Quan Men Leng Shao Mi Chong Xiao's Wife

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Quan Men Leng Shao Mi Chong Xiao's WifeQuan Men Leng Shao Mi Chong Xiao's WifeQuan Men Leng Shao Mi Chong Xiao's Wife

Quan Xinran looked at several people and then took a look at his godfather and godmother. He seemed to have made some kind of decision: "Daddy, Mommy, I have been living in Southeast Asia since I was a child. My daddy and mommy have finished their vacation and returned to Southeast Asia. I will contact to arrange the time for the two sides to meet!" He Lianyu frowned, how can it be Southeast Asia again. Southeast Asia, the heart of power.. Suddenly, he Lianyu such as clairvoyance, he just how did not think, the original Ouyang Rongxuan just reminded himself because of this. Xin Ran, you, you, your father's name is Quan Hao? He Lianyu tried to calm himself down from the news just now. Yes, Daddy, Quan Hao is my Daddy, if not my Mommy! Quan Xinran answered lightly. But I don't know how much shock the news will bring to people who don't know her identity. Heart dye, then, then don't rush to arrange a meeting for the time being, let's prepare well! He Lianyu thought for a moment and said to Quan Xinran. For Quan Hao, he met once at a banquet. No wonder, at his wife's birthday party, he felt so familiar when he saw Quan Xinran's aura towards Dongfang Ke. Heart Ran Apologize …… Original "What's the matter, husband?" Ouyang Jiayi's whole condition now, also did not react to the name of Quan Hao and Yi Erruo that Xinran said in his mouth. I only know that I just said I would arrange a meeting as soon as possible. Why am I not in a hurry now. Both children have registered for marriage, and the wedding must be arranged as soon as possible. She also wants to be a grandmother earlier, he is not in a hurry, she is in a hurry! Besides, if the heart is pregnant during this period, how ugly it is to wear a wedding dress with a big belly. A girl will wear a wedding dress once in her life, and she must be beautiful! "Jiayi, I remember one year I accompanied you to a jewelry auction, when you talked to a lady about jewelry very speculatively!" He Lianyu stopped Ouyang Jiayi's shoulder and said softly, "That lady is Yi Erruofei, the mother of Xinran!" At the jewelry auction, Quan Hao also accompanied Yi Erruo to attend. Fortunately, Ouyang Jiayi and Yi Erruo were sitting next to each other. There are always endless topics to talk about between women, especially when they have the same hobbies, which is like a surging river. The mother of the heart? Ouyang Jiayi could not believe that she was still very impressed with Ilruo Fei, although it was only one side of the edge, did not expect that the two have now become in-laws. In that case, grey marble slab ,Marble Projects, it is even more impossible to delay the meeting. The last auction in a hurry, she did not know her name, now they have become in-laws, after the auction can not accompany him to go. There will be a chance to meet! He Lianyu naturally knew what his wife was thinking, but it was because of one side of the auction that the meeting could not be so blind. Daddy, it's all right, I'll arrange the time! Quan Xinran did not know why he Lianyu would change his initial decision to meet. It never occurred to her that both parents had met. Ouyang Qirui and Helian Shiyu came to the living room after the end of the kitchen, but how can the atmosphere be more strange than the atmosphere of the restaurant just now? Looking at the two people's confused reaction, Quan Xinran has expressed helplessness to this pair of young people in love. What are you talking about? Looking at several people with different expressions on the sofa, Helian Shiyu asked. Shiyu, come on, sit down. This kind of housework will be done by Qirui in the future. Don't do it! Ji Shu moved his position, and Lachlian Shiyu sat down. As for the topic of Xinran's parents just now, she can't interrupt anything now. She can only help Xinran to say some good words when the two sides really meet. She has seen the temper of Quan Hao with her own eyes. Auntie, it's all right. I have a clear division of labor with Qi Rui. Helian Shiyu sat down beside Ji Shu and said cleverly, "Right, Qi Rui?" Ouyang Qirui blinked his eyes mischievously. In fact, it was Ouyang Qirui who was busy just now. As long as she didn't make trouble for him, everything would be fine. Yes Ouyang Qirui nodded and answered, his eyes full of undoubted spoiling. Ji Shu and Ouyang Jiayi watched the interaction of the two young people with joy. "He Lianyu, we are considering letting the two children get married first and hold an engagement banquet. What do you think of Jiayi?" Ouyang Rongxuan asked He Lianyu. The husband and wife came here today, mainly as the man's parents to walk around the woman's home, the gift should be brought no less, should also be regarded as a marriage proposal, if Shiyu has any request here, you can put forward, anyway, the two families have a deep friendship, it is not too much to say that they are a family. Ouyang Rongxuan, don't be big or small, call brother and sister-in-law! He Lianyu heard Ouyang Rongxuan calling his name and glared at him. As for his daughter's marriage, he Lianyu could not accept it calmly from his heart, but fortunately, his daughter wanted to marry someone who knew the root of the matter, so he could not rest assured. Looking at Ouyang Rongxuan and his wife's love for Shiyu today, I am even more relieved. I just want a simple affectation at the moment. He and Ouyang Rongxuan know each other in their hearts what they are. Ha ha ha! When did you start to care about these details?! Ouyang Rongxuan laughed out loud. Then I'll discuss the time with Ji Shu and pick a good day to settle down! Ouyang Jiayi spoke aside. All right, tomorrow, I'll call you in advance! Ji Shu said that when she was busy with Ouyang Jiayi in the kitchen in the afternoon, she also said that she would make an appointment for afternoon tea sometime. Now, we can make an appointment tomorrow to discuss the engagement between Qi Rui and Shi Yu. OK Ouyang Jia answered with a smile. Ok, it's getting late. You've been tired all day. Go to bed early and don't come out to send it. We'll get together another day. Ouyang Rongxuan looked at the time of his wristwatch and got up from the sofa and said to everyone. All right, then let Xiao Nuo send you! He Lianyu got up and said. No,Slate Wall Panel, family, don't be so polite! The driver had already parked the car outside, and Ouyang Rongxuan quickly made a sound to stop it. forustone.com