The Strongest Dad in the Other World

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Second harvest celebration must be a festival of the elves, Jiang Rankong immediately good and Shan not

Second harvest celebration must be a festival of the elves, Jiang Rankong immediately good and Shan not around the elves slowly more up, from the mouth of the valley into the ring mountains, one after another toward the giant tree gathered in the past. He watched the spirit run in the direction of the giant tree. Jiang Rankong followed the spirit and came under the tree trunk. Looking up at the whole giant tree, the whole sky was almost covered by it, and I was even more amazed that the tree was surprisingly big. Hundreds of rope ladders hung down from the tree trunk, and many elves chose different rope ladders to climb up under the tree. Here, the thin bodies of the elves are as flexible as apes, and their movements are extremely fast. You can tell at a glance that these elves have been used to this kind of life for a long time. Jiang Rankong followed the elf in front of him. Climb to the top of the giant tree with no less speed than him, although not elves, but Jiang Rankong generation of masters, to deal with this small problem is more than enough. The spirit climbed up the rope ladder to the branch of a huge tree and walked along the road that had been built horizontally to the front of the branch. Even the branches of the tree were still huge and like a wide road. At this time, many elves gathered towards the branches of the tree, all dressed up. His face looked happy, just like the Western Carnival that Jiang Rankong had seen in his previous life. The costumes and jewelry of the elves are very exquisite. Full of the breath of classical art, Jiang Rankong walked between them,Coil Nail Making Machine, the clothes on his body were also dug out of the earth by the net, which looked much shabby. In order not to attract too much attention, Jiang Rankong tried to walk from the remote part of the road to avoid the surprised eyes of the elves. If according to Liya's estimate, Poseinia, the God of the sea, is in the forest here,Nail machine manufacturer, then he is likely to hide among the elves here, and Jiang does not want to act rashly until he is found. Although Jiang Rankong did not know the purpose of Poseidon's coming here. But it is estimated that it is always related to the believers and the power of faith, and the interests of the gods are nothing more than these. With the extension of the tree branches and the road, at the end of the road, there are many small branches of trees gathered together, densely intertwined, forming a huge convergence of branches. The ingenious elves are here! Based on the branches of trees, a huge square was built. In the center of the square, there was a five-person high statue of the goddess of nature. The statue was naturally generated by a vine along the support, with very little artificial pruning and carving, which made Jiang Rankong wonder. At this moment, countless male and female elves stood on the square, wire nail making machine ,Nail machine supplier, cheering in unison as if they had a tacit understanding. As soon as Jiang Ran Kong moved in his heart, he immediately got into the group of elves and hid himself well. The elves around him cheered loudly and looked very excited, as if they were expecting something to come. Moments later, Jiang Rankong finally knew why the elves were cheering. In the sky on the east side of the square, a group of white light suddenly lit up, like an angel coming down to earth, with a very pure and holy breath, a beautiful elf girl, driving a white unicorn, flying slowly in the sky. The girl was dressed in white, her golden hair shone brilliantly, and her facial features were as elegant as the perfect proportion of sculpture, which made people doubt that she was not an earthly person. Jiang Rankong has also seen such extreme beauties as the Goddess of Light and the Goddess of Darkness, but when he sees this elf girl, he still can't help brightening his eyes. Although she does not have the calmness and nobility of the goddess in temperament, she has a kind of purity like a natural spring, which makes people want to take good care of her. It's Ajani! "Princess Ran Jiani!"! Small Long live Princess Ajani! "The Lord is really beautiful!" Cheers kept coming from the elves in the square, and the faces of the elves around them all showed a look of great admiration. It turned out that the girl was an elf princess, and it seemed that what Tiffany had said before was not wrong at all. Elves are a race that especially loves beauty. They are born with a lack of immunity to beautiful things, Jiang said. The unicorn carrying the fairy princess slowly landed in front of the statue of the goddess of nature. The fairy princess jumped down from the back of the unicorn, and her neat movements immediately aroused a burst of warm cheers from the elves in the square. Elf Princess Ajani took a wand inlaid with gorgeous decorations and superior magic crystals from the hands of the elderly elves next to her. The wand was surrounded by emerald green vines, with a strong magic atmosphere from time to time. When the elves saw the wand, they could not help staring, and the cheers around them gradually weakened. An old spirit announced in public that Princess Ajani would personally pray to the goddess of nature for the temple of sacrifice. The fairy princess Ajani held her wand in her right hand, put her arms together in front of her chest, and quickly closed her eyes. The elves in the square immediately made the same gesture as the elf princess, with a pious look on his face. When Jiang saw this situation, he followed suit in order not to make himself look too obvious. Moments later, a light and elegant chant came from the fairy princess's mouth, which sounded as refreshing as a lark's call. The elves around Jiang Rankong immediately began to sing along. Jiang Rankong has fought with God many times, and has a deep understanding of the relationship between the power of faith and spiritual power. At this moment, he clearly felt that many spiritual threads converged from around the square and even from the giant trees to the statue of the goddess of nature in the middle of the square. At this moment, the goddess statue composed of vines also lit up in an instant, and a huge force began to transmit to a certain place in the sky through a thin line of spiritual power invisible to the naked eye. Jiang Rankong looked up. Somewhere in the sky, a very small black cave appeared, and the thin lines of spiritual power were constantly transmitted to the outside through the black cave. Presumably this is the power of faith, Jiang Ran hollow way,Nail Making Machine price, the gods for it to fight to the death of things. Invisibly, Jiang Rankong's understanding of power is deeper, and the use of fire energy is also better than before.