Take control of the end times

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Take control of the end timesTake control of the end timesTake control of the end timesTake control of the end times

Of course at present it is a single connection so it doesn't matter When he is really on the public channel he will still call his officer or chief This is like a marine warrior someone is the leader no one is the boss As for Liu Yi seeing the different names of people before and after he felt that it didn't matter The mountain environment where the whole army is located is not very good The wind in the mountain is strong and fast and the temperature is not very satisfactory There is a lot of snow on the mountain where they are hundreds of meters and the terrain is gentle Driven by the wind people can not help but shiver That is to say human beings have experienced a period of evolution and the quality of all aspects of the body has been greatly improved At the same time before the departure of the team the simplified version of the exoskeleton combat suit was also rushed out to equip all the troops Otherwise who can stand to stay here in such an environment The simplified version of the exoskeleton combat suit is actually a layer of light and soft alloy metal armor Compared with Longhai's regular battle suit there are many fewer parts But all this is also a matter of no way So many troops so many people not to mention the manpower the consumption of resources alone is also a very huge number This is the only way to simplify as much as possible while retaining the proper defense In short with such a layer of protection it is already a very good thing to be able to guarantee the lives of the soldiers as much as possible The whole defense line is built on the mountain all on the hard rock So far a total of five lines of defense have been established The distance between each line of defense is less than one kilometer In this way it is also to be able to quickly withdraw into the rear line of defense when the front line of defense can not resist The morale of the army from the current point of view is also good After all everyone Sports Entertainment knows one thing in their hearts that is behind them in China there are their relatives and the hope that they will survive and win The sound of ten thousand horses galloping was approaching and all the soldiers guarding behind the line of defense had already felt the shaking of the ground They know that the worm is coming they know that the battle is about to begin and they all know that it will be a battle of life and death for the whole earth and human beings Volume III Material Extraction Chapter 47 Iron-blooded War (II) Chapter 47 Iron-blooded War (2) The number of insects is huge and the consumption of ammunition is a concept that everyone understands Fortunately after the integration of all forces in the later period a large amount of gunpowder was gathered together and Longhai also made all these gunpowder into high-explosive bullets with mixed Gaussian technology The damage of this bullet to insects even the fire-breathing giant insects can not be resisted under a large number of attacks At this moment in front of the sound that is getting closer and closer the guards of the first line of defense look into the distance through the wall China Factory In the mountains nearly two kilometers in front of the defense line a large number of insects suddenly poured out Those insects in action there is no rules to speak of just a strong charge toward this side of the defense line The distance between the two sides was constantly closing and when the distance was within 1500 meters the artillery array behind the first line of defense had already launched the first wave of attacks under the orders of Xie Feng At this moment the battle really begins Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Shortly after the shell was fired the explosion immediately sounded and the whole ground began to tremble and shake Liu Yi looked through the screen at the camp of the insects in the distance and under the roar of the artillery array a fault appeared in an instant However the fault only appeared for a few seconds and was quickly filled by the subsequent insects Under Liu Yi's field of vision those who launch the first wave of charge are still the most low-level mantis war insects Not only were there no giant fire-breathing insects but even dragonflies and flying insects did not appear in the sky This gang of damn guys but a fall into the pit a gain in one's wit the first is a tentative attack "Liu Yi thought so in his heart the whole person can not help but be in a state of combat" At this time the mecha he controls is a red mecha all over the body and the size is much smaller than the ordinary light cavalry mecha Even so his mecha is an obvious target of attack as soon as it goes Office School Supplies to the battlefield But Liu Yi is also very helpless The metal used to make this mecha was collected from the colony star and was born with this color Made of this metal out of the mecha and then through the application of some technology Liu Yi can be very good in the process of controlling the mecha to display the gathering point attack This is something that previous mecha could not achieve At the same time his current mecha is not the kind of keyboard control method Instead it is completely controlled by the neural connector In other words Liu Yi's control of this mecha can be like driving limbs to fight which is completely the same as the concept of using the brain to control limbs without wearing mecha As for the power supply system of the mecha it also depends entirely on the life energy output by Liu Yi In this way as long as the life in his body can not be exhausted his mecha can continue to fight All these are made by Hongzai after many experiments and the borrowing and integration of many technologies Liu Yi has also conducted practical tests on his various abilities When Liu Yi was already in a state of combat the artillery array behind the first line of defense had fired the second batch of shells again By this time the insect was within a kilometer of the first line of defense Eight hundred meters When the insects entered this distance the artillery array had just fired the fourth wave of shelling and the covering attack shattered the insects in pieces and the faults in the swarm appeared four times in succession But the huge swarm of insects for such a little loss as if it had not happened at all has been quickly connected to the front array continue to rush to the side of the defense line trade-global.com