Night interview with a vampire

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Night interview with a vampireNight interview with a vampireNight interview with a vampireNight interview with a vampire

"Then there was a burst of applause everywhere, which connected all the people around us.". The lights on the wall and on the stage were all lit up, people were whispering to each other, and the whole audience was talking about it. A woman in the middle of a row stood up and jerked her fur coat from her seat to go, even though no one had given way to her. Another man quickly pushed his way into the carpeted corridor, dragging his whole body with his feet as if he had been driven to the exit. By and by, however, the noise of the human voice had become a soft, melodious hum from the sophisticated, painted audience that filled the foyer and vault of the theatre. The spell is broken. In the fresh and fragrant rain, amid the clatter of horses' hooves and shouts for taxis, doors were slamming open. A white glove stood out on a green silk upholstery amid a mass of slightly askew seats. As I sat there watching and listening, there was a hand covering my lowered face. It was someone's hand or no one's hand. My elbows rested on the armrests of my chair, the passion in my heart gradually subsided,Carrara Marble Slab, and the girl's breath still lingered on my lips, as if the rain still carried her fragrance, and I could still hear her heart throbbing in the empty theatre. I sucked greedily at the smell of the rain and caught a glimpse of Claudia still sitting there motionless, her gloved hands on her thighs. There is a bitter taste in my mouth and a feeling of panic in my heart. Then I saw an usher walking alone in the corridor below, righting his chair and picking up scattered programs that had been thrown on the carpet. I realized that the pain,Agate Slabs Countertops, the confusion, and the blinding passion in my heart would only make me fall into a stubborn dullness. If I could jump down and hide in some curtained arcade next to him and suck him dry in the dark as quickly as they sucked the girl, the painful feeling would be gone. I just want to do that and nothing else. Claudia whispered in my drooping ear, 'Take it easy, Louie, take it easy.' I opened my eyes. Someone was nearby, at the edge of my field of vision, someone better than my hearing and my keen foreboding. It was like having a sensitive antenna, and he could even see through my upset or what I was thinking. But he stood there, silent, Marble Granite Price ,Agate Stone Price, far from the curtained entrance to the box. The golden-haired vampire, the loner, stood watching us from the carpeted stairs. Then I knew, as I had guessed, that he was the vampire who had given me the invitation card to come to the theater. Armand. Apart from his calmness, I was surprised by his rare dreamy expression. He seemed to have been standing against the wall for a long time. When we looked at him and walked towards him, he still showed no sign of moving. If he hadn't attracted me so completely, I would have been relieved that he wasn't the tall, dark-haired vampire, but I didn't think of that. Then his eyes looked lazily at Claudia, without any words of praise, unlike the human habit of concealing his gaze. I put my hand on Claudia's shoulder. 'We've Been looking for you for a long time. ' As I spoke to him, I became more and more calm, as if his calmness had driven away my inner panic and annoyance, just as the waters of the sea had washed away something on land. I can no longer exaggerate his ability, but I can't describe it and I won't be able to do it again. In fact, the idea of trying to describe myself in my mind also makes me feel uneasy. He gave me such a feeling. He knew what I was doing, and his calm posture and dark brown eyes seemed to say nothing that I thought or especially that I was trying to say at this time. Claudia said nothing. He moved away from the wall and began to descend the stairs; at the same time he made a sign of welcome and asked us to follow him, but all this was done so smoothly and quickly. Compared with him, my gestures are just a parody of human gestures. He opened a door in one of the lower walls and admitted us to the rooms below the theatre. When we went down, his footsteps just swept lightly on the stone steps. With his back to us, he walked in front of us and trusted us completely. Then we entered what looked like a large underground ballroom, carved out of a basement and older than the building overhead. The door above us, which had just been open, fell and closed, and before I could take a good look at the room, the light went out. I heard the rustle of his clothes in the darkness, followed by the harsh sound of striking a match. His face shone brightly above the match, and then, in the light of the fire, a figure moved to his side. It was a little boy who brought him a candle. The appearance of the boy startled me, and brought me back to the teasing pleasure that the girl on the stage had given me just now,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, thinking of her prone body and the surging blood. Then he turned and stared at me with a look similar to that of the golden-haired vampire. The golden-haired vampire lit a candle for him and whispered to him, 'Go.'. The light of the candle spread and reflected on the distant wall. The vampire held the candle and marched along the wall, beckoning us both to follow.