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Of course, now is much better than before, all kinds of trade are more and more frequent, such as Xu Ling, the children of dignitaries, is the target of many multinational groups, because of this background, doing business in the dragon country will be much easier. Therefore, such a pure business contact, generally do not need to avoid so much, but Xu Ling this time seems to do like a thief, that is a bit wrong! "Secret cooperation." Especially the little fat man also mentioned such a word in his mouth, which made Qin Fang a little curious, what kind of secret cooperation needs to make such a secret arrangement? "Do you know when they will meet?" Qin Fang thought about it and immediately asked. The more detailed he knows, the easier it will be for him to investigate. If he knows the meeting time, he can let Shen Liang start with the original surveillance video. It seems that they haven't met yet, and that day Zhang Wei also heard that they were going to meet. The exact time is not clear! The little fat man shook his head and said, as if he was not very clear about the matter. Where is Zhang Wei's boy? For such an answer, Qin Fang is still not satisfied, immediately asked. Only Zhang Wei is the most clear about this matter, and it may be more reliable to ask him directly. He was a little afraid to see Qin Shao,outdoor digital signage displays, who had already left by boat, and by this time he should have boarded. But to Qin Fang's surprise, Zhang Wei's courage seemed to be much smaller, or perhaps he knew that this matter was related to the struggle between the two people whose identities and backgrounds were stronger than his. He didn't want to be the victim of the two people's battle, so he retreated directly early. The reason for telling Qin Fang about this matter through the mouth of Zhang Xu, a little fat man, is to vent his dissatisfaction with Xu Ling and to sell a good one to Qin Fang. This kid.. That's a fast run! Qin Fang heard this, is also quite speechless,digital signage screen, but ultimately can only helplessly despise, "you find a way to get in touch with him, it is best to make this matter clear to me.." Although the news is not detailed enough, some are not satisfied, but at least it is much better than before without a clue, it is also a "touch" clear the purpose of Xu Ling's trip. The task of finding out the detailed truth of the matter was directly given to Zhang Xu, a little fat man, to understand Zhang Wei continuously. At the same time, Qin Fang also added some useful clues to Shen Liang. Xu Ling and the man had not yet met, either not to the appointed time, or the man was not on the ship at all, thinking that their ship was now sailing on the sea, so close to the Japanese waters, Qin Fang had to wonder if the man was planning to board the ship halfway to meet Xu Ling. Because if they delay any longer, they can only wait until the ship docks before meeting again, digital whiteboard price ,facial recognition thermometer, so Xu Ling's arrangement is not necessary at all. Chapter Table of Contents Chapter 1237 The decisive battle begins! Chapter 1237 the decisive battle begins! First watch, ask for subscription, monthly ticket ~ ~ ~ …… Xu Ling's matter Qin Fang temporarily also does not attend to, can only let Shen Liang stare in the dark, has the situation to report to him again. Anyway, Qin Fang did not intend to let Xu Ling finish this thing comfortably. aoye The little fat man Zhang Xu continued to contact Zhang Wei who was hiding on the shore. There was no news for a while and a half. Zhang Wei was really afraid of Nong and didn't know where to hide. Qin Fang himself has not been idle, three days of time to say long, said short is also very short, so a toss and turn, also completely passed. I don't know if Tu San had calculated that when the third day came, their ship was just resting at sea, and now it was very close to the Okinawa Islands of Japan. Had it not been for the fact that their ships could not cross the border at will, they would have been able to reach Okinawa directly. However, Qin Fang vaguely understood that the reason why Tu San chose to fight a decisive battle on this day was probably that he intended to get off the ship and leave immediately after World War I. From the location of the boat, you can quickly take the ordinary lifeboat to the nearby island, which can save a lot of unnecessary trouble. Of course, this is only Qin Fang's personal guess, Tu San is not really such a plan, it is only Tu San's own heart to understand. Similarly, this position is also let Qin Fang think of Xu Ling to see that person, will also be this evening from Okinawa there by boat to meet with Xu Ling? What is the truth of the facts, that is only when things really happen, that will really know, before that Qin Fang can only guess on his own. The third day and night, that is, Qin Fang and the Red Hand Demon Tu three decisive battle time! The weather on this day is still good, the moon is bright and the stars are rare in the open sky, the stars are dotted, and there are some clouds floating faintly. Princess cruise ship is still moving slowly, the speed is not particularly fast, after all, it is mainly for sightseeing, it is not appropriate to rush. Time slowly entered the midnight hour, the ship was still brightly lit, and the entertainment places everywhere were still noisy, and did not become quiet because of the time. Have a good rest, I'll be back soon. Qin Fang settled Chu Yunxuan and left his cabin, heading for the destination of the decisive battle. Chu Yunxuan vaguely knew what Qin Fang was going to do, and there was a clear panic in her heart, but she did not stop Qin Fang, but silently prayed for him. As the most understanding of Qin Fang's nv people, Chu Yunxuan knows the significance of this battle for Qin Fang, she can not be a stumbling block to Qin Fang's progress, so she can only pray for him silently in her heart, hoping that he can win the first battle, and break through that barrier, into a new level! The location of the decisive battle is located at the top of the Princess cruise ship, which has the widest view and is the least likely to be disturbed. When Qin Fang arrived,smart interactive whiteboard, the Red Hand Devil Tu San was already standing there quietly, with his hands behind his back, standing under the night wind.