Peerless Thief: Miss Waste Wood Seven by Night North [Crossing]

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Peerless Thief: Miss Waste Wood Seven by Night North [Crossing]Peerless Thief: Miss Waste Wood Seven by Night North [Crossing]

Shen Yan Xiao silently looked at the man who had been sitting aside laughing, from her to the hall, the man did not open his mouth to speak, helplessly watching his brother was pulled out by the blue seal glass, unexpectedly can laugh without violent walk, this temper is not too good? "Na Zhi, take the man down for treatment quickly." Shen Yan Xiao helpless, the person anyhow is the blue seal glass injury, the family is also to repay the kindness, there is no reason to leave aside. Donoghue directly picked up Su Feihuan who had fainted and sent him to the room to find someone to treat him. I'm sorry that my brother has caused trouble to the Lord. The man who had never opened his mouth opened his mouth after Su Feihuan was taken away. But this opening is an apology, as if it was not his brother who had just been knocked unconscious, but Lan Feng Li. However, it is absolutely impossible for Shen Yanxiao to admit that it is the "mistake" of Lan Feng Li. Shen Yanxiao absolutely dotes on Lan Feng Li. Even if Lan Feng Li kills someone by mistake, she will clear all the forces behind that person and prevent them from retaliating. So. Protect the short and so on, this pair of brother and sister is really exactly the same. It's insane! "I will let people heal Feihuan's wounds, and please rest assured." "Shen Yanxiao dialed four or two kilograms." I'm so sorry. The man stood up and bowed to express his apology. Shen Yanxiao had to come forward to help him up. Result The man's slender hand in Shen Yan Xiao's waist, like inadvertently rubbed. Shen Yanxiao secretly raised his eyebrows. Oh? This is to meet a colleague! Shen Yan Xiao heart snigger unceasingly, this technology is much better than the silver hand of those guys, if not for her "battle-hardened",smartboards for business, I am afraid he would not have noticed the "casual". But obviously, the other side did not really want to take anything from her, just now, seems to be a test, test whether she can detect his movements in the end. According to Qi Xia, all the top thieves in the land of light had been won over by the hand of silver, and one of the rings she brought back last time had a waist card,smart board for conference room, which was only available to the three masters of the hand of silver. Obviously, the last time she brought someone to steal something, it was one of the three masters of the hand. But the silver hand steals the skill best, is that three, as for in front of this technology is a little better than the upper position, should also be one of the silver hand three masters did not run! Shen Yan Xiao wants to guffaw, the hand of silver is really not to reach the goal, unexpectedly so soon sent a master! I just don't know which one of the Silver Hand is the one who fainted in the past. Shen Yanxiao is looking forward to, looking forward to the silver hand of the peers, but also to bring her how many "surprises", Shen Yanxiao has not been competing with peers for a long time, but is looking forward to fighting with the three giants of the silver hand. The theft technology of the man in front of us can be said to have reached its peak in the bright mainland, but compared with Shen Yanxiao, 75 inch smart board ,75 smart board, a super thief who has traversed the past from modern times. Shen Yanxiao wanted to tell him: young man, you'd better go back and practice for a few more years! 1607. No Chapter 1607 Masters (2). Shen Yanxiao lifted Qin Ge up, and Qin Ge sat down with a smile. Qin Ge looks at Shen Yan Xiao, the surface does not have any unusual. After Gu Qingming told him that there was a person who stole technology above him, Qin Ge began to be curious about the identity of the other party. Just now he deliberately tested Shen Yanxiao. Sure enough, Shen Yanxiao did not find his actions at all. No wonder, when Qin Ge made a move, even Gu Qingfeng could not notice it, let alone Shen Yanxiao? Shen Yanxiao may be excellent, but in stealing, Qin Ge believes that his technology will never be discovered by Shen Yanxiao. Shen Yanxiao looked at Qin Ge with a smile. This guy had a money bag in his arms, a sign, a silver wire wrapped around his waist, and a warm jade the size of his little finger hanging around his neck. The ribbon in his clothes was smooth and smooth. It should be gold silk. Seemingly simple to the extreme dress, in fact, the inside is full of high-grade goods, but it is a pity that they are now taken, it is not good to touch the inside of the clothes, otherwise they may be able to find out some other doorways. Shen Yanxiao and Qin Ge "tested" each other, but neither of them showed anything. Then Feihuan will bother the Lord for the time being. Qin Ge looked at Shen Yan Xiao with a smiling face full of righteousness. Shen Yanxiao is not very old, but he works very steadily and does not deliberately put on a high profile. In this regard, Qin Ge has a high opinion of Shen Yanxiao. The hand of silver goes in and out of the palace of the four kings, just like his own back garden. He is used to seeing those high kings. Shen Yanxiao's kindness is very suitable for Qin Ge's appetite. You're welcome. I don't know if you already have a place to stay. If not, why don't you rest in the castellan mansion, so as not to run around. Shen Yanxiao unusually enthusiastic opening to stay guests, rare to come to a passable opponent, Shen Yanxiao do not want to let people delay too long. Properly arranged at home, just short of holding a small flag and shouting, "You come to steal me!"! Come and steal me! "" Then, it is better to obey orders than to be respectful. Qin Ge secretly smiled, this is really convenient for him to start. This time he personally, five treasures are determined to win, and more importantly, Qin Ge wants to find out the life "thief" hidden around Shen Yanxiao, if possible, he would like to recruit such talent into the hands of silver. I'll have someone prepare a room for you. Shen Yanxiao was very happy and did not hide his smile. Finally, someone came to let her practice her hands well. Teenager, you must stand up to it. Don't be like those in your organization. As soon as I made a move, I ran back with my tail between my legs. How boring it was. Shen Yanxiao was very sorry for Gu Qingming's departure. She didn't even start warming up, and they ran away. It was really disappointing. Thank you, Lord. Qin song smile is also very happy, this Shen Yan Xiao is really different from the rumors,smart board whiteboard, unexpectedly so he took in such a person of unknown origin, however, I think this is also because of his pure appearance.