Zombie upgrade system of the end of the world

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"Anything else?"? I'll look for one, too. Han Yang spoke slowly. Although said this wants to go in to look for

"Anything else?"? I'll look for one, too. Han Yang spoke slowly. Although said this wants to go in to look for, but does not move the place at all, dead blocks in the doorway, Guo Xiaobei wants to walk all cannot walk. Guo Xiaobei played a cold war invisibly and said with a dry smile, "there should be more." That one Lord Han. Guo Xiaobei made an action that he wanted to pass. ……” Han Yang slightly sideways, let Guo Xiaobei in that narrow gap, and others to squeeze past. Guo Xiaobei patted his clothes and trousers, and before he could take a step, he was caught by Han Yang's collar and pulled his body. Han. Lord Han.. Is there anything else? Guo Xiaobei is stuttering. Do not know why, he always felt that Han Yang some terrible, the black-framed glasses behind it seems not the eyes, but the X-ray, can see through his cold light. Is this the deterrence of natural enemies? Han Yang and Guo Xiaobei did not say anything, cold face pulled his arms holding the coat thrown aside, slender fingers began to untie Guo Xiaobei coat buttons. I bought it! Guo Xiaobei opened his mouth wide in surprise and looked at Han Yang, who was suspected of indecent assault. He didn't even realize that he should wave his opponent's hand with righteous words now, and by the way, hit him across the street with a meteor fist, even if he couldn't beat him. Soon Han Yang unbuttoned Guo Xiaobei's coat, but the action did not stop, but continued to attack the clothes inside the other side. Guo Xiaobei swallowed saliva and grabbed the other side's hand with a dry smile, "Lord Han." God forgives him for being such a dog leg, being bullied like this, and still having a smile on his face, but the situation is stronger than people, and he doesn't want to die. Han Yang looked at Guo Xiaobei holding his hand, eyes flashed cold light, Guo Xiaobei a shake, very wonderful let go. Han Yang's face flashed a look of satisfaction, continued to cultivate on the other side, and soon the hands that looked like playing the piano reached his chest and touched it without a layer of clothing. Guo Xiaobei trembled all over. Coming, coming? The author has something to say: love you. Small attack but began to come out of the mountain, show your sincerity, otherwise. Xiao Gong hid himself in anger. I can't avoid Lord Han. "Hot.." Han Yang that beautiful to indifferent face close to Guo Xiaobei, very surprised to frown, "you are not a zombie?" Guo Xiaobei's heart almost stopped beating and he felt cold sweat all over his body. But still forced a smile, "do I look like a zombie." Will zombies run and fight with you? “……” Han Yang Wen Yan nodded, as an admission. Touched a few more hands to withdraw, "that." Are you a power? "No." Guo Xiaobei shook his head directly. Joke, how can he be a power? He is what the powers want to destroy! Han Yang is not talking, as if Guo Xiaobei is not a power, nor a zombie, it is useless to him, directly ignoring each other's turn away. Guo Xiaobei watched the other party leave, hurriedly put on his clothes, even so, he sneezed three times. By the time he came out with his coat in his arms, plastic pallet price ,collapsible pallet box, Han Yang had already disappeared. Guo Xiaobei sighed silently, is this a white touch? Guo Xiaobei threw his coat to Xing Kui and asked him to give it to Tian Tian. In fact, he can also give Tian Tian directly, but always feel that his brother is still in front of him, he is too attentive is not very good, in case of misunderstanding is not good. After going out for about a quarter of an hour, the team moved forward for a while, and it seemed that the efficiency was good. Guo Xiaobei left the team and slowly retreated to the opposite wall. He is waiting for Xing today, anyway, according to his strength, rest a day will not be hungry. On the side of the wall, there are also other people waiting, it seems that in the spirit of Xing Yi this kind of mind a lot. Guo Xiaobei found a leeward place in the corner and sat down. Although he was wearing several layers of thick clothes, it was cold to sit dry. Soon his feet were frozen, so he had to stand up and stamp his feet from time to time. When Jin Feichen saw Guo Xiaobei coming back, his eyes lit up and he ran over with small steps. You're back. "Mmm." Guo Xiaobei doesn't talk much when facing Jin Feichen. First, he is a nerd. He can talk with girls across the Internet. Once a real person comes face to face, he can't say anything. Especially when Jin Feichen does not belong to his favorite type, this situation becomes more and more obvious. What he likes is the kind of very petite, very cute type, simply speaking, it is more cute, followed by the kind of very royal elder sister type, beautiful, good figure. But unfortunately, these two types of women will not be interested in Guo Xiaobei, a man who is not tall, not in good shape, thin and not even muscular, especially when the man does not earn much money. All along, Guo Xiaobei has been living in fantasy, for a long time, feel that this kind of day is actually good. Jin Feichen and Guo Xiaobei said a few words, see the other side did not mean to talk to her, also no longer speak. But Guo Xiaobei suddenly glanced at Jin Feichen, "Why don't you go to line up?" Jin Feichen has a brain core, they are a small team, so Xing Yi and Guo Xiaobei went out to kill zombies to get the brain core. When I come back, I will give some to the two girls. Although not many, but they have come to this L city for some days, Jin Feichen's brain nucleus must have twenty or thirty. Although they are all first-level brain nuclei, Xing seems to have the intention to send his sister into the base for a long time, so the price is very careful. If it is a material, it needs the staff of the base to make an assessment, which is more troublesome, but if it is a brain core, it is very good. An adult's entry fee is 100 brain cores, and this fee also includes a month's free housing and food and water, although food and water are rationed, but take advantage of this time to start working, you can still earn next month's rent. This is also the reason for Xing Yi to rest assured that the brain nucleus in his hands can be sent to his sister,plastic pallet suppliers, but also can be put in her hands some spare. Housing without food and drinking water only needs to pay twenty brain nuclei a month. In this way, Tian Tian can live for a long time as long as he can do something in the base and rely on the existing brain nuclei in his hands, not to mention his brother. binpallet.com