Fancy Counterattack Male God Scheme of Quick Wear

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In a month, their feelings warmed up rapidly. At a solo concert, Su Ziqi expressed her deep feelings in front

In a month, their feelings warmed up rapidly. At a solo concert, Su Ziqi expressed her deep feelings in front of all the audience. There was a girl who said she wanted to steal my heart. Now that she has succeeded, I will dedicate my heart to her and deposit it in her chest forever. Here, I want to say to her-I love you, please marry me! The audience was surprised. Prince Charming, who always thought he was single, has a sweetheart? When they saw Xu Ruyi coming out of the best position of VIP, they were relieved for a moment. A gifted scholar should match a beautiful woman. When two people stand together, they are absolutely a pair of beautiful people. Su Ziqi half knelt in front of her, holding her hand affectionately, wearing the promise of love for her. His kiss fell on the back of her hand, "Ruyi, give you to me, and return the happiness of your life." "I do." Xu Ruyi nodded, dazzling the center of the stage, the girl's clear eyes more shining. Su Ziqi hugged her and slowly ended in the applause and blessing of the audience. Beep-mission completed, about to leave the body of the original owner, is copying memory.. "Host, this mission accumulates 8000 points (after deducting 10000 points used, the remaining points-2000), 5 attribute points.". Attribute points continue to be added to your new attribute points and physical condition. Name: Xu Ruyi Age: 16 Physical condition: 50 points Mental strength: 45 points Soul: 45 points Memento: 45 points Specialty: smooth skin Props: sweet voice, carry-on space, soul contract. Special skills: top chef, language proficiency, all-round piano skills, martial arts champion, swimming master, textile proficiency, photographic memory. Points: 370600 …… …… Three years later, they held a grand wedding. Xu Ruyi has fully mastered the guild and become the highest leader. She reorganized the staff, abolished the old and outdated system, and improved some of the details of the provisions. This reform is not in place at one time, and it has undergone many changes in the middle to achieve the best. After all, the thieves guild has a long history, and it is not possible to change blood at once. After Xu Ruyi married Su Ziqi, they began to travel around the world. Almost everywhere they went, they received a grand welcome from the royal family. The leaders of those countries have expressed their willingness to provide them with the best accommodation and free visits to the most famous scenic spots in the region. Of course, the premise is that Su Ziqi has to play a few songs for them. Xu Ruyi originally prepared a large sum of money in the account, want to spend in this trip, did not expect not only free, beam impact tubes ,stainless steel tube 304, Su Ziqi also earned a lot. As for the loss of the crown by the Queen of Y, she returned it later and was rewarded by the Queen. These two people are called winners in life, and they live happily all their lives. Chapter 48 49 a righteous swordsman vs a dandy prince. The quaint street is bustling with activity. On one side of the street, an entertainer is doing an impromptu performance to earn money. M Lewen Mobile Network Xu Ruyi, dressed in white and wearing a long knife at his waist, looked valiant and heroic. Now she is a chivalrous swordsman in Jianghu, and she loves to fight against injustice. For the convenience of walking, men's clothes are occasionally shown. She was walking when a shifty-eyed little man in Tsing Yi passed through the crowd and ran out at a high speed. Xu Ruyi hurriedly ran after him with a knife. As soon as he arrived at the street juggler's side, he was caught by him. He is a little exasperated: "Hey, do not run, my thing was hit on the ground by you!" Xu Ruyi looked back and saw him with an angry face. He smiled gently at him. "I'm sorry, but I'm in such a hurry because the thief stole the money you put there." The man dressed as an artist bowed his head, and sure enough, the box containing the money on the side disappeared. A little angry, he stamped his foot and said, "It's too much. I earned it with great difficulty, but I even stole money from the young master!" "It doesn't matter, I'll help you get it back soon!" Xu Ruyi patted him on the arm, broke away from him and left at a high speed. The man behind her looked at her exquisite flying skills and sighed, thinking that he was ashamed of his clown performance just now. It seems that if you really want to make a living in Jianghu, you can't do it without some skills. Moments later, Xu Ruyi had taken back the money that belonged to him and returned it to its original owner. This "street performer" is naturally the male protagonist, a bohemian little prince, Zhao Xingyun. Zhao Xingyun is often mistaken for a playboy because of his handsome appearance. In fact, this person is kind-hearted and cheerful, sometimes talkative, often love to amuse people. Zhao Xingyun grew up with rich clothes and jade food, and did not have high ambition. Like those playboys, he is fond of playing, so his martial arts are not high, but he knows some heretical tricks. Running away this time was because his parents forced him to marry and he sneaked out to make his way in Jianghu and met Xu Ruyi. In the previous life, the two met in the same way. But the chivalrous she could not bear to see the little prince glib, often against him. What she didn't know was that she had fallen in love with him unconsciously. It is a pity that the original master is awkward and is deeply misunderstood by the master. At that time, Zhao Xing went to have a good impression on her, but he could not save face and confess to her. Finally, he returned home and tied the knot with an aristocratic lady arranged by his parents, but missed her. After that, the original owner continued to wander around the world alone. Although he was loved by many people, he never moved again and died alone. In her second life, she hopes to change the way she gets along with the man and be with him. [System prompt: Strategy target character-Zhao Xingyun, male, 16 years old. (At present, the favorable rating of the host is 0, and the favorable rating of the heroine Zhang Liner is 0.) The task is completed if Zhao Xingyun falls in love with the original host (favorable rating is 100).] Xu Ruyi's graceful performance won Zhao Xingyun's first favor. He also admired her kung fu,side impact door beams, so he decided to make his way in Jianghu with her. Seeing that he was not even skilled in holding a knife, Xu Ruyi could not help holding his forehead. "This young man, you see that he is the young master of a big family. Why do you come to be a knight-errant when you don't enjoy Qingfu?" 。