China Bag Making Machine

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China Bag Making MachineChina Bag Making Machine

China Bag Making Machine Introduction The Packaging Bag Making Machine is an automatic equipment that can produce packaging bags in large quantities. It can effectively ensure the quality, size, and shape of product packaging, and product consistency will be very high. The advantages of this processing method are unmatched by manual production. Polyethylene plastic bags, polypropylene plastic bags, PVC plastic bags, and other products can be produced with this machine. Because of its various uses, it is widely used in food, tea, clothing, daily chemical products, textiles, office, and other industries. In addition, the process from raw materials to bag making is completed at one time, which can reduce the cost of site, process, and labor. Features 1. The photoelectric positioning device can accurately control the production process of the Packaging Bag Making Machine, and make the size of the finished product more uniform. 2. The structure of the hot cutting machine is reasonable, so it can be used to make bags of various materials without blocking and other failures. 3. The double-sided refrigeration system can realize rapid cooling and make the hot cutting more orderly and the sealing more firm. 4. Microcomputer control system and LCD display make the operation of the product more simple and easy to use. Working Principle The powder material (colloid or liquid) is sent from the feeder to the hopper above the Packaging Bag Making Machine in real time. The introduction speed of the non-woven bag making machine is controlled by the photoelectric positioning device, and the roll of sealing paper (or other packaging materials) is guided Roller drives are introduced into the lapel former, and after being bent, the longitudinal sealer laps into a cylindrical shape. The material of the non-woven bag making machine is automatically metered and filled into the finished bag, and the horizontal sealer is heat-sealed While cutting, the bag tube is pulled down intermittently, and finally a flat bag with three-sided sealing with overlapping longitudinal seams is formed to complete a bag sealing.China Bag Making Machine website: