Panic boiling (lovesickness)

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Panic boiling (lovesickness)Panic boiling (lovesickness)Panic boiling (lovesickness)Panic boiling (lovesickness)

Fortunately, MK3A5 is an offensive grenade, which relies on the high temperature and high pressure gas produced by the explosion to kill the enemy without producing shrapnel. Fortunately, the living room is big enough, otherwise Tang Zheng will have to finish it. However, although he immediately followed Lin Weiguo's instructions to make tactical moves, he was still choked by the air shock and his head buzzed. It was Lin Weiguo who had received professional training. Has seized the opportunity to jump up and use MP5 to suppress the other side, while running out of the door. Tang Zheng also endured the physical discomfort, his hands and feet forced, and jumped out of the room. Don't show your head. Just shoot into the living room. Lin Weiguo shouted, and a group of nervous people immediately found a vent point and fired their guns into the living room. But Pang Meiqin and Cheng Chen's stewardesses didn't fire their guns and forgot to load them. ***, I almost died. Tang Zheng subconsciously wanted to stretch out his head to look at the enemy's appearance, and the bullet swished out and hit the opposite door, piercing more than a dozen big holes. What to do? Let's go. I've already consumed three magazines. Air blast grenades are useless to them. At most, they can delay time. Lin Weiguo is obviously not optimistic about the battle, "if those Nazi zombies are all professional soldiers, we have no chance to win." As if to prove his words, the MG42 general purpose machine gun inside also began to fire, and the sound of continuous firing was deafening. In an instant, the door opposite was smashed, and the bullets splashed on the wall and bounced back, making the whole corridor a whoosh of bullets. Pang Meiqin,ultrasonic cutting machine, Xu Lu and Cheng Chen screamed and lay down again with their heads covered. Don, let's go. Kang Songde put his hands on his head and his whole body lay on the carpet of the corridor, urging Tang Zheng with an urgent face. If there are still a few of these punishment troops, we're all going to die tonight. "I don't want to die," shouted the repairman, leaning against the wall with his gun in his arms and his face full of fear. His words instantly lowered morale a lot, and everyone's face was very ugly. No one wants to die, you withdraw first,ultrasonic generator driver, go to the security room on the second floor, or the underground garage, where the place is big, you can deal with, do not be blocked again. Tang Zheng pointed his gun at the house and fired a few shots. Go, go, don't waste time. Zhao Jingye and the bald man had already acted, and Qin Yan began to evacuate with the stewardess. What about you Li Xinlan crouched in place and grabbed Tang Zheng's arm and asked in a harsh voice, "You're not going to break it, are you?" "Xiao Tang, if you want to live, I'll wait for you on the second floor and keep in touch with the walkie-talkie at any time." Lin Weiguo had no mother-in-law and went downstairs decisively. He knew when to do something. I want revenge, or Han Libai will die. After Tang Zheng compared his thumb to Lin Weiguo, his angular face was immediately covered with an angry expression. He gnashed his teeth and scolded, "These bastards, ultrasonic welding transducer ,ultrasonic spray nozzle, Han Li died so suddenly. What's going on?" "Tang Zheng, you have to calm down." Li Xinlan saw that Tang Zheng's mood was not right. "I'll stay with you." "I was calm, and I was so calm that I wanted to rush in and give each of them a knife." Tang Zheng took a deep breath, also did not intend to keep secret to this young married woman, decisively cast the rage queen ability, summoned the female musketeer. Bang, bang, bang, there was an immediate sound of gunfire in Room 1208, and the dashing Sophie Marceau began her slaughter performance. What's wrong The gunfire in the room was chaotic, Li Xinlan also heard it, and the bullets fired from the door were much less, a look is an unexpected situation. My ability, activated by the golden seed. Tang Zheng from the moment Li Xinlan stayed, decided to tell her the secret of the golden seed, he is not the kind of stingy person, and there is a point, kill these punishment forces of Nazi zombies, maybe will get the seed, rather than be picked up by Li Xinlan to ask, it is better to tell her in advance, "I will tell you in detail later." "Yes." Li Xinlan nodded and did not rush to inquire. About two minutes later, the gunfire in the room disappeared and it was completely quiet. Tang Zheng picked up the gun and looked carefully into the room. The female musketeer carried the silver musket on her shoulder and walked around the living room with a better attitude than nothing. Sharp. "Tang Zheng praised, stood up and went in. He noticed that there was blood oozing from Sophie's waist. It was obvious that she had been shot, but it seemed that there was no danger." PS: Ask for a recommendation ticket at the top of your lungs. Chapter 24 Counterattack (Part 1) The whole 1208 room was a mess, the walls were covered with bullet marks and black smoke, the carpet was full of flesh and blood, and eleven broken Nazi zombies were scattered in the living room, which added a cruel shadow of death to the room. Tang Zheng went to Han Li's body, closed her eyes, then picked her up, moved into the bedroom bed, covered with a quilt. Sorry, there's only so much I can do. Tang Zheng stood beside the bed with a lonely face and quietly said a few words of blessing. The sequelae of the ability to cast the Queen of Rage began to break out. He felt dizzy and weak, but he still insisted. She was hit by a stray bullet. If she had left the room earlier, she would not have died. Li Xinlan stood beside, heard Tang Zheng these words, some sad, once colleagues so suddenly died in front of us, but think of the possible danger, the young woman changed the subject, "Tang Zheng, what happened to those enemies wearing German uniforms who were transported?" "I don't know, go and see." Tang Zheng tidied up his mood, went out of the room and sat on the ground to rest. He touched an M35 German helmet and looked at the dead Nazi zombies by the way. "Eleven people, this should be a squad of German troops in World War II." The German soldiers, wearing M36 uniforms and red armbands on their left arms, were clearly zombies. Their skin was rotten and grey, and in some places they even showed flesh and tendons,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, oozing pus. But their tactical accomplishment was really good. Judging from the brief encounter and the injury to Sophie, these guys were very difficult to deal with. Of course, the equipment was quite sophisticated.