Carapace frenzy

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Carapace frenzyCarapace frenzyCarapace frenzyCarapace frenzyCarapace frenzy

The military had no time to investigate the reason why the building was breached by giant ants. It was thought that the door of the building was not closed properly, but soon some soldiers found that the door of the building was locked, but the windows on the second and third floors were broken a lot, and even blood could be found on the outer wall! The situation was immediately fed back to the command center, which immediately realized that the reason for the collapse of the dormitory building was probably that giant ants climbed up the outer wall and broke the window glass. However, the command center can not come up with an appropriate response plan to resume the full-line advance, which will inevitably cause the ant colony to gather in the city center, and the residential areas in the city center are likely to be looted by the ant colony. On the contrary, if we continue to focus on the strategy, all residential buildings in the giant ant control area may encounter accidents. The palm and the back of the hand were all fleshy, and the command center was in a dilemma and could not come up with a decision. The battle in the city became more and more chaotic, and before long it was completely chaotic. At this point, the command center was powerless and could no longer control the chaotic situation. It could only put all the troops that could be mobilized into battle to save the lives of the citizens as much as possible. Gunshots rang out early in the morning until the sun went down, and in the evening, as the sky darkened, the huge ant colony suddenly retreated into the ant hole as quickly as it appeared in the morning, and only a few giant ants that had broken into the building remained in the city. This result made everyone feel relieved and puzzled at the same time. The command center immediately contacted Beidu, and soon got the news that the ants were active during the day and resting at night. This news is simply the rain of a long drought, moistening the whole Jingjiang City,Artificial Marble Slabs, Lengjiang immediately decided to organize personnel to evacuate Jingjiang overnight! The staff who carried out the evacuation plan immediately took their places under the protection of the police and persuaded the residents to evacuate Jingjiang. This time there is no need to persuade, as long as you can knock on the door, the householder is basically ready to evacuate. Thousands of citizens, under the protection of the military and police, gathered at the railway station from various locations. At this time, the platform was already full of trains ready to leave, all of which were emergency calls,Granite Slab Supplier, more than 50 trains, but only half of the real passenger trains, the other half were freight trains. Each train has undergone armored transformation, not only welded with solid armor outside the carriage, but also set up firepower points in the front, rear and carriage, which can completely annihilate the giant insects encountered along the way. This is because time is too late, only so many trains have undergone armored transformation, otherwise there will be more trains gathering in Jingjiang! Jingjiang Station could not stop so many trains at all, and many trains had to stop on the railway outside the city. Fortunately, they had planned well in advance, so they did not make a joke of "blocking the railway". Under the organization of the staff, the people who gathered at the station quickly boarded the train and drove away one by one. The train that left the station did not whistle at all and drove away directly. Because there are still many giant ants stranded in the city, White Marble Slabs ,Agate Slabs For Sale, people have to move under the protection of the military or police, so that the speed of people gathering is not as fast as the speed of train evacuation. The vast majority of citizens choose to evacuate by railway, but some residents who are reluctant to give up money choose to evacuate by themselves. Although the city government came forward to organize the motorcade, but because the sky was too dark, the formation of the motorcade was very slow, and no one knew when it would start. Eight o'clock in the evening, Jingjiang police station, corner of the parking lot. An armored car was parked in a dark corner, and the steel plates temporarily welded on the car were so broken that people could not bear to look at it. Inside the armored car, Ye Han and Zhou Yun fell back on their chairs and were sleeping soundly. Suddenly, the pleasant ringtone of their mobile phones sounded. Zhou Yun, who was sleeping soundly, opened his eyes cleverly and picked up the phone in a daze: "Hello!" "Where are you, Zhou Yun?" A commanding voice came over the phone. Zhou Yun shook his head and woke up a little. Looking at the screen, he found that the phone call was made by Xie Changfa himself. His sleepiness immediately scattered: "Director, I'm in the parking lot!" "Come to the command center right away!" Without waiting for Zhou Yun to answer, Xie Changfa hung up the phone. Zhou Yun looked at the phone screen and scratched his hair doubtfully. A few minutes later, Zhou Yun, who rushed to the command center, took a tablet phone and a U disk from Xie Changfa, whose eyes were bloodshot. Xie Changfa said in all earnestness: "Xiao Zhou, in the U disk is the design drawing of the drainage system in the east of the city. You go there right now and meet with the military. Find out and seal all the underground wells for me. Can you do that?" "Yes, to ensure the completion of the task!" Zhou Yun pulled himself together and answered loudly! "Good!" Xie Changfa nodded with satisfaction, "Xiao Zhou, I know you are very tired now, but tonight is very important, in any case, you have to stick to it again!" "Don't worry, Director, I have no problem!" Zhou Yun vowed to say. I'll give you the task. You're only responsible for finding the well, and the rest will be left to the military. Xie Changfa exhorted. Yes, chief, can I go now? "Go ahead and be careful." Xie Changfa said. Leaving the command center, Zhou Yun first turned on the tablet computer to check the drawings, and after confirming that the drawings were all right, he quickly walked back to the armored vehicle. The noise of getting on the bus woke up Ye Han. He turned over in a daze. He didn't mean to get up at all. It was not until Zhou Yun started the armored car that he suddenly sat up: "What are you going to do?" "New mission." Zhou Yun threw the tablet computer to Ye Han. The two men quickly rushed to the designated place and joined a group of military vehicles. After the two sides reported their identities and confirmed each other's identities, Ye Han quickly found the first target of the mission, a collapsed underground well, through the design drawings on the tablet computer. Ye Han instinctively ignored the underground well, but Zhou Yun informed the military of the news. Several military vehicles immediately surrounded the underground well, and several soldiers with their hands on their shoulders jumped out of the vehicle. They did not relax their vigilance because the underground well was blown down, but approached it carefully. After confirming that there were no giant ants hiding,Calacatta Nano Glass, several people worked together to drill holes obliquely on the ground beside the well, insert thumb-thick steel bars obliquely, and then weld a skylight with oblique reinforcement structure on the wellhead. Ye Han stared at the busy figures and asked in a daze: "Can this work?" "It should work." Zhou Yun said with some uncertainty. Chapter 0088 burning city.