My Rhapsody with Her After the Transformation

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My Rhapsody with Her After the Transformation (Updated to the End of the Prologue)

"You, you, you, what are you? To do or not to do?" "Good boy, dare threaten me, do it!" The needle gnashed its teeth and said this, and Tyre immediately pointed to the floor and said. "You help me to see if there are any students around here. If you have the ability, you can help. If you don't have the ability, you can use your mind to communicate and convey it to me." "All right, all right." Hearing the answer, Tyre put down the needle and continued to run to other floors. Tianhui, please turn around on these floors. "No problem." Tianhui Apostle suddenly turned into a human body and flew out like a ghost. Although she looked very holy, she always felt that her deterrent ability was more terrible than those demons. Tyre continued to climb up, feeling more and more dignified. Obviously, most of the students were forced to gather upstairs, and many of the demons chased after them. But there were also many students hiding on the floor between them. Tyre gritted his teeth secretly and threw the demons out. Demon, devour all the demons around here, remember! You can't eat people. [Uh-huh!] After receiving the order, the demon immediately threw out a black breath, like an unstoppable long dragon toward the depths of the corridor, Tyre continued to climb to the roof without saying a word, and here, already can see a lot of strange physical monsters, Tyre did not intend to fight with them, continue to climb up. The more you go up, you can find that the fluctuation of the elements is getting bigger and bigger. It is obvious that the magician is using some elemental magic, but in the face of these monsters,disc air diffuser, the lethal magic has no effect at all. Tyre's face sank, and his fingers turned into swords. The bodies of three young girls could be seen on the ground. Their eyes were open, their eyes were full of tears, and their stomachs had been hollowed out by magic objects. The whole corridor was dyed red with blood. The black-haired boy clenched his teeth and strode past, and at the last corner of the corridor, he could clearly see the dense meat monsters approaching the desperate students step by step. Even magic had no effect on these undead monsters, only ice or walls could resist them, but for a large number of demons, it was only a matter of a moment to destroy them. After all, even the ice of a fifth-order magician like Angel can only be blocked for a few seconds. In the crowd, Tyre saw the figure of Elena. At this moment, he remembered the bodies of the three girls who had been lying on the floor, showing their despair. If the luck is a little worse. An inexplicable anger rushed into Tyre's whole body, and he drank low and quietly rushed towards the monsters. Just listen to a buzz, Belt Filter Press ,fine bubble diffuser, all the monsters suddenly broke into meat sauce, like rain in the corridor like condensation, dissipation. Teal, classmate Teal! A sharp-eyed girl immediately recognized Tyre and was pleasantly surprised, and the others also had the joy of surviving the disaster, and one by one made a sound of tears of joy. Those who stay here are all disadvantaged students, so it's no wonder that they can't escape. Tyre sighed and spoke gravely. "My sword gas can only decompose them for tens of seconds, while these monsters have not yet condensed, follow me to break out." "Yes!" Some of the girls, who were emotionally stable, reacted immediately, pulling the other students to keep up with Tyre's footsteps and crossing the pool of meat sauce. At that moment, however, a barely condensed talon grabbed a girl's ankle, and the terrible force immediately crushed the girl's bones, screaming so that the whole team became uneasy, Tyre secretly smacked his tongue, did not expect that there was still a place where the sword gas could not cover. Most But now that Tyre is going to turn around again, the whole team will stop, and when the demons come together again, it will become more troublesome to attack from front to back. Issue 762 Encounter As Tyre considered whether he should give up one of them for the sake of a large number of people. He suddenly felt This idea seems to have been heard somewhere. Which is more important, ten thousand people or one person. You don't have to think about it. See the bitter figure, also think of the voice of that person. Tyre felt a strange emotion rising slowly in his chest, and he gradually clenched his fist. "Is that what you do? Bitter?" Most people are always righteous. It is always most people who should live. That's a terrible and nauseating choice. Tyre suddenly turned around and rushed toward the injured girl. At this time, a green arrow smashed the palm of the demon. At this moment, Tyre immediately turned his fingers into a sword and chopped all the meat that was about to be fused together into pieces. He pulled the girl up with his left hand and rushed to the army without saying a word. "Go!"! Walk quickly! Don't stop! They don't have the ability to fly, and it should be said that people who have learned to fly can't stay here. Tyr nodded slightly to Elena, who held the bow and arrow tightly in her hand. A group of people rushed downstairs again, and behind them, the undead demons had gathered together, sending out a deafening roar, not so much a roar, more like a wailing, painful, but never free roar. Demon!! At this time, the demon turned around from the corridor with several young girls. At the sound of Tyre's voice, it flew over happily. [Master! Master! Food! Food "This is not food. Be good and help me block the monster behind me." [Uh-huh!] With that, Tyre threw the Demon behind him, as if to escape into the void. The terrible absorptive capacity blocked the stairs leading to the roof. Any Demon object that wanted to rush down had to go through the Demon. Thank you, Tyre! Several students who had been rescued by the demon bowed heartily, but now there was not so much time to talk nonsense. He nodded slightly, counted it as a return gift, and immediately walked downstairs. At the same time, Tianhui Apostle came over with several students. Before the students could even think of thanking him,lamella clarifer, Tyre walked on quickly. "Don't dawdle, go!" At the bottom, I saw the magic needle again.