Dai Li Chapter of Peerless Elegance

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As if he had expected it, Xiao Quan took a puff of his cigar and said, "There's nothing you can do about it.

As if he had expected it, Xiao Quan took a puff of his cigar and said, "There's nothing you can do about it. You handed over to the Japanese what your father had worked so hard for half his life. My father can't blame you. You're my son.". But tens of millions of civilians who became slaves of a foreign country, I wonder if they can forgive you? Without all this, you can still take your woman abroad. The Xiao family's property is enough for you to squander for a lifetime. As long as you think of those people who are living in dire Straits because of you, you can still feel at ease and enjoy your so-called love. Xiao Youcheng's body suddenly shook, almost unable to support, the thick desolation emanating from the whole body, let Xiao Quan shake his head, patted him on the shoulder, "you think again, tonight there is room for regret, otherwise, tomorrow's morning paper will publish the news of your engagement." When Xiao Quan stepped out of the study, he heard Xiao Youcheng's voice, as if he had exhausted all his strength, "Please, give me another day." Xiao Quan answered with a deep sigh. Thoughts were interrupted by the whistle on the platform, the train was about to start, Dai Li seemed to be woken up, slightly straightened up, looking out of the window, Xiao Youcheng subconsciously wanted to escape, then self-mockery, so far away, he was hidden in the corner, sitting in the car, how could she see.. After all,stainless steel shower tray, she took off her coat, probably because of the heat in the carriage, a touch of delicate pink, as the train moved, gradually, gradually, away from his sight.. Until , disappear, never to be seen again.. In this way, take away all the colors in his life.. Holding the steering wheel,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, his hands trembled uncontrollably, and he looked blankly at the empty sky. Li, will you hate me? Will you hate me? I am a man who has no responsibility, I am a man who goes back on his word. If I abandon you for the sake of Jiangshan, you will think that falling in love with me is a mistake, right? If you can think like this.. Best ...... Li Since I can not give you marriage, then, I would rather you take back love, do not leave it here, otherwise, even if married to someone else, you can not get real happiness.. The truth is good A lie or a lie will hurt you.. I would rather choose to cheat you. ...... This wound The injury may be more serious, but it can be better faster. And another wound. ...... Will remain in my heart forever. ...... A little touch , can be painful to the heart.. Such pain It's up to me to bear alone.. Li, you should have the happiest smile in the world. Did I ever tell you I like the way you smile.. It's like ...... In the spring ...... Brightest Light ...... The sky is gray, endless gray, like Xiao Youcheng's life, from then on, only gray. Chapter 16 the undercurrent surges. This year's autumn came particularly early, Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin ,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, the single coat has just been put away soon, after a few rains, the roadside plane trees, unexpectedly in one night, yellow leaves. As if deliberately to the occasion, the former prosperous Shanghai, accompanied by withered leaves on the ground, also gradually showed a bit of desolation and decadence, since the opening of Zhan in the northeast, this is the third time that prices have risen, for the middle and lower class people, the days are only more difficult. More difficult is the refugees from the northeast battlefield, they do the most dirty and hard work, get a little bit of pay, perhaps not enough to fill the stomach three meals a day, but even such work, not everyone has the opportunity to do. Hsu Hsiao-cui had not eaten for three days. Wearing only shabby unlined clothes, she curled up under the windowsill outside the door of the Night Meeting. The Western-style windowsill extended outward a lot, which could more or less shield her from the wind and rain. She was only eleven years old this year. The village where her family lived was burned down by the Japanese. Her grandparents could not run and died in the fire. With her and her mother, her father managed to escape on a refugee ship bound for Shanghai, but his father died on the ship because of an infected wound. After coming to Shanghai, my mother earned a meager income by sewing clothes for people every day. In the past few months, she has not had enough to eat. Last month, her mother was whipped by a group of men because she could not afford to pay the "protection money". Because she was too weak, she died on the spot. Her half-grown child, thin and weak, could not do any work and had to live by begging. Such a day, even if it is not too long, Xu Xiaocui thought in a daze, sleep again, maybe you can see your parents.. Only stared for a moment, the scalp suddenly burning pain, thin body was lifted, heavily thrown on the road, the man scolded what she did not understand, only felt the bones of the whole body will be scattered as pain. At this moment, a woman appeared in her line of sight, crescent white cheongsam, snow-white face, Xu Xiaocui thought before the coma, is Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva to pick me up.. The white moon just arrived at the door of the night meeting this night, saw the doorman pick up a little girl begging for food and throw it into the road, just landed at her feet, originally she was not willing to go, Shanghai beach every day, such a beggar I do not know how many people will die, but after seeing the face of the little girl she changed her mind, although the face is very dirty, vaguely can see that it is a comely child, she is in the night meeting. It happened that there was still a lack of a servant girl, so Xu Xiaocui was saved. This year, the white moon in the night will gradually mix out some fame, speak a lot of tough, immediately someone to handle, Xu Xiaocui so muddleheaded to pick up a life, in the night will be a job. In the night of the meeting has been two weeks, Xu Xiaocui looked at the magnificent hall, the guests, or surprised silly, there is such a place in the world, if not seen with her own eyes,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, exhausted her life, also can not imagine the luxury.. Send a glass of milk to the white moon who went back to the dressing room to make up. Xu Xiaocui was a clever girl and soon learned what she should do. The white moon was also satisfied with the little girl. She smiled. Xu Xiaocui stood aside and looked silly again. "Sister Bai, you are so beautiful." 。 cnkexin.com