The story of Gu Xi

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"Sister, we have to feel our conscience.". The emperor and your husband did not do this well. For that stratagem,

"Sister, we have to feel our conscience.". The emperor and your husband did not do this well. For that stratagem, he married such a fairy girl to such a big man as me. But people did not dislike me, or live with me. But now, it's too much to bully people. Is there such a manipulation? They argued, and I said, "Sister, I want to talk to your brother alone." Then she let go of Zhang Lai's hand. Then the bodyguard came forward and said, "Lord Weng, I'm afraid it's not appropriate for you to get along with him alone." "Oh?"? Did the emperor say that? I raised my eyebrows. That's not true. "Oh, then you can go to the palace now and ask if I can be alone with him." "This.." I stopped talking and walked back to our own yard with Zhang Lai. Guard a and Lai Fu followed far behind. Back in the room, closed the door, Zhang Lai hugged me from behind, "Creek.." After a moment in his generous and warm embrace, I pulled him to sit down face to face. I am afraid that l have to go "Go, go where?" Zhang Lai grabbed my hand anxiously. Go back to my hometown, maybe cross the border to the Turks, to avenge my parents. "I'll go with you." "Aren't you afraid of death?" "I'm not afraid of anything. I promised to avenge our parents." I can't have children. You really don't care? Zhang Lai came over and held me in his arms. "I know there are evil people who harm you. I really don't care. As long as I have you, I will be satisfied.". I can't speak, but after you married me,Flush Retrofit Kit, I put all your kindness in my heart. I really want to live with you for a lifetime. "If you go with me, you may never see your sister again. Are you willing to give up?" I was a little embarrassed to ask. It's better to say something early to avoid future resentment. He was silent for a moment and said softly, "My sister.." Already married, Li Jun that boy although sometimes do things not authentic, to my sister is sincere, I can also rest assured. When Li Jun became a high official, I couldn't help them any more. In fact, I wanted to take you back to the countryside for a long time,Stainless Steel Toilet China, but I was afraid you were not used to it, so I didn't mention it. Now, in any case, I am your husband, and I will protect you all my life. I buried my head in his arms and murmured, "Thank you." Even though I am used to seeing the warmth and coldness of human feelings, I also hope that the marriage I have worked hard to manage and the person I have worked hard to take care of can have the same sincerity for me. He did not let me down. I breathed a sigh of relief in my heart, and my heart warmed up. I was not as worried about gains and losses as before. Whispering softly to him, I took Lai Fu and the bodyguard back to the other courtyard I had bought. In the evening, I tied up Laifu, sent the bodyguard Jia Zhi back to the palace, and rode out of the capital with Shifu. The city gate was just closed behind us. At the appointed place, I saw Zhang Lai, who had been waiting for a long time. Fortunately, Stainless Steel Squatting Pan ,push button toilet flush valve, Master Wu taught him to ride a horse during this period. And he used to kill pigs, born with great strength, with two pieces of double knife, but also some lethality, will not be the burden of my master and me. On the moonlit night, we galloped westward. Chapter 16 The author may have deleted the file or temporarily closed it to the public. Please press the next chapter to continue reading. ! Chapter 17 On New Year's Eve, my adoptive father and Zhang Lai changed into the new cotton-padded robes I sewed, and so did I. I would also like to thank Gu Fu for training me for three years, and I can do what women can do nowadays. Perhaps because of my childhood experience, I used to keep myself busy, so even if I was not short of money, even if I had ready-made clothes to buy, I still sewed clothes, shoes and socks for my family. Years ago, sheepskins were used to make very warm lined jackets and boots for them, so that they would not be frozen even if they walked in the cold days of the twelfth lunar month. I am also used to wearing Hu clothes because I often go out on horseback, not to mention that the people here, no matter what nationality, are used to wearing Hu clothes, which is convenient for work. The hair is braided into several braids and then put together, which is very refreshing and convenient. It is not always possible to wear cloud sideburns and water sleeves to run around as a horse guard. Xiaoxi, this is for you. "Zhang Lai felt a little embarrassed and stretched out his palm, which was a pair of turquoise earrings.". There were many antique calligraphy and paintings in my dowry, which were very valuable, and the jewelry was also expensive and top-grade. But those things are not convenient to sell, nor easy to carry, so when I left the capital, I did not bring them, only gold and silver have long been replaced by silver tickets with me. I don't usually wear any jewelry, and this turquoise is a very cheap thing here, but his intention still makes me happy. This turquoise earring is the shape of a bunch of grapes, which is also very lovely. When did you buy it? "I saw it in the market yesterday and thought it must look good with you, so I bought it." I reached for it and immediately put it on my ear. "Does it look good?" "Well, it looks good." He smiled foolishly. I took him by the hand and walked into the house. "Go in. Dad is waiting for us to drink." With mutton on the fire, the three of us raised our glasses together, "May everything go well and be happy and healthy in the coming year." I have been taking good care of my body. The emperor said that he was the only one who could cure my infertility, but I didn't believe it at all. My infertility is caused by the body damage caused by drugs, since he has drugs to cure, there must be other ways to treat it. Although there is no magic doctor here, there is also an old doctor with good medical skills. He said that I drank the soup commonly used in Goulan Hospital. Because I didn't drink much, and I was not very old, so I drank the soup for seven or eight years, and it was possible to restore fertility. Even if I can't recover, I won't take the emperor's secret medicine. Nothing was done, and they were used thoroughly. If I owe such a big favor,Prison toilet for sale, what else can I use to repay it? In the final analysis, although it is a pity for me not to have children, it can not shake the root of my heart.