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Fei Xi nodded and said. Yes, I feel that although there is a towering resentment here, I can feel the strong

Fei Xi nodded and said. Yes, I feel that although there is a towering resentment here, I can feel the strong breath floating. Maha stretched out his hand and pointed to the dark path in the distance. There is also a cave in the east, which leads to hell. When Feixi heard this, he looked in the direction of Maha's guidance, and sure enough, he saw that the darkness there was getting thicker and thicker. There seemed to be invisible magic in the darkness, which made people confused, and in the depths of the darkness, it seemed that there was a shadow of death and a heinous hostility. Mo Li stood where he was, looked at it for a moment, frowned slightly, and his blue eyes were full of brilliance. He snorted coldly. Hum! Master Ben wants to see what's in the cave! When Mo Li finished, he lifted his step and walked toward the east. He secretly stirred up the spiritual power in his body, and a layer of light blue Mang appeared around his body. Fei Xi saw Mo Li's movements, and although he was impressed by his courage,plastic packing tube, he said hurriedly. Mo Li, wait. Mo Li stopped to look back and smiled heartily at Fei Xi. Don't worry! I'm not afraid of the white monkey. I'd like to see what's in it! When Feixi saw this, he turned his head and looked at Maha, his eyes full of inquiry. Maha smiled faintly. Compared with the monster in the cave, the desolate white monkey is just a minion, not to be feared! When Feixi heard this,cosmetic tube packaging, her heart sank. She had seen the strength of the desolate white monkey. It was a peerless Warcraft. Even if it was as powerful as Yu Qianluo, Chu Tianqin, and his grandfather Hua Ying, it was a Warcraft that could not win with full confidence. What was the magic thing that was more powerful than the white monkey?! Mo Li's footsteps stagnated and stopped where he was. He frowned and thought for a long time. He looked at Maha and said in a deep voice. Are you trying to scare me?! I have never seen a more powerful Warcraft than the Cangling White Monkey! Maha shook his head gently and laughed. Do you know the ancient Warcraft Candle Dragon?! Mo Li's eyes were slightly confused, and he sighed and nodded. Yes, I heard that no one on the mainland can get close to the candle dragon! Maha nodded his head. This cave runs through the bottom of the Demon Forest and leads directly to the Temple of Dusk. The Warcraft in it is no less powerful than the Candle Dragon. Mo Li Deng was stunned in place. He gazed at Maha for a long time and suddenly said. Look at your body shape and bones. You should not be very old. Why do you know so many things? Maha smiled faintly. You have a good eye! In fact, I am about the same age as you! I really don't deserve you to call me "Brother Maha!" Mo Li Jingcan smiled, reached out and touched his head, and laughed. I'm seventeen! I wonder how old you are? "I'm seventeen, too!" Maha said in a faint voice, his bright eyes full of smiles, custom cosmetic packing ,pump tube, and his eyes were vast and boundless. Mo Li curled the corners of his mouth and said. I was born in the twelfth lunar month. What about you? When Maha heard this, his eyes were dull, and there was a clear flash of pain between his eyebrows. He hesitated for a long time, shook his head, and whispered. I don't know when I was born! "Mo Li saw that the melancholy between his eyebrows was very strong, and he knew that he had mentioned his sadness. He laughed and said." Fortunately, I was born in December, you must be older than me! I'd better call you brother Maha. Maha looked up at Mo Li with a faint smile. The laughter was clear, but with a touch of loneliness. Feixi gazed intently at Maha in a daze for a moment. There was a lot of doubt in his heart. Although he didn't spend much time with Maha, we could see that he was light and calm, unlike the Ke Yue he had seen before. He was free and easy and cheerful. Wasn't he really him?! But why do they have a pair of the same eyes … It was so bright that it seemed that he would illuminate the darkest corner of his heart at a glance. Feixi thought to himself, looking at Maha, her heart missed a beat again, from his light eyebrows, she could see the pain in his heart, he seemed to be hiding something. Chapter 46 Mysterious Warcraft Mo Li stood where he was, gazing intently at the darkness in the east for a long time, then suddenly turned his head and looked at the mysterious way of Maha. Brother Maha, if you say there is Warcraft here, won't it come out?! Aren't you in danger here? Maha raised his eyebrows and laughed. "You don't have to worry about that. The cave runs through the bottom of the demon forest. It's so deep that this monster won't come out." Mo Li nodded and frowned slightly. Are you sure?! Maha nodded. At least I didn't see it come out. "When Mo Li heard this, he burst out laughing, bold and unconstrained." As long as it doesn't come out, I'm relieved. Maha and Feixi were slightly stupefied. They immediately looked at each other and smiled awkwardly. Feixi said. Is it time for us to find a way out? Mo Li walked quickly to Fei Xi's side and nodded. Yes, I don't want to stay in this gloomy place for a moment. Maha frowned slightly. He glanced up at the darkness not far away. In front of him was the ruins of a palace. The broken bricks and jade tiles reflected a faint light in the ruins. It could be seen that the ruins in front of him should have been a splendid courtyard with palace walls. He looked at it quietly, with a complicated look in his eyes, a little reluctant and a little dignified. Fei Xi followed the light of his eyes and saw only a pile of ruins and boundless darkness. She sighed lightly and laughed. What's the matter? Are you a little reluctant?! "Maha hesitated, then returned to his senses, smiled faintly, and shook his head." No, I was thinking about how we should get out. Feixi frowned for a moment and nodded. Her riding pet Green Wolf mount was only five levels, not yet up to the level of flight, and he said that the exit of the abyss was so narrow that it was impossible to fly with the riding pet, and it was really hard to climb up by manpower. At this time, Mo Li, who was standing on one side, laughed and roared softly. The blue light flashed. The blue goshawk flashed out with a long cry. The huge blue eagle stood majestically on one side. Mo Li looked at the two of them and laughed. I have a riding pet! This blue eagle can get us out of here. When Maha saw that Mo Li had summoned the blue eagle, his eyes were slightly stagnant. He gazed at the blue eagle with a pale blue light all over his body,polyfoil tube, smiled faintly, and shook his head. The hole in the abyss is too narrow! Such a big blue eagle can't fly up at all. Mo Li's face sank, and there was a look of displeasure between his eyebrows. Can we climb out?! 。 emptycosmetictubes.com