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Mother Lu took one look at her half-done nails, and her face was already showing impatience, but her voice

Mother Lu took one look at her half-done nails, and her face was already showing impatience, but her voice was as gentle as usual: "Xiao Xiao, I'm sorry, Shi Yu went abroad for a meeting.". I haven't been able to get in touch with him recently. The smile on Pei Xiaoxiao's face gradually solidified, in this era of developed communication, even across the jet lag, how can you really contact a person? Lu Mu's words were just a refusal. Xiaoxiao, I have something to do. I'll hang up first. Lu Mu is still gentle and elegant, but Pei Xiaoxiao feels the cold to the bone. Pei Xiaoxiao raised his head and looked at Pei Qifeng's red and sarcastic eyes. She knew that she was probably really finished. Sunshine is just right, the ward is also warm, Yu Xinran sat in a wheelchair, leaning against the window to bask in the sun and read a book. These days, Lu Shinian confiscated her mobile phone, which was euphemistically called concentrating on recuperation, while the TV in the hospital was not connected to the Internet and could only watch a fixed number of TV sets. Yu Xinran simply picked up the book again, and what she was reading at the moment was a new book by a well-known suspense writer. Lu Shinian came over with the cut apples. Yu Xinran opened her mouth naturally, and Lu took a toothpick and fed her piece by piece. These days down,empty lotion tubes, Yu Xinran has been almost cultivated by Lu Shinian waste, clothes to stretch out their hands to eat to open their mouths, the original feeling of being spoiled is like this. Yu Xinran ate a few pieces and looked up at Lu Shinian. "Don't you eat?" Lu Shinian smiled without a word and forked a piece of apple to feed Yu Xinran, but before she could bite it down, Lu Shinian came over and insisted on grabbing the piece from her mouth. When Lu Shinian succeeded in snatching half of it, Yu Xinran had already been turned into a big red face by him. It seems that he has been more shameless since he made up his mind. Seize the opportunity to kiss and hug, if not she is still wounded,pump tube, I am afraid now. Yu Xinran covered his face with a book, not wanting him to see his red face, but the sweetness of the corners of his eyes could not be stopped. Lu Shinian looked at her shy appearance, and a faint light flashed through his eyes. He couldn't wait to take her completely under his wing. Mrs. King? Mrs. King? They all seem to be very nice. The author has something to say: still send red envelopes ~ Thanks to the little angel who voted for me from 2019-12-04 23:20:36 to 2019-12-06 23:40:56. Thanks to the little angel who threw the grenade: Xiao Mu 1; Thank you very much for your support, I will continue to work hard! Pei's bankruptcy Pei eventually went bankrupt. Without effective assistance, Pei had to declare bankruptcy because of the breakdown of the capital chain. At the same time, Pei Qifeng held a press conference and admitted that he was the one who smeared Yu Xinran behind the scenes. He begged his younger sister to help him because he could not get what he wanted and hated him because of love. Everything Pei Xiaoxiao did was directed by him. All of a sudden, Pei Qifeng became a rat crossing the street, and everyone shouted to fight. The door of Yunhan Entertainment was full of protesters. When Pei Qifeng left Yunhan Entertainment for the last time, he was almost hit in the face by a rotten egg. Back at Pei's home, the luxurious and warm villa in the past had been covered with thick white cloth, and Pei's father was putting his luggage in the car. The Pei family is bankrupt, eye cream packing tube ,plastic cosmetic tubes, and naturally the villa can't be kept. The Pei family is preparing to move out. Pei Qifeng looked coldly at the family in a hurry at the door. As soon as Pei Xiaoxiao saw him, he shrank behind his mother and dared not look at Pei Qifeng at all. When Pei Xiaoxiao called Lu's mother that day, he knew he was finished. But let her go to Yu Xinran to admit her mistake, it is better to kill her! Pei Xiaoxiao shivered and hid behind Pei's mother, knowing that the only thing she could rely on was her mother, who loved her most. Pei mother does not care about the company, so the present situation is also the most confused, although she knows Pei Xiaoxiao made trouble, but do not know how much trouble. Looking at Pei Xiaoxiao's frightened appearance, Pei's mother's motherly heart gained the upper hand. Without much thought, she said to Pei Qifeng, "Your sister is young, and it's normal to make mistakes.". Can't you just help her solve it? Pei Qifeng simply laughed, what is the situation now? How could Pei's mother protect Pei Xiaoxiao without a bottom line?! "Mother, don't you know how much trouble she's made this time?" Listening to Pei Qifeng's questioning, looking at Pei's father's seemingly pale hair overnight, Pei's mother was in a trance and remembered that her daughter had really made a big mistake this time, but it was because she knew that the disaster was not small that she was more reluctant to push her daughter out. Mingming felt guilty, but Pei's mother still pretended to be calm and looked at Pei Qifeng: "Qifeng, mom knows you are the most obedient. Your sister is still young. If she admits this mistake, her life will be over.." After she.. How do you get married? In Pei Qifeng's incredulous eyes, Pei's mother endured the twitch on her face and continued to say: "You.." You're a man. Men are different. The return of the prodigal son does not change gold. You You can help your sister this time. Pei Qifeng laughed angrily. He was not his own, so he didn't feel bad, did he? He used to be a servant for Pei Xiaoxiao before and after the saddle, but now he has to be a shield for her! "Good!" Pei Qifeng red eyes, but squeeze out a smile, but the smile in the decisive meaning, but let Pei father feel uneasy, "I help her again this time.". It's just.. Pei Qifeng paused and his eyes fell on Pei Fu. Pei Fu seemed to have a premonition of what he was going to say. He shook his head feebly and imploringly, but Pei Qifeng was still cruel and said: "But this time, I will return the kindness of your upbringing!"! From now on, me and you The Pei family, it doesn't matter! After saying that, Pei Qifeng turned around and left without any nostalgia. Pei Xiaoxiao heard Pei Qifeng promised to take the blame for her, collapsed to the ground, Pei mother tightly hugged her, did not say a word, but the eyes can not help but look at the direction of Pei Qifeng left. Qifeng, he.. Is he saying angry words? Pei mother comforted himself in the heart, he is the Pei family adopted children, leaving the Pei family,custom cosmetic packaging, what is he? He won't.. I dare not leave. Until the end of the press conference, Pei Qifeng returned home in a mess, and Pei's mother was still hopeful.