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At first, they were worn over a horsehair petticoat, but later that was replaced with a flexible steel cage. The same team has since put together three other collections - Resort 2023, Spring 2023 and Pre-Fall 2023 - for the French fashion house, which has officially remained without creative direction. But you can now clearly see that the desire to get out of the house, "dress up" and make a statement with your clothes is back. Storytelling at core of lingerie brand's retail success In the world of intimate apparel, messaging governs.

No integration is planned. Like hardly any other major luxury brand, Gucci and its creative director stood for gender fluidity, eclectic inclusivity and freedom reflecting the contemporary zeitgeist. Ever since barely a day passes without me doing some form of physical exercise. This opens up exciting opportunities for us Alexander McQueen Shoes to further expand our business because we are one of the largest digital hubs for Gen Z and Millennials in Europe. To ensure that each silk thread is evenly absorbed, the silk must be dipped in the dyeing solution approximately 100 times.

The phenomenon of virtual events became increasingly evident this month, with a handful of digital-first fashion weeks and conferences taking place simultaneous to the real life fashion week season. But what is missing right in the middle is a concept that is both wearable and suitable for the masses," says Pfeifer. Aside from being one of the must-haves of contemporary urban fashion, sneakers also Alexander McQueen represent a means of carrying a message into the world - at every step - becoming true amplifiers of values as well as lifestyles.