Lonely Satan

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Alone: No. Actually, I don't like anything but solitude. I can only say that the film is very suitable for me. Son of Satan:

Li Ming shows off his Gothic smile, Li Jiaxin shows off her beautiful legs wrapped in fishnet pantyhose, as well as Takeshi Kaneshiro's melancholy eyes, Yang Caini's vicious lips, and Karen Mok's dissolute eyebrows. These devilish and evil people are called "angels". Who else can be called "Satan"? The background music is Guan Shuo's "Forget him, forget everything.." 。 At that moment, I felt like crying. Over the years, I have become accustomed to covering my heart with my expression in any situation. The word "cry" does not exist in my dictionary. I heard from my dad that I stopped crying completely before I learned to walk. Today, a messy website makes me want to cry. So I naturally recorded the Qq number of the owner of this personal website. Although I have never been interested in chatting, I still have the impulse to chat with this stranger. Because I found something from his words and pictures that was very similar to or exactly the same as some of the feelings in my bones. Growing up,filter nozzle, I hardly had any friends. I think maybe after today, something will change. When I added him as a friend, he happened to be online. His name is very simple. It is an English word "alone". People say that most of the fate on the Internet begins with the surprise of each other's names. I have to admit, his name appeals to me. I have a natural affection for this word,Mechanical fine screen, which stands for state rather than mood. So I casually typed up a "hello." Are you really the son of Satan? "Yes." I say "Then let's talk." He said The day the boy broke into my Satanic City was my 22nd birthday. There were a lot of people at home that day, some of whom I couldn't even name. Because it was my first birthday after graduation from university, many relatives and friends were invited to my family. In fact, every year on my birthday, the family is very lively, because my mother has never given up trying to make me fit in with the crowd. Although I have always disdained it. Everyone has his own way of life. Although it is not up to a person to decide what kind of lifestyle he likes, it is a mixture of complex factors when he is a child. But when a certain way becomes a habit, Dissolved Gas Flotation ,wall penstocks, it is very difficult to change it. The beauty is that the people involved tend to appreciate this way of living. Don't want to change, or don't want to change at all. This idea became clearer and clearer after I met the "son of Satan". That night, after my family left, I felt very tired. I could feel that my mother was still in a state of excitement, and she repeatedly talked to my father about the changes in the appearance of some relatives. Dad looks like he doesn't care. After I suffered from depression, my father became more and more silent at home. He turned a blind eye to my mother's typical menopausal nagging style. I could see that he had been regretting his domineering behavior at home in previous years. But everything came too late. His image has been fixed in my heart and can never be changed. He has become a patriarchal totem in my heart. After I walked into my room, my mood became very refreshing. Because I know that there is only one room on this earth that is completely my own. I stripped off my clothes, turned on the computer, connected to the Internet, walked into my "city of Satan", and found his QQ verification information. I can't get that night out of my head. Because in a sense, his presence changed my life. "Son of Satan" is a classic example of paranoia. His name is the most exciting thing for me, and I feel that I can talk to him very well. This is not fate, but the tacit understanding between the devil. Alone: Are you really the son of Satan? Son of Satan (he): Yes. Alone: Let's talk about it Son of Satan: Why are you called alone? Are you lonely? Alone: alone is not alone, it is alone. I am alone, but I am not alone. In other words, I like loneliness. Son of Satan: What shall we talk about? Alone: a movie Son of Satan: You like Fallen Angels? Alone: No. Actually, I don't like anything but solitude. I can only say that the film is very suitable for me. Son of Satan: That movie is not for anyone at all, because everyone in it has their own way of life. But they all have one thing in common, that is loneliness. Son of Satan: If you like to be lonely, you should like to be lonely. You're wrong. Being alone is different from being lonely. Son of Satan:? Loneliness is physical, loneliness is spiritual. The body belongs to itself and the spirit belongs to the whole world. Son of Satan: So you like to be alone, but you don't like to be lonely. To be exact, I like the loneliness that accompanies loneliness. Son of Satan: I haven't seen many movies. But you still remind me of the hero in a movie. Alone: What is it? Son of Satan: Is Sex? A lie? The guy from the video. Do you feel like him? Alone: It's somewhat similar. Son of Satan: I guess you like to masturbate while watching videos too ^ ^ ^ ^ Masturbation is actually the most perfect form of sex in the world. Son of Satan: Just because of freedom? Do whatever you want? Alone: More than that. I have said that the human body is its own,disc air diffuser, and that any other touch is a stain on loneliness. Son of Satan: In fact, masturbators are essentially desireless. Their desire is really just a need. Alone: I don't know what my desire should be called. I can't get satisfaction from masturbation, but I can get pleasure from it. I think this is the ideal state of existence for me. Son of Satan: As long as you are satisfied. khnwatertreatment.com