Childe is hard to find Author: Wei He Zongzi

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Childe is hard to find Author: Wei He ZongziChilde is hard to find Author: Wei He ZongziChilde is hard to find Author: Wei He Zongzi

Before long, all Qishan knew that the horrible young lady Deng Yuyao also had a suitor. Deng Yuyao, who is usually careless, is now like a frightened bird. As soon as she goes out, she is afraid that the master will suddenly come out and hand out a big kidney flower to show her love. When Su Wanzhi told Xie Yu this matter vividly, he laughed his head off first. Xie Yu, you don't know. When Deng Yuyao saw the expression of the kidney flower, her face was even redder than the kidney flower. The master kept adding, 'Miss Deng, you see how big this kidney flower is. I cut it carefully. It's hard to cut such a big kidney flower. But I think of you in my heart, I don't think it's hard to cut..' ……” Xie Yu smiled at the corners of his mouth, but his eyes only looked at Su Wanzhi. Laughing so hard that her stomach hurt, Su Wanzhi asked Xie Yu with a smile on her face: "Hello." Give me a reaction. Xie Yu laughed and stroked the hair in front of Su Wan's forehead with his long fingers. He smiled softly and said, "Well, I'm laughing." The touch of the finger was slight, as if it caused palpitations. Su Wanzhi's smile slowly gathered up. Chapter 43 "What's the matter?" "Su Wan raised her lips again to cover up her absence." Nothing, nothing. When the door was pushed open, Su Xing walked in with a lunch box. He wiped the sweat from his forehead and said resentfully, "I was driven out by the master to deliver the meal." Su Wanzhi opened the lunch box and saw that it was full of big fish and meat, and she couldn't help laughing. After dinner, Su Xing took out a roll of paper from his sleeve and handed it to Xie Yu. When unfolded, it is a painting. Su Wanzhi glanced at it, drawing a few vigorous green bamboos on the paper, in addition to a blank, it is obvious that there is no complete painting. Taking over the painting, Xie Yu looked at it carefully,inflatable water slide, pursed his lips, and pointed out a few places with his fingertips: "Did you draw these places with a pen again?" "I don't draw well, and I can't always do what I want after I write." Besides, I really don't know how to draw it down here. To Su Wanzhi's surprise, Su Xing was really a student. What you write is what you write. Long eyelashes flicker with Xie Yu's eyes, and his expression is serious and rigorous, which makes people unconvinced of his words, "Painting must not be forced, meaning and in form, it is better to carefully observe what you want to paint than to carve pen and ink.." What to draw next depends not on the drawing,Inflatable indoor park, but on what you want to draw. Su Wanzhi's understanding of painting is limited to a few landscapes hanging in Su Fu. At first, she just listened to Xie Yu's words, but after listening to two sentences, her attention gradually turned to something else. Finger half pull hair, Su Xing side head carefully listen to Xie Yu one by one analysis, look respectful, Xie Yu also look meticulous. The distance is very close, and the atmosphere between them is very peaceful. From Su Wanzhi's position, the two people in front of the table are very well-matched. For a moment, Su Wanzhi felt that her heart was inexplicably stuffy, clear and shallow, and could not be explained clearly, but she just felt uncomfortable. Before they knew it, Su Wan slipped out of the room quietly. Since she wants to bring Su Xing and Xie Yu together, shouldn't she be happy to see such a scene. Why It will be this feeling of loss. Walking aimlessly, watching a corridor in the line of sight near and gradually away, until feeling tired, look up at the plaque in front of her, Inflatable bouncer ,inflatable floating water park, from the hospital to the warehouse she had never been to, has been around more than half of Qishan. Looking up, just now it was only twilight, but now there is only a glimmer of light on the edge of the sky, replaced by a vast and deep night that can not be distinguished. The stars are shining among them. There seems to be such a night sky in my memory, where the stars are so vast that people are almost dazzled. This is what I found recently, and I've always wanted to share it with someone. In the garden of Prince Qi's mansion, someone half raised his head and said so. Soft smile, vaguely flowing with the eyes of gentle friendship, even the night can not match the face. Standing together under the night sky, as if she were loved and spoiled. Unfortunately, no matter how beautiful her memory is, it is false. Su Wanzhi's heart felt a breath of suffocation in silence. What should I do in the future? Just for a moment, she suddenly felt an impulse to cry. Closing her eyes, Su Wanzhi took a big breath, as if this could cover up the uncontrollable emptiness in her heart. It was an illusion, but in a trance there seemed to be a fragrance of flowers. …… Su Wanzhi? Suddenly opened his eyes, the figure in the afterglow against the light, can only faintly distinguish the tall and thin figure, almost covered the pot of flowers were held in his arms, flowers luxuriant, delicate fragrance bursts. The other party saw her, sighed lightly, some helpless: "Lost?"? I'll take you back. Su Wanzhi just looked at him quietly and kept silent. Put down the flower, two steps closer, a little light fell on Su Wanzhi's face, light and shade staggered, her expression is fragile as if a touch is broken. Ji Meng's stomach still had some vague pain, but Su Wanzhi, who had always been vindictive, did not feel happy. To the mouth of the words dumb aphasia, raised his hand, as if to touch, but the fingers stopped in the air, unable to move forward. When hesitating, the sudden body temperature came. The head leaning over was against his lower jaw, and there was a shallow fragrance on his hair, a trace of movement, a slightly itchy touch. Sue.. "I'm fine, lend me my shoulder for a moment." Just for a moment. Stunned, his expression slowed down, and Ji Meng stood straight, his body motionless, his arms empty. The slight trampling sound of the branches sounded, and Ji Meng suddenly raised his eyes like a sharp knife. In front of the bushes not far away stood another young man, his face pale, his features ordinary, and his mood swings invisible, as if he were just passing by. Su Wanzhi, who was still lying on her shoulders, was unconscious and motionless. Ji Meng's line of sight swept from Su Wanzhi's body, then moved to Xie Yu's body, tightened his arm, encircled Su Wanzhi, slightly frowned, eyes motioned to each other to leave, squinting eyes with a warning. The other side did not seem to receive his threat, the palm slowly clenched,inflatable amusement park, only looked at Su Wan, turned around and walked away. But after a while, it was no longer visible.