Mortal -But at that moment

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But at that moment, the cold voice of Baohua suddenly came from the nearby void: "Don't be afraid. Just leave these things to my concubine."

The sound of breaking the air is loud, the dense glittering and translucent sword flashes, and the sound of breaking the air is overwhelming. So many Mahayana ancestors together, even though those giant insects are also very powerful, but how can they withstand so many waves of attacks, immediately in the screams or directly fall apart, or have been reduced to ashes, in a twinkling of an eye was wiped out. Countless cheers immediately came from the Demon team! "Don't stop, keep going!" The holy ancestor of the Demons, wearing black armor, grinned grimly and immediately rumbled. Those elite Demon guards dare not neglect, originally some slow team, immediately forward and fast. At this time, the other borers who had retreated were once again rolling up without fear of death, but still could not slow down the whole team. Han Li was in the hall of the giant boat, but his mind just swept outside, but he saw everything clearly. When I saw that those giant insects were easily destroyed by several Mahayana just by a joint attack, I immediately smiled at the corners of my mouth. Although the power of these giant insects is similar to that of the combined monks, their defensive capabilities are very different, as if they were just some defective products. Otherwise, even if several Mahayana players acted together just now,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, it is impossible to directly obliterate the existence of so many combinations so easily. It seems that these giant insects are not really the top order of borers! And here, the hall gathered ten Mahayana ancestors, only seven or eight people standing in the front and back of the giant boat, so as to deal with some accidents at any time. Baohua sat on a chair in the center of the hall, playing with a palm-sized mirror in her hand. It's the little magic mirror. As for the other Mahayana, they either talked together in a low voice or rested in their chairs with their eyes closed. Han Li's eyes flashed and fell on a woman sitting at the window, but it was the evil lotus saint. The woman's face looked like a treasure flower,industrial racking systems, looking out of the window at the situation of the battle between the guards and the borers. There was no expression on her face, but she could not see what she was thinking. Not far from this woman, however, the old man of the bronze crow was sitting on the floor in meditation, surrounded by several ravens, but there was a faint trace of pale yellow crystal light flowing on his body, as if he were practicing some kind of skill. After Han Li's mind turned quickly, he closed his eyes and closed his eyes to rest. Beside him, the Crab Taoist stood there in silence, but there was no sign of the silver moon. It was Han Li who realized that this trip was quite dangerous, so he did not take the woman with him and let her stay in the temporary cave house in the desert. Although the silver moon leaves its side, it will be affected by the decision to forget love, but as long as the time is not too long, it will not be a real obstacle. Chapter 2222 fierce battle in the sea of worms (part two). When Han Li was thinking secretly in his heart, the treasure flower in the center of the hall suddenly said with a pick of Dai Mei: "Watch out, medium duty racking ,radio shuttle racking, Taoist friends, they're coming." The treasure flower did not mention what it was, but the other Mahayana ancestors' originally unhurried expressions were all frozen, and some of the ancestors even swept their minds out of the giant boat without saying a word. The same is true of Han Li's heart. After seeing a commotion in the sea of insects all around, red strange insects like fierce fireballs suddenly appeared. These borers are not too big in size, but they are covered with pale golden spiritual lines all over their bodies. At the same time, their eyes are green, and there are five colors of light flowing in them. As soon as these borers appeared, the faces of several Mahayana beings standing at the front and back ends of the giant boat immediately changed greatly, and each of them urged the treasure method without thinking. Suddenly the sword light knife awn, a group of fireball black gas, all menacingly flying roll to. The common borers nearby were annihilated by flying ash in an instant under such a fierce attack. But after those red strange insects were covered by these attacks, they only had a shock of their wings, and immediately their bodies disappeared from the attack in a vague way. The next moment, seven or eight red borers appeared directly in the vicinity of these Mahayana, and their hind limbs suddenly moved and shot at them. These Mahayana ancestors were immediately frightened, either their fingers flicked out, and countless thorns were interwoven and chopped away, or their body surface flashed, and several protective treasures appeared at the same time. There was even a Mahayana in the other world who gave a low shout, reached down with one hand, and rushed directly to the borer in front of him. But no matter what kind of attack or defense, these borers just flashed again, as if all these obstacles were nothing, as if invisible bodies directly appeared in the place close to these Mahayana, and then the red flame of the body was full, and one after another emitted dazzling light. These Mahayana ancestors all turned pale and cried out "not good", and they could only rely on their physical strength to resist these self-explosive powers. But at that moment, the cold voice of Baohua suddenly came from the nearby void: "Don't be afraid. Just leave these things to my concubine." As soon as the words fell, a white beam of light burst through the cabin hall of the giant boat. After a flash, it split into several small beams of light and hit the red borers that were going to explode themselves. They were hit and rolled, and shot more than ten feet away. After a series of loud roars, several red suns appeared out of thin air, and then after a buzz in the nearby void, cracks appeared, as if they could tear the whole void apart at any time. The power of these borers after self-explosion is so powerful. Those Mahayana ancestors witnessed all this, and their hearts were shocked. As expected, these self-exploding borers are as powerful as the rumors. If they are really capable of self-exploding at such a close distance, even if they do not fall on the spot, it is absolutely possible for them to be seriously injured. At this time, the void over the giant boat fluctuated together, and after a flash of the shadow of a giant pink flower, the treasure flower appeared in the sky with an expressionless face. The Mahayana ancestors in front of and behind the giant boats had not yet had time to thank Baohua, when they heard the sound of breaking the air, and more than ten red borers appeared. These borers also appeared in the void a few feet away from Baohua after a teleportation, surrounded it tightly,pallet rack shelving, and immediately burst into flames, intending to kill Baohua, the great enemy.