Han Yuzhi, I am working hard.

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Han YuzHan Yuzhi, I am working hard.Han Yuzhi, I am working hard.Han Yuzhi, I am working hard.hi, I am working hard.

The milky white clothes, and all the people around them are exactly the same color clothes, so that the discerning people can see at once that they are the fans of Jiang Wuyou, who is in the limelight today. However, after seeing a continuous stream of people coming to talk to her, it made people wonder about the identity of the girl. However, see this girl no matter when, keep that kind of clever smiling expression, even from the camera staring at her this period of time, she has not been idle down. The girl's expression is so amiable. Like a happy man without worries, he never complains. However, even if the director wanted to have more scenes with the little girl, the time was not allowed. Looking at the main camera, the live MC and singers were already standing in the center of the stage, and the director waved his hand to signal the director to switch the signal back to the main camera. Looking at the red light of the camera in front of me, I knew that the two MCs who should start to announce today's one began to speak their lines to the desk book. Today's singer's performance is really wonderful. Chae Yeon glanced at the book and continued, "but I don't know who will win today's one?" Alex took over. "Look at the screen next." On the screen at the scene, as the countdown reading ended,interactive flat panel display, two images of a candidate were immediately displayed: Jiang Wuyou was on the left, while Comet Shen was on the right. At the bottom of their two images, there are numbers. The first set of data is the comparison of record sales. Chae Yeon's voice, accompanied by the crazy shouts of the fans at the scene, rang behind the image. On the screen, at the bottom of the two images, the data of the two images are written respectively. Jiang Wuyou scored 291 points and Shen Comet scored 300 points. Looking at the scores,touch screen whiteboard, the milk people were delighted. It seems that Wu You OPPA and Shen Comet OPPA are not much different in terms of record sales. 【1】 "The second set of data is phone searches." Alex's voice alternates with Chae Yeon's. The data on the big screen is updated in time. Jiang Wuyou 196, Shen Comet 192. The third group voted on the homepage of the M! Countdown website: Jiang Wuyou 95, Shen Comet 100. The fourth group, digital record sales: Jiang Wuyou 291, Shen Comet 297. Here, the scene is already quiet. The'milk 'who support Jiang Wuyou and the'stars' who support Comet Shen are silently calculating in their hearts. 291+196+95+291=873。 Comet Shen OPPA is.. 889。 We're 16 points short. After Lin Zhenna calculated, her nervous palms were sweating. Turned to look at the side of the'milk ', only to find that not only their own, even other people are the same, nervously staring at the big screen. The last group, real-time mobile phone voting. Cai Yan's calm voice came out, and the same number was written on the big screen: Jiang Wuyou scored 63 points and Shen Comet scored 37 points. 63 plus 873 equals.. Lin Zhenna in the heart is still nervous calculation, 4k smart board ,interactive digital whiteboard, suddenly behind came a burst of cheers, the original is a good calculation ability, has calculated the total. Lin Zhenna looked back nervously to see if the cheering man was wearing white clothes, and by this time, the big screen had begun to calculate the total score of each of the two candidates. Now is the final count. Cai Yan's voice was a little excited. In the first week of September 2008, the first place in the M! Countdown is! As Chae Yeon's voice stopped, the fans at the scene stopped shouting. Looking at the mixed numbers on the big screen, Milk and Star are cheering for their singers in their hearts, hoping that the number below the head of the person they support is higher than that of the other side. With the stop of the number scrolling in the big screen, the flickering pink light proves that today's one-digit number has become the focus of attention in the big screen. Where? Where? Liu Xiaoying's anxious mood at the moment is no different from that of ordinary fans. At this moment, she is not the person who is about to be pulled down from the position of president of the support group, but just a small fan who supports her favorite singer, anxious and nervous. Similarly, Lin Zhenna's mood at the moment is the same. Her eyes were firmly fixed on the big screen, just waiting for the number to prove her success. Seemed to fall into absolute silence, Lin Zhenna's eyes looked at the flashing number on the big screen, '936', and then slowly moved up. Finally, when the three Korean characters that had been hovering in her mind for a long time appeared in her eyes, Alex's voice seemed to drift into her ears. Today's one is Jiang Wuyou's "Please". Congratulations. Alex's voice rang out and read out today's winners. All the people around him suddenly stood up, jumping or shouting with their excitement. Lin Zhenna, on the other hand, sat there, her body suddenly relaxed in the back chair, staring at the cheering people around her, in a trance, as if she had forgotten what she was and why she was sitting here. Even in the face of friends who want to pull themselves up and cheer, they forget each other's names, only know how to stand like a fool, hands learning their movements up, slightly open mouth makes meaningless sounds. Liu Xiaoying has the same experience. Sitting in the rear of the support group, as early as the fifth mobile phone voting score came out, she had already figured out that one of today's winners was her Wuyou OPPA. From then on, she seemed to be in an inexplicable mood, and her body was weak and collapsed in her chair. She did not know whether she was sad to lose the position of president or excited to get one for Jiang Wuyou, which made her fall into a state of emptiness. Even when her sister Hua Ying and Li Huili, as well as those fans who did not remember their names but knew that they were also milk, stood up and cheered, she just sat there and let them block her view of the stage. For a long time, Liu Xiaoying, sitting there,smart boards for conference rooms, whispered in a voice that only she could hear, "Wu You OPPA, congratulations." 。 hsdsmartboard.com