SESAME Ⅰ yarn suppliers

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SESAME Ⅰ yarn suppliersSESAME Ⅰ yarn suppliers

SESAME Ⅰ yarn suppliers Company Profile Located at Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay area, we have been manufacturing different kinds of yarns with annual sales output of more than 1500 tons, dependent on our RD, Sales and quality service, devoted ourselves to addressing our customers demand based on honesty, mutual-benefit, win-win and quality service. In order to adapt to rapid market response, we have been providing stock service of some popular items. CEO's Message With the idea of common development and friendly environment, to lead the whole team to take new challenge of developing ourselves while taking high responsibility and duties. Team Introduced Our founder has been leading the team to do RD and production management since 1993 by overcoming the emerging difficulties and continuously opened branch office of Taiwan, HongKong and Shanghai with the strong belief of team spirit. Development History In the name of Zhongshan Yaotian Textile Co., Ltd., we were established as trading company in 2012. In order to serve the customer better and ensure the quality and lead time, we imported Woolen spining enquipments from Japan in 2015. Through our joint efforts, we decided to expand our production in 2018. With a view to devloping ourselves in more global market, our company names was changed to Zhongshan Riehoo Textile Technology Co., Ltd. Organizational Structure To adopt the organization of linear function and own the related functional departments with finer division of labour, high efficiency and unified administration. Working Environment Located at Zhongshan city, as one of the top ten civilized cities in China, we are famous as habitable city of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay area with its east to Lingdingyang bay facing Shenzhen and Hong Kong and its north to southeast Guangzhou and Marco belonging to subtropical monsoon climate full of light, heat and rain. Competitive Advantage 鈼?Human advantage: Over 95% of the employees have worked for more than 10 years with proficient skill so as to ensure the quality yarns. 鈼?Cost advantage: Decrease the cost by using advanced equipment 鈼?Variation: Focused on differentiated yarns. 鈼?Develop new kinds of yarns to the market dependent on our RD. RD Capability 鈼?To cut the cost by way of innovation 鈼?To create differentiated yarns by way of innovation 鈼?To continuously invest by 5% of annual turnover 鈼?To keep the improvement on current technology, upgrade our products and optimize our procedure. Industry Status Our sales keeps growing despite of traditional industry and more emerging difficulties. To expand our market share of over 30% more than other competitors by creating more differentiated yarns. To make our profitability into the first three by investing more Corporate Strategy To coordinate the resources to develop differentiated yarns. To expand the influence by enhancing the market share and create brand products Company Mission Textile industry is essential and traditional to human being, but with high energy-consumption and high pollution. In order to address it, we are trying to put more sustainable material in use while making our own contribution to the earth. Corporate Vision While satisfying the needs of global market, our management aims to develop both of oversea and domestic market by continuously creating more new products Company Philosophy Innovation, Honesty, Win-win, quality serviceSESAME Ⅰ yarn suppliers website: