to Xiaoli, the assistant in the office, and asked about the status of the company these two days. Only then did I know that on the day I left, the model room collapsed in the morning, and the case of the activity manor was officially declared a failure. She did not understand what Huang Dexing's purpose was to do so. If he succeeded in such a large project as the activity manor, he could not only directly grasp it as a key project of the company in the second half of the year, but also expand the company's scale and open up overseas markets. However, he actually planned and destroyed the project himself! It's really puzzling and inconceivable. How interesting Enron sneered and said lightly, "Really?" She only guessed that Huang Dexing must have known about it, but did not think that it was planned and led by him, which was really ridiculous. Sister Gu? Chen Cheng looked at her and asked with a little worry, "You." Is everything all right? Enron turned his head, just a faint look at her,warehouse storage racks, a faint opening, "that drawing is now in the hands of Huang Dexing?" The tone was so flat that people could not hear any emotion at all. I don't know, but I took the drawings and gave them to the director. She had no idea who he had given the drawings to after he got them.