War demon War demon

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I didn't answer, but in my heart I was saying, "Feier, is it really you?"? How did you become a prisoner?

I didn't answer, but in my heart I was saying, "Feier, is it really you?"? How did you become a prisoner? Although I have not seen that young man, but my heart has been sure that the young man must be Lu Fei! At this moment, my mind came up with the appearance of an innocent teenager, he took my hand, with a crying voice in his mouth and said: "Uncle, Feier won't let you go!" Zhong Yan did not disturb me, but stood quietly behind me. The rumbling drums of war woke me up from my meditation. I narrowed my eyes and looked down the hill. I saw the flags fluttering at the foot of the hill. The attack of worshipping Shenwei was about to begin! Before my beast soldiers arrived, Tianmen Pass had to undergo a severe test. I couldn't help sneering: Lu Zhuoyuan, come on, let me see your means! Turned his head and asked, "Zhong Fushuai, how is the defense of Tianmen Pass?" "Tianmen Pass has not experienced war since it experienced a war sixty years ago, but it seems that Feitian has not had any negligence. The whole wall is made of hard marble bluestone. The wall is high and wide, and the defensive weapons are very complete. Hehe, it seems that Feitian attaches great importance to the defense of the south." But they never thought we would attack from behind them, so there was hardly any trouble! Zhong Yan said with a smile. I nodded and laughed, "but now we are also facing the enemy in the south, let's see if the walls of Feitian are strong enough!" As he spoke, the generals in the city heard the drums of war outside the city and went up to the gate tower one after another. I turned to Ziche Dong behind me and said, "Chief Ziche, from now on, the Semitic army will step up its repairs and will not participate in the defense!" "Why?" When Ziche Dong heard this, he was a little worried. He blurted out a question. I said slowly: "Ziche patriarch, from now on, your Semitic army should be ready to launch a charge at any time. The Semitic army is our magic weapon to win. We can't attack easily, because in the end,Steel investment casting, it will be your fighters crossing the plain of desire!" Without saying any more, I knew that Zi Che Dong had understood what I meant. Turned his head and looked at the camp at the gate. He said in a slow voice, "Look at the order of the flag worshipping Shenwei. It is estimated that they are only preparing their military forces now. It is estimated that they will launch an attack in the evening at the earliest. Where will they go westward?" "The end will be here!" Head west and stand out. "The soldiers of Tianmen Pass have not rested for many days. From now on, the defense of Tianmen Pass will be handled by you. The original soldiers will rest in the city immediately!" As I spoke, I turned to Xiang Xi and said, "Second Brother, I know you are the best at defense, but since you followed me, you have been attacking more. Second Brother doesn't have much chance to show your talent. Now it's up to you. Ten days later, you will hand over to Vice Marshal Zhong again!" I said, patting the shoulder to the west, "second brother, sing a good show for me!" "The end will certainly live up to the master's expectations!" I then said to Zhong Yan: "The deputy commander in chief immediately led the staff to repair. He, Lu Zhuoyuan, alloy die casting ,Investment casting parts, wanted to drag me down. I'd like to see who can drag me down!" I said with a sneer. With that, I turned around and looked down the hill at the camp of worshipping Shenwei, where the flags were rolling, and my heart was filled with endless fighting spirit. Ha ha, if I can't expose the news of my power recovery, then I must have a good fight here! A bugle sounded at the foot of the mountain, and more than a dozen riders rushed out of the camp of worshipping the power of God. They rushed to the gate like lightning, led by a man in a pale blue robe, without armor. I reached out to stop the archers in Chengtou. It seems that this is a group of lobbyists, the two countries at war, not beheaded, I would like to hear what they can say. The man in a pale blue robe came to the gate and handed his hand to Chengtou, saying, "Lu Zhuoyuan, commander of the Shenwei Flying Eagle Army, please see the general of Tianmen Pass." Lu Zhuoyuan? Is this Lu Zhuoyuan? I suddenly feel that I admire this man very much, even when the two armies are at war, with more than a dozen riding here, just this courage, has made me feel admiration. I couldn't help looking at him carefully at the gate. It was a handsome face without the slightest flaw, with a pair of eyes shining like gems under the thick and clear eyebrows, and a broad forehead showing wisdom beyond ordinary people. He added frost to his temples, but did not have the slightest state of aging, which added to his aristocratic luxury and the demeanor of a Confucian scholar. It is also daunting and unattainable. With his even and graceful figure, he really has a kind of intoxicating demeanor. What a Lu Zhuoyuan, what an eagle flying over Baishenwei! Now that he has made a move, how can I have any fear? I handed my hand and said, "Commander of the Phoenix Legion of the Bright Moon Empire, Shura Xu Zhengyang has seen Lu Shuai here!" That Lu Zhuoyuan's face clearly revealed a trace of surprise, maybe he knew the day gate to reinforcements, because this can be seen from the change of ChengTou flag, but he may not have thought it would be led by me, "But Xu Zhengyang, the Shura King of the Mingyue Empire?" I couldn't help laughing and said in a loud voice, "Lu Shuai is polite. How many Xu Zhengyang are there in the world?"? No, that's right! "Long heard of Xu Shuai's name, Lu Mou for Xu Shuai can be said to have a long time, but did not think that Xu Shuai is really as young as the rumors, Lu Zhuoyuan impolite!" "Oh, Lu Shuai is really polite.". Xu Zhengyang but has a little undeserved reputation, how can he be compared with Lu Shuai? I don't know what Lu Shuai taught me when he came to the gate today. Lu Zhuoyuan was silent for a while. He raised his head and looked at me. "Now that Xu Shuai has come, Lu Mou wants to come in vain. So Lu Mou will not say more. I know Xu Shuai is a contemporary master of the art of war, and he will not easily admit defeat. This time Lu Mou wields five hundred thousand troops to come here, and he is bound to win the flying apsaras. You and I will have a good fight!"! But although you and I are hostile, Lu still admires Xu Shuai! I know that after Xu Shuai is the God of war, today you and I in this Xiongguan reappearance of the war, is also a great pleasure! Wait for Lu Mou to launch an attack,deep draw stamping, must not leave half a minute leeway, Xu Shuai don't blame! I nodded and said with a smile, "The two armies are at war. Why should we keep our hands? Xu is here to watch Lu Shuai's wonderful talent!" 。 autoparts-dx.com