Wan Long Shen Zun

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In a word, Princess Linglong's words made the Venerable Kasyapa very puzzled. "Don't ask why," said Princess Linglong.

In a word, Princess Linglong's words made the Venerable Kasyapa very puzzled. "Don't ask why," said Princess Linglong. "If you can, the elixir is yours. If you can't, then forget it." "Well, I promise you," said the Venerable Kasyapa. Although he did not know why Princess Linglong wanted to trap Wu Qiren, he knew that Wu Qiren had been hated by the Demon Emperor at the moment because the Demon Emperor was killed. What kind of person is the Demon Emperor? Although Wu Qiren's reputation has risen greatly recently, he is a famous super Tianjiao, but he has a lot of awareness of the strength and prestige of the Demon Emperor. Therefore, it is absolutely impossible for him to leave Leiyin Temple at this moment. Princess Linglong nodded and said, "Well, I hope you won't let me down. I've been staying in Kasyapa for several days. It's time to leave. Goodbye." When Princess Linglong finished, she did not give the Venerable Kasyapa a chance to stay and left directly. The wrinkled face of the Venerable Kasyapa flashed a trace of brilliance, "This Gu Changsheng is really a troublemaker, but this is a first-class treasure, and I just accepted it." This elixir is the top treasure in the fairy world, and even the Venerable Kasyapa is very excited. Anyway, Wu Qiren will not leave this holy place of ten thousand Buddhas for the time being. ........... As time goes by, another ten days have passed unconsciously. Wu Qiren Xiuwei's breath gradually stabilized,precision welded tubes, because the wind and fire catastrophe passed through, so that his strength has a new layer of improvement, not only Xiuwei, but also the state of mind. Knock! "Almsgiver Wu, someone outside the mountain gate is looking for you, saying that he is your friend named Tu Bai." Then the voice of Wuxin Zen Master came from outside the door. Tu Dei is now the leader of the nine-day South China Sea alliance, and he is also a small and powerful figure in the fairy world. Wuxin Zen Master naturally knows that Tu Dei was able to become the leader of the alliance because of this man in the house. So, after hearing that the comer was defeated,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, he hurriedly came to look for him. Tu Bei? There was a trace of joy in Wu Qiren's eyes, and then he walked out of the door. "Where are they now?" The unintentional Zen master saw Wu Qiren come out, and before he could speak, a few voices came from behind him. Clear.. Here we are ” Wu Qiren looked behind Wuxin Zen Master and saw Tu Defeat, Lu Fangliang and Sima Feng coming over. Three people are excited to see Wu Qiren, especially Lu Fangliang, who really hasn't seen Wu Qiren for the longest time. Ha ha ha Wu Qiren laughed and took a few steps forward. Lu Fangliang looked at the man in front of him, his pupils shrank slightly, and the excitement in his heart could not be hidden, which was a kind of joy from his heart, and then he laughed. Lu Yaoyao travels thousands of miles of mountains and rivers. How many people can know each other? But in front of three people, including the green unharmed, the purple Xuan demon emperor is his bosom friend, his bosom friend. Even if we are far apart and haven't seen each other for years, beam impact tubes ,stainless steel 304 pipes, that kind of friendship will never change. That Wang Fo's strength reaches the sky, but so what? If Wu Qiren really encountered a life and death crisis, would he really help Wu Qiren? The obvious answer is no. Wuxin Zen Master saw Wu Qiren meet his old friend again and left knowingly. Wu Qiren said with a smile, "I didn't expect you to come to this holy place of ten thousand Buddhas." Tu Bai snorted and said, "We came here when we heard that you were being chased by the bald donkeys of the Great Mercy Palace and the Leiyin Temple. Fortunately, they investigated quickly, otherwise I would have burned their temple." If the average monk may be joking, after all, the Great Mercy Palace, Leiyin Temple are all top immortals sitting in town, nor the average monk can act recklessly, but the slaughter is absolutely not, his words are absolutely serious. Let's come in and talk, "Wu Qiren looked at the three of them and laughed.". Chapter 2530 Imperial Banquet. Then the three men went into the room. When Wu Qiren saw that Lu Fangliang had reached the top, he knew that he must have had an extraordinary adventure, and Lu Fangliang also told Wu Qiren the news that he had saved the ancient emperor. Wu Qiren moved slightly and said, "Was the ancient emperor captured by the great power?" The ancient emperor in the fairy world is definitely a master, should have four or five turn the strength of the immortal emperor, but quietly caught by the master, but also the source of the extraction of the emperor, which must hide a secret. Lu Fangliang nodded his head and said solemnly, "According to the ancient emperor himself, he escaped from a sea area. It was a monk of the sea clan who extracted the source of his emperor, and he was also a master of practicing the path of reincarnation." "The Way of Samsara!" When Wu Qiren heard this, his heart trembled. Could it be the reincarnation of gods and demons? The sea tribe has not appeared for so many years, has it been hidden in the sea tribe? The Sea Clan is one of the five major clans in the celestial world, but since the rise of the human race, the Sea Clan has gradually closed the deep sea area and is no longer free from the world. At present, the monks of the Four Seas Clan are just some of the remaining clans left by the Sea Clan. Wu Qiren frowned and said to himself, "If this is the reincarnation of gods and demons, is it to restore strength for him to capture some immortal emperors in the fairy world and extract the source of the emperor?" "Anyway, I have to be careful. If I am caught by the reincarnation gods and demons and become his'food ', it will be a disaster." Sima Feng asked, "By the way, Qingye, are you going to stay at Leiyin Temple for the time being?" Wu Qiren sighed and said, "If I, the Second Primordial God, leave the Leiyin Temple now, I'm afraid I'll be chased by the Demon Emperor, so I have to stay here for the time being." With his current strength, there is absolutely hope to compete with Luo Jiuxiao and control the whole Oriental Immortal Court, but how to offend the Demon Emperor, at the moment control of the Oriental Immortal Court may become his constraints. Sima Feng shook his head with a smile, "then don't worry now." "Oh?" When Wu Qiren heard Sima Feng's words, a trace of curiosity appeared in his eyes. Sima Feng took out a letter from his sleeve robe and said,Precision steel tubes, "This was slaughtered by a monk of the Lingluo clan at the foot of the mountain. You can see that from the mouth of the monk of the Lingluo clan, it seems that the Demon Emperor intends to reconcile with you." "Reconciliation?" When Wu Qiren heard this, he grabbed the letter. cbiesautomotive.com