Can "105 degrees of water" in the lyrics of "Popular Science of Physics" be explained by physics? _

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Can "105 degrees of water" in the lyrics of "Popular Science of Physics" be explained by physics? _ Boiling point

Original title: [105 degrees of water] in the lyrics of [Popular Science of Physics], can it be explained by physics? Super Idol's smile. Not as sweet as yours. Noonday sunshine in August, Not as dazzling as you. Love you at 105 degrees, A drop of pure distilled water ······ You must have heard this song. Recently, it has become popular again on the short video platform ~ What do you think of when you listen? Cute? Sweet? Coquetry? And the first question that comes to my mind is: Does distilled water at 105 ℃ exist? Expand the full text Principle analysis In principle, there are three possibilities for the existence of water at 105 degrees. Situation 1. Air pressure problem Anyone who has studied physics in junior high school knows that the temperature of boiling water under 1standard atmospheric pressure is 100 C. The boiling point of water will rise with the increase of external air pressure. According to the relation table of boiling point of water and air pressure, when the air pressure is 0.12 MPa, the boiling point of water is about 105 ℃. In real life,decarboxylation after extraction, the water in the pressure cooker reaches 105 degrees Celsius, which is easy. Situation 2. 105 degrees Fahrenheit Degrees Fahrenheit was proposed and named by Warren Hite in 1724 and is currently used by only a few countries, including the United States. According to the conversion relationship between Celsius temperature and Fahrenheit temperature: Degrees F = 32 ° F (Fahrenheit scale units) + degrees C × 1.8 We know that 105 degrees Fahrenheit corresponds to 40.5 degrees Celsius. This is probably the temperature of the singer's fever. It's no big deal. Situation 3. Superheated water "Superheated water" refers to water that has reached the boiling point but has not yet boiled. This situation is more difficult to understand. Here is a video to watch ~ Video Source "Honeycomb Lab" According to the physics textbook of junior high school, there are two conditions for water to boil,cbd centrifugal extractor, one is to reach the boiling point, and the other is to absorb heat continuously (heating water). In fact, another condition required for the boiling of water is the "vaporization nucleus", that is, the nucleus of the bubble that forms the boiling of water. The original small bubbles in the water and the tiny cracks on the inner wall of the container can be used as vaporization nuclei. Traditionally, water is heated at the bottom or on the side wall, rotovap distillation ,molecular distillation systems, and the internal water will be convected, which is easy to boil in the process. The principle of microwave heating is to use high-frequency electromagnetic waves to make polar molecules resonate and "rub" to generate heat, that is, three-dimensional all-molecular heating, rather than non-traditional "heat transfer" heating. In other words, the microwave oven makes the temperature of the whole glass of water rise together without convection, so it is easy to form superheated water, as long as there is a little disturbance, it will boil violently, that is, "boiling phenomenon", if accidentally scalded, it will be very serious. The cleaner the container, the cleaner the water, the more likely such an accident will occur. From this point of view, the 105 ℃ distilled water in the lyrics is quite rigorous. You who love 105 ° C Awang-You who love 105 ° C The article comes from the personal public account of Wang Qilei, a physics teacher of Xue Ersi. Disclaimer: The content provided by We Media is from We Media, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please contact the original author for reprinting and obtain permission. The views of the article only represent the author himself, and do not represent the position of global physics. Global Physics ID:huanqiuwuli Global Physics takes physics learning as its theme and takes the dissemination of physics culture as its responsibility. Major in physics, dedicated to physics! To stimulate learners' interest in learning physics as the goal, share the wisdom of physics, learn to use physical thinking to think about problems,winterization filtration, for everyone to show an interesting, colorful, magical physics. Please contact the to return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.