Rebirth of the Only Favourite Queen-Wheat Flavor

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Rebirth oRebirth of the Only Favourite Queen-Wheat FlavorRebirth of the Only Favourite Queen-Wheat Flavorf the Only Favourite Queen-Wheat Flavor

Zhao Shiyu's voice is not too big or too small, coupled with a trace of indifference different from the past, but formed a kind of unspeakable male charm, unexpectedly made Lin Yuhong listen to it, and thought that just when he was itching crazy, he held her in his arms and ran all the way back to the room. Then he told the maids, "Well, listen to your Highness." When Lin Yuzhu saw that she was finally willing to settle down, she also breathed a sigh of relief. She pointed at her forehead and said, "You should listen to your Highness, so as not to let him worry about you." Only then did Lin Yuhong gradually calm down, but when she sat quietly, she felt that her arms were bandaged very uncomfortable, and the wound was very painful, and she could not help crying. Originally, the beauty was sad and wailing, which should be the state of pear blossom with rain. However, at this time, Lin Yuhong's hair was messy, not yet tidied up, and her arms were tied with ugly bandages. In addition, when she entered the room before, she did not remove her makeup, nor did she re-adjust her makeup. Red and white Rouge and gouache were mixed together, and they flowed all over her face. It was simply too horrible to look at. Zhao Shiyu sighed in his heart and suppressed his disgust. He said to Lin Yuhong, "You're hurt. Have a good rest first. I'll come to see you tomorrow." Lin Yuhong just cried and did not answer. Zhao Shiyu shook his head and said goodbye to Lin Yuzhu and walked out. At this time, Zhao Moqian and others had already dispersed. Although did not wait for the second Miss Lin Yuhong to come out, but since the doctor said nothing, that is really not a big deal; another one,water filling machine, Lin Yuhong let the maids in a short time to destroy the yard, they stay here is not appropriate, Zhao Moqian first impatient to leave, Lin Xijin naturally also quietly left. On the way back to the Servant Hospital, he met Lin Siqi, the fifth young master who deliberately blocked the way. Don't think that a chicken can really become a phoenix. Just because you are so ugly, you still want to be a virtuous princess and dream. Lin Xijin secretly rolled her eyes and gave a sneer. She was not polite: "I don't know if a chicken can turn into a phoenix, but my ugly monster is the real future virtuous princess. Fifth brother, if you are not convinced, you can fight for your skin to see if our noble virtuous king will like you who is not ugly." "You.." Lin Siqi stared round, but Lin Xijin did not give him a chance to jump up and curse. Instead, he turned to look at the rockery not far away and raised his voice: "Am I right?"? Eldest brother, the man of our general mansion can be married like a woman, otherwise the engagement will not be so easy that day. Lin Siqi did not expect someone, and when he saw Lin Chongxiao standing beside the rockery with a cold face, juice filling machine ,Edible oil filling machine, he was so frightened that his face turned white and he dared not open his mouth. Lin Chongxiao stood there proudly with a fresh face. His line of sight passed over Lin Siqi. He looked complicatedly at Lin Xijin, who was not quite the same as he had imagined. After a while, he said lightly, "It's the emperor's intention to let you marry." At that moment, Lin Xijin's heart "missed a beat", which was the answer he never thought of. How could the emperor notice an unloved concubine who had grown up in a servant's yard? What on earth was going on? He did not doubt the truth of Lin Chongxiao's words, this person has always boasted of noble character and integrity, is disdained to tell lies, of course, he may not tell the truth to Lin Xijin. But he just told him this sentence, and why? Thinking of his last life, Lin Chongxiao finally left Lin Canghai behind and became famous. He didn't dare to look down upon him. "Thank you for telling me the truth," he said. "I'm very grateful." Then he turned around and walked away. Since Lin Chongxiao had told him about it, he naturally had his purpose. Since he couldn't guess for a moment, he simply waited and waited to see what he wanted to do. In the servant yard, Han had been scratching his head for a long time. The servants were generally well-informed. He had long known what had happened in Songting Garden. He was simply happy and anxious. But at the thought of waiting for a big Buddha in the house, I was anxious and worried, and finally I turned around directly in the yard. Before Lin Xijin entered the door, she was dazzled by him and asked, "What's the matter with making a fuss?" "Young master, young master, you are back!" Big Han three steps and two steps rushed up, gesticulating, winking for a long time before he made it clear that the virtuous king was waiting in his room. Lin Xijin gave him an angry kick: "Make a fuss. Is this the first time you've seen the virtuous king?" Big Han didn't hide either. "Young master," he whispered, "the little one has heard about it. The virtuous king has promised himself that you are the virtuous princess." "Has it spread?" Cried Lin Xijin. "Didn't it spread a long time ago? A lot of people say that now the second young lady is not as noble as you. Although the second prince and the second young lady were stabbed and married, they are like two strangers.." Lin Xijin gradually narrowed her eyes and said, "Han, go out and find out where this came from at the very beginning.". Put him and Lin Yuhong together to make a comparison, one is a legitimate young lady, the other is a concubine young master, but both are married; one is formally married, one is only a marriage contract, the latter has overshadowed the former. Such an obvious contrast, who is so ill-intentioned, want to deal with him! Walking into the room, he saw the man in a beautiful robe leaning back on the old chair without any care, forming a sharp contrast picture, which was quite funny. He couldn't help laughing: "Xianwang, you really don't mind my small place and poor conditions here. You've been here twice in three days. Aren't you afraid of outsiders?" "Why are you afraid?" The man opened his half-closed eyelids and saw a cold storm in his eyes. Chapter 38 please help. Lin Xijin smiled and said, "I didn't think Xianwang's second elder brother would be a coward, but I didn't think he was really a coward. I wanted to swallow the elder sister into my stomach, but I was very quiet. I didn't want to let both of them go." The storm in the cold eyes suddenly congealed, and the man's voice was undoubtedly strong: "You are really not a simple one." Lin Xijin is still smiling, but what is in the smile, but even he does not know, how can he not be a simple? His last life is not very simple, so he died,Beverage packing machine, this life, even if really a fool, also should learn some lessons.