Dumb House Department 1-4

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Everyone else in the operating room looked sympathetically at the stunned doctor. They all knew that the

Everyone else in the operating room looked sympathetically at the stunned doctor. They all knew that the doctor had made a mistake in the last operation. Naturally, they thought that his insistence this time was just his obsession. The doctor did not know how to stop this from happening, and things continued to develop according to his dream, but this time the suture was replaced by the director. The moment the needle and thread passed through the heart valve, the scene in the doctor's dream appeared-the patient's heart suddenly spurted a lot of blood! The ECG monitor sends out a sharp alarm! The doctor responded very quickly. He clearly remembered where the bleeding point was in the dream. When the blood just spurted out, he stepped forward with an arrow and clamped the artery with hemostatic forceps! There was chaos in the operating room. Switch to cardiopulmonary bypass! The director's sweat trickled down from his forehead, and the nurse next to him kept wiping it for him. The artificial pipeline immediately draws venous blood from the patient's body, carries out extracorporeal oxygenation through a continuous artificial heart-lung machine, and then infuses it back into the patient's body. The doctor looked up at the ECG monitor next to him, and the patient's heart beat turned into a straight line, and the harsh sound overlapped with the dream. Everything is exactly the same as in the dream. The door of the dumb house was pushed open. The boss put down the book in his hand and looked at the person who came in with a little surprise. "Why did you come so late?" The doctor could not hide his tired face and carefully put the brocade box in his hand on the counter. "The operation was two hours longer than planned. When I walked out of the hospital, it was already dark." "Did the operation go well?" The boss asked with a smile. The doctor nodded, sat down heavily, and spread himself feebly in his chair. It was not a simple operation, I took over temporarily, and you didn't understand it during the operation, anyway. Finally,iron nail machine, the operation was successful! "That's good." The boss seemed to have known the result for a long time, and the smile on his face remained unchanged. The doctor opened the brocade box in front of him and quietly looked at the porcelain pillow lying on the silk cloth. After half a silence, he said, "I'll give you this porcelain pillow back." 'What's The matter? Still can't sleep? The boss raised his eyebrows. No, I really appreciate it. It makes my dreams come true. Nightmares are just as real. The doctor didn't have the courage to say the second half of the sentence. He was a doctor, and he didn't believe in these strange things, and he was afraid. Like a curse,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, he thought over and over again after the operation, if he had not lusted after the dream, would the dream in the nightmare still happen in reality? He didn't want to know the answer. Dreams are dreams, reality is reality, and he doesn't want to try to tell whether he's dreaming or not when he sleeps every day. In other words, he has been immersed in the nightmare of a month ago, unable to extricate himself for a long time. Today, after the operation, the unsmiling director praised him for the first time, so that he really woke up from the nightmare. The failure of one operation is not equal to the failure of all subsequent operations. There are other mistakes that have not caused irreparable harm. It was no different from his previous study in school, and he had not given up his studies because of a failure in an exam. The doctor clenched his fists secretly and felt that he was really a bastard this month. It should be used to admit their mistakes in order to move forward better. The boss did not ask much. He reached out his hand to hold the doctor's fist on the counter and said with a comforting smile, "On a flat road, Nail machine manufacturer ,Coil nail machine, people can walk smoothly, but only on a muddy road can they leave footprints." The boss's hand is very cold, "although the nightmare will come true, but not necessarily unchangeable." The boss said meaningfully. The doctor looked up at the deep darkness in the boss's eyes and felt that his smile seemed to see through his thoughts. At this time, the carved door of the dumb house was pushed open from the outside, and a young woman in a white dress came in. His eyes fell on the overlapping hands of the doctor and the boss, and he was stunned. When the doctor saw him, he immediately jumped up from his chair. The pale woman was the woman he had almost failed to save in his last operation. The woman saw the doctor, pale face across a touch of ruddy, it seems to have recovered a lot, the voice is also gentle: "Hello, I went to the hospital this afternoon, I heard you have an operation, so I want to talk to you anyway.". ” The doctor bowed his head in embarrassment and, though hesitating, apologized firmly. I'm sorry, in fact, I should have formally apologized to you, but I have been unable to face it. The candlelight in the shop flickered on and off, reflecting the uncertain expression on the woman's face. The boss was still standing at the counter, smiling faintly. Poof! The woman looked at the doctor, then looked at the boss, and finally couldn't help chuckling, "What!"! So that's it. I said, how can a good man like a doctor not have a girlfriend? Original No wonder. No wonder they run to this store every night. Goodbye, doctor! I won't bother you anymore. My body has already healed! The woman shook her head and walked out on her own, leaving two people looking at each other in the shop. She. What does she mean? The doctor was confused. She is very beautiful and has a good impression on you, so she goes to see you for a physical examination every day. Don't you notice it? The boss hit the nail on the head of the problem that had troubled the doctor for a long time, and then sat down again as if nothing had happened, picked up the book and looked at it. Nope The only impression I have of her is that she was lying on the operating table and disemboweled. The doctor thought about it and said earnestly. The boss raised his eyelids and said with a strange smile, not knowing who he was talking about: "Oh, poor thing." "Hello!"! Who do you think is pitiful? By the way, what did she mean by her last words before she left? As soon as the doctor saw the boss's smile, he felt uncomfortable. It's like being set up. The boss was leisurely drinking tea and reading books, while the doctor himself was bored and left in a huff. Listening to the footsteps far away, the boss put down the book with a smile, took out the porcelain pillow from the brocade box, and took out the deerskin cloth to wipe it carefully. Huang Liang, it seems that this is also very successful,High Speed Nail Making Machine, not only saved a person's life, but also to wake up the guy. He will certainly become a very good doctor in the future and save countless people. The boss said to himself. The porcelain pillow seemed to be able to understand his words, and the surface of the Jasper became brighter and more moist. The door of the dumb house was pushed open again. 3shardware.com