Cultivate immortals in the fairy world

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Simple and delicate water, such as smoke, coupled with a collar hanging on the chest, looks as cute as it can be.

Simple and delicate water, such as smoke, coupled with a collar hanging on the chest, looks as cute as it can be. Shui Ruyan lowered his head and carefully observed Baibao Ruyi Lock, held up the cloud banner in his hand, raised his toes with a small red face and gently touched the face of Big Boss Li, and then jumped behind the beauty of Qin Da, never daring to show his head again. At this moment, the beautiful uncle also chose his own magic weapon. This is an eight-grade attack stick, named Red Jade Stick. The two-meter-long stout stick head was pinched in the hand of the beautiful uncle. Li Chengzhu suddenly felt a sense of fear. If this stick hit any head, it would definitely make a big bump. Wu smiled at Li Chengzhu. Boss Li quickly stiffened his face and said, "Congratulations to my uncle for getting the magic weapon. Tomorrow, I'll find some people to let you test the power of the magic weapon." "I want you to help me experiment." There was no doubt about Wu's tone. Li Chengzhu coughed twice and was about to refuse. When he saw a flash of light on the red jade staff, he quickly nodded and agreed. Lao Tzu escaped tomorrow, and Li Chengzhu had this idea in his mind. Wu's little face did not come to a red, turned to look around, the same in the face of Li Chengzhu kissed, ran to one side to familiarize themselves with the magic weapon. Cool,side impact beams, Li Chengzhu's old heart jumped up. It was Wan Yue who finally made up his mind, and the demon slave of the metallic constitution took a glittering gourd. This magic weapon is the most beautiful one, Li Chengzhu has always liked the kind of gourd that can hold wine, one big and one small, and this gourd is the same shape. The name of the gourd is ten thousand silkworm gourd, Wan Yue did not dare to experiment, according to guess,Cold Drawn Tubes, this gourd must be sealed inside some extremely lethal creatures, it is absolutely unwise to release it before recognizing the Lord. Li Chengzhu embraced his hands and looked triumphantly at himself, a demon slave, with a lascivious smile on his face. Wanyue clenched her teeth, stamped her feet mercilessly, and came to Big Boss Li as usual. She opened her mouth and nibbled at the thick meat on Li Chengzhu's face, which made Li Chengzhu grin. All the women in the room laughed. After a while, Li Chengzhu glared bitterly at Wan Yue and put away the other magic weapons scattered on the ground for others to choose tomorrow. Pillar "Why don't you choose one?" The beautiful uncle asked as he took the red jade staff he had just got. "Me?" Li Chengzhu smiled and took out the Lei Shazhu used during the day, "This is my magic weapon." "What a strong thunder spirit." The people in the room were not ordinary characters, and they felt the difference of the bead in an instant. Undoubtedly, this is another magic weapon with great lethality. Li Chengjiu's love finally reached the edge of the outbreak with the enchanting beauties who got their own magic weapons in the room. Small blushing water such as smoke, bold and unrestrained small shadow, implicit and generous ancient exquisite, Precision Welded pipes ,impact beam tubes, as well as the peerless beauty of Qin Da, all of which are provoking Li Chengzhu's already tense nerves. Under the reflection of the lighting stone, Big Boss Li even felt that the lace of Wan Yue also showed the kind of seductive femininity at the moment, not to mention the beautiful uncle who had been making his heart itch. Small Yan ran and sister-in-law riding fire phoenix do not know where to go crazy, this time do not do things, when to wait? Rubbing his big hands, Li Chengzhu came to the side of the beautiful Martial Uncle and Wanyue. He unceremoniously pulled them one by one. As he walked out, he said, "In the dead of night, it's a good time to meditate and practice the magic weapon. Martial Uncle, walk slowly." Wu was instantly made a big red face, Wan Yue also blushed. The two women had just received a powerful magic weapon, and were still immersed in that excitement, completely unaware that it had ruined a good thing for a stallion. The beautiful uncle gave a cry and pinched Li Chengzhu's big hand. He winked and gnashed his teeth: "You're going to die." Li Chengzhu smiled and patted his abdomen: "It's no problem to have a few more." Boss Li wanted to pat his penis, but that was really inappropriate and humiliating. As soon as the words came out of his mouth, Wu's face turned even redder. This disciple Sun was now getting bolder and bolder, and he dared to say such provocative and sexually suggestive words. Panicked, she pulled Wan Yue and ran away from the door. Li Chengzhu laughed behind his back without conscience, and when he could not see the back of the two men, he slammed the door shut, revealing a dagger, and with a lewd smile, he walked slowly towards the ladies step by step. How can a few women not know what Li Chengzhu is thinking? Xiao Ying straightened his proud chest, with a pair of watery eyes and spring feelings, licked his lips, and shouted in a sweet voice: "Husband!" Also only the small shadow can do this kind of seduction own matter to come, Li Chengzhu did not live up to expectations to swallow the saliva, the blood gas instantaneous upsurges down fills, straight will the head and a certain place suffocates the pink. After pursing his dry lips, Li Chengzhu stretched out his talons and grabbed the two huge masses, making a series of bangs in his chest. The little shadow girl is ready to throw herself into her arms. Several women were so ashamed that they lowered their heads and stood waiting for Li Chengzhu's ruling. When Big Boss Li's big hand was only a few inches away from Xiao Ying's chest, Li Chengzhu suddenly stopped with a sad face and murmured, "Don't you have to do this?" Xiao Ying looked at her husband expectantly, coquettish. After a while, Big Boss Li gave a dry cough and suppressed his desire. With his hands on his back, he said solemnly, "Well, it's getting late. Let's go to bed early and get familiar with these magic weapons.". I have something to do tomorrow. As soon as the words were finished, Li Chengzhu walked out, but carefully Gu Linglong found his man staggering step by step. Wait until big boss Li disappears in the line of sight, small shadow just blinks an eye innocently: "He how?" In the past, Li Chengzhu would have stripped naked and crossed the horse to carry the gun. His performance today is too abnormal. Something on your mind? Gu Linglong frowned,side impact beams, Rao is her mind exquisite, careful observation, also did not see any clues.