Across the second world

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Eh. I made a mistake. I didn't expect that the gas chop I waved out would have a crit effect. Originally,

Eh. I made a mistake. I didn't expect that the gas chop I waved out would have a crit effect. Originally, I was going to split the shield on the shadow priest, and then consume part of his blood, so that the light who rushed over later could pick up a bargain. (As soon as we appeared, Comrade Light Source, as a healer, became the target of the other side. This fellow resisted a round of bombing by the elemental mage, the shadow priest and the hunter. So I have solved this two people, he has not put on the target clothes), but unfortunately this split is a bit too much, not only did not help a Guang get the card, but made him lose the target directly, this fellow some depressed midway kill times, will sprint to the water method not far away. Seeing that the old Comrade of the Source of Light had changed his target, I had the intention to make up for his mistakes and help him loosen the muscles and bones of the water method, but I was afraid that the more I helped, the more busy I would be. If my brother killed the Dharma Master again, wouldn't it be a pit for poor Ah Guang? After thinking about it, my brother decided to endure it, so after helping Xiaobai get rid of the hunter,collapsible pallet box, I focused my attention on the SS who was struggling to kill the plant summoning mage! Inferno Colorful Peacock (Demon, SS) Level: 75 Attack: 8625-1137 Defense: 3974 Qi and Blood: 312387/366 Poison Immunity, before Shadow Magic Immunity, SS's Qi and Blood had been dried to less than 200,000, but no one cared about it in the blink of an eye, this guy's health immediately rose by more than 100,000. I think if we don't deal with it,plastic pallet containers, when we clean up the other targets and turn around, I'm afraid this guy's blood will rise to more than 500,000. In that case, it will be a lot of trouble to deal with SS. The most important thing is that if everyone is free, who will die in this SS. I looked at the situation around, the small tomato is and the other dragoon will play very happy, both of the deputy chose the treatment, plus a dragon to help absorb damage, want to win or lose in a short time that is impossible, orange wind has forced his target into a dead corner, the mage if not with drugs hard resistance is now lying dead, a light just and water law on, Although the effect of the sprint is only to pierce the shield, but with this guy's magic resistance, ibc spill containment pallet ,drum spill pallet, the battle is bound to win. Whirlwind slaughter! Watching the situation around a good, I control the small white rushed to hell colorful peacock at the same time, he also opened the whirlwind slaughter lock SS. It can't wait any longer! Watching the two big guys on the top of his head bump into each other again and again in the roar, he decided to take SS ahead of time at any cost. Before the two giants fought, players needed some luck to find it, but now, with the two dragons in the air as wind vanes, people on half the island knew that there was a war going on here. Under normal circumstances, few people are willing to participate in the battle between two dragoons, but with such a SS lead, the variables of this battle will inevitably increase a lot, brother to do, is to kill the hell colorful peacock before others come to trouble! Strike! The frequency of my attack can be described as twitching. A series of sharp arrows came out of my hands one after another, forming a long line in the air to connect me with SS. When a series of numbers floated from the top of SS's head, I stepped down and rushed in the direction of SS. Hell colorful peacock is not known for the defense of SS, under the attack of me and Xiaobai, this guy can't hold on for long, so it's necessary to rush to it before SS falls to the ground, brother doesn't want to kill SS and encounter any accidents. The two necromancers have been killed, and the damage caused by the remaining few guys to SS is not qualified to challenge the buddies at all. At this time, as long as I succeed in killing SS, the dropped items of SS can be said to be sure to be buddies, but if I am not close enough to SS to touch the corpse of SS for the first time. Others can use me or control my time for more than two minutes to rob me of what belongs to me on the corpse. ) "The Ancient Vine Branch thrown by Contestant 952's Tree of Souls deals 25 damage to you and touches the Vine Poison effect. You will lose 85 Qi and Blood for five seconds." "The ancient vine branch thrown by Contestant 952's Soul Tree deals 17 damage to you, and the twining effect of the vine branch makes you unable to move for two seconds. After two seconds, you fall into a sluggish state and your mobility is reduced by 40%." Seeing that SS was about to be knocked down by my brother, the plant summoning mage who had been chased around by SS before finally couldn't help laying hands on me. It seemed that this guy was greedy, but my brother couldn't figure it out. There were still so many people present. Even if I was controlled and couldn't get anything, the reward of SS had nothing to do with him, right? "Wipe, Birdman." Brother despised the grandson who harmed others and did not benefit himself. Anyway, we just saved his life, and now we are playing this game with us as soon as the crisis comes into contact? This guy didn't eat too much shit and thought he would reap the benefits of pestering me, did he? I did not dump him, continue to SS, two seconds later, when I was free from the rattan winding effect, the hell colorful peacock died under the sledgehammer of Xiaobai, at this time, I was about 40 meters away from the hell colorful peacock. Stunning strike! When I was about to charge a tree of souls not far from the corpse of SS to shorten the running distance, I suddenly got a blow on my head, and then I fell into dizziness. And the thief! When I realized that there were thieves around me, I was about to use the badge to relieve my dizziness, but suddenly there were as many as three thieves around me! "Oh, so much!" There was more than one thief beside me, and their goal was not to control me,plastic pallet bins, but to put my brother to death. I couldn't help but gasp. Then I looked in the direction of SS's body, but now a hunter and an evil magician had rushed past, and their goals were all directed at me.