Taoist priests in Jin Yong's world

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Taoist priests in Jin Yong's worldTaoist priests in Jin Yong's worldTaoist priests in Jin Yong's worldTaoist priests in Jin Yong's world

"Taiqing Zhonghuang Zhenjing" Xiao Yuesheng gently read aloud, eyebrows a pick, Zhonghuang, yes, now his upper and lower Dantian all have things, only Huang Ting empty. "Dongxuan Lingbao Dingguan Sutra" Xiao Yuesheng picked up the second book, and his eyes flashed. The formula of Lingbao School is a famous school. Later, he looked through them one by one, and found that there were six Taoist sutras, each of which was a yellowing silk book, including the Shangqing Huangting Nei Jing Sutra, the Gaoshang Yuhuang Xin Yin Sutra, the Taishang Chunyang Zhenjun San De Yi Sutra and the Huangting Dun Jia yuan Shen Sutra. He gently stroked, feeling in his heart that the officials were also generous. He did not know how many Taoist scriptures were hidden in the Forbidden Palace. He had never seen any of these rare books, nor could he see them in those Taoist temples. In this world, I'm afraid. Only in the palace can there be such a collection. The emperors of the past Dynasties were so fond of Taoism. The Taoist scriptures must be rich. ,, Fang Xueqing stood aside. Seeing Xiao Yuesheng exulting, he said with joy, "Sir, are these things precious?" "Well, it's very useful to me." Xiao Yuesheng nodded and slowly put Ann back. Congratulations to the childe, I didn't expect that the official family could also give something useful. Fang Xueqing chuckled and helped take them back into the red box. Xiao Yuesheng laughed and waved his hand. "Xueqing, don't say that again, so that the princess won't feel uncomfortable when she hears it." "Cluck, in front of the princess.". Of course I wouldn't say that! Fang Xueqing chuckled and said, "Sir, I heard from people outside that this official is a wise king. He takes pity on the people, but he is a little harsh on the officials." "Oh?". Xiao Yuesheng raised his eyebrows and said with a smile, "In the future, you should go and inquire more about this official's family." "Yes, Childe Fang Xueqing answered and put away the red box." Where can I put this? "Send it to my room." Xiao Yuesheng said. Get up and walk out. Childe, these days. It seems that someone is wandering outside the house again,Inflatable outdoor park, trying to make trouble. Fang Xueqing followed Ran and hummed in a low voice. Who are they? Xiao Yuesheng frowned and asked. It's not the people of the Western Xia Dynasty, but also those smelly guys in the Central Plains Wulin. They all want to be the emperor's son-in-law. They all want to go crazy and die! Fang Xueqing snorted angrily. Xiao Yuesheng laughed. Shake one's head: "If come to attack, kill them, kill one to do a hundred, lest trouble!" "Well, of course I won't spare them!" Fang Xueqing nodded hurriedly. Xiao Yuesheng walks at his feet. He hesitated and kept silent for a moment. Then he suddenly sighed and shook his head. "Forget it," he said. "It's better to waste their martial arts." "Huh?" Fang Xuejing was surprised and stopped to look at him. Xiao Yuesheng waved his hand and said in a gentle voice, "Xuejing, if you can't kill people in the future, don't kill people. If you lose your martial arts, you'll leave." "Childe, why is that?" Fang Xuejing asked in surprise,Inflatable mechanical bull, her eyes wide open. Xiao Yuesheng waved his hand and said, "It's hard to describe the mystery. You don't have to worry so much. Just do it." "Yes, Childe.". Fang Xueqing laughed in a charming voice. That night, sure enough. A group of people perform flying skills, dressed in tight black clothes, taking advantage of the darkness of the night, broke into the Xiao mansion in the fourth watch. Now, Xiao Yuesheng's twelve maids gathered, and the princess had several guards, many people, some people specialized in night patrol. There are more than fifty people in this group. As soon as they fell into the Xiao Mansion, the women hiding in the dark flew up to meet them, and the white silk in their hands flew out, like a silver snake circling, and in a twinkling of an eye they caught all the people. Then, they did not ask much, directly broke their Dantian, abandoned their martial arts, threw them outside the wall of Xiao Fu, and let them run their own course. In their view, the childe was merciful and soft-hearted, Inflatable indoor park ,Inflatable meltdown, and let them go. If his martial arts were not good enough, he would have been killed by them. However, since the childe has the order, they also dare not disobey, directly waste their martial arts, and hurt their meridians. From then on, although they picked up a life, but can no longer practice martial arts, can not practice again, can only be an ordinary person. Moreover, their bodies will be weak, weaker and weaker, unless there is a good doctor, can be cured, otherwise, a long time, I am afraid it will be lost. For these, Xiao Yuesheng naturally know, he only open one eye, close one eye, these guys have the intention to kill, but also put into action, for such people, let go in vain, really cowardly, need to give them a little pain, pay the price. The next day, people woke up early in the morning, went out of the gate, and when they wandered in the street, they saw these men in black outside the Xiao Mansion, all of whom gathered around to watch the fun. They looked at it with joy and enthusiasm, but without curiosity. It was not the first time they had seen such a situation. So, someone reported to the government, the captors came over, did not say much, just glanced, turned around and left, regardless of the matter. People do not feel curious, know that these men in black are thieves, want to break into Xiao Fu, was beaten out, but there is no danger of life. The captors also have no good way, can't go to catch the people of Xiao Fu, and these guys were almost beaten, also can't steal things, even if caught in prison, also just waste food, take them also have no way, it is better to ignore. Xiao Yuesheng woke up in the morning. Without getting up, he put on his clothes and sat on the couch. He reached out his hand and touched it. He picked up a volume of silk book, which was a Taoist scripture sent by Emperor Zhezong. "Shang Qing Huang Ting Nei Jing Jing", this volume of Taoist scriptures, he looked again and again, as if he had found a treasure, if before the golden elixir, he looked at this volume of Taoist scriptures, only felt confused and confused. At this time, it seems that every word is like jade, illuminating his heart. However, he now has the ball of the primordial spirit and the golden elixir, both of which operate separately and are so powerful that he really dares not toss about the Huangting Palace any more. A bad little may mess up the balance between the primordial spirit and the golden elixir, then I'm afraid I'll go up in smoke immediately, and I can't be possessed by the primordial spirit like last time. He took this volume of difficult Taoist scriptures, shook his head and sighed, put it down helplessly, and picked up another volume, which was the High Jade Emperor's Heart Seal Sutra. This volume of scriptures also touched him greatly. The ball of the primordial spirit was much smoother,Inflatable water park factory, and it increased faintly. He made great progress in cultivation. Fortunately, the balance between the two was still there. I'm looking through it. There was a knock at the window, and Fang Xueqing stood under the peach tree outside the window. Come in. Xiao Yuesheng made a move and the window opened. joyshineinflatables.com