Space cannon fodder for survival

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Space cannon fodder for survivalSpace cannon fodder for survivalSpace cannon fodder for survivalSpace cannon fodder for survival

And the worm is still climbing up. He Ningyan waited until the insect was approaching, picked up the torch, aimed the fire at the top insect, and pressed it "puff", and the insect burned by the fire screamed down. That's a good move! Teammates followed suit, so the insects that managed to climb up screamed and fell like rain. He Ningyan shouted: "Hold on, as long as the sun comes out, these insects will be dried." Even if there are trees, insects can't stand the high temperature, and those cars keep the temperature with the air conditioner on. When the mutant came back, He Ningyan frowned when he saw it. The mutant had an extra axe in his hand, and he must have gone back to the car to get it. The mutant picked up the axe and began to cut down the tree. After the axe fell on the trunk, it left a mark, and as the axe fell, the tree shook, and the leaves on it fell with each axe. If it goes on like this, the tree will be cut down! The fate of falling on these insects was known, and the faces of Aticha and Joseph in the tree changed again. He Ningyan shouted: "Steady, before the tree falls, exert force on the other tree.". When we get to the other tree,decorative palm trees, I'll throw the torch to you. It's a good idea, and it works. Atticus and Joseph are steady. Burn the cloth and throw it down. Throw it at the mutant. He Ningyan also added: "Take it apart and throw it away." Since the tree is going to fall, it doesn't matter whether the rope ladder is there or not. Aticha immediately went to remove the rope ladder pulled up and struggled to untie the knot. Unable to open it, he pulled out the knife partition, lit the cloth beside him, and threw it at the mutant. Chapter 569 judgment. The burning rope ladder fell on the mutant. With a sharp exclamation, the mutant threw down his axe and his hands to pick up the burning cloth. As soon as one was removed, his hands were burned with blood blisters,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, and another was thrown at the top of his head. It's too late to cut down the tree. Let's find a way to deal with the fire cloth thrown over first. Aticha was responsible for cutting the rope ladder, while Joseph was responsible for driving away the insects that were about to jump up with torches, taking the cloth and lighting it and throwing it at the mutant who was dancing under the tree, so that the mutant was too busy to cut down the tree with an axe. Yes, that's it! He Ningyan took the torch to drive away the insects, as long as the insects did not jump on the face and mouth, they were very easy to deal with on the trunk. The fire fell at one point, and "" with a scream. Aticha kept cutting the cloth with his hands and feet, and although it worked, it also had a dead end: "What if the cloth runs out?" He Ningyan answered without even thinking: "Use your clothes, use the branches on the tree!"! But I'm sure it won't be until you two get naked. Aticha sweated one, what kind of words is that! But soon understood the intention of He Ningyan. The mutant stepped back and finally left the range where the cloth could be thrown. It raised its head slowly. Aticha immediately secretly pleased, it can not hold up, to self-explosion! No wonder He Ningyan said it wouldn't last long. The mutant raised his head and sat down on the ground, outdoor ficus tree ,Faux cherry blossom tree, waving his hands in front of him, but he could not catch anything. The unusually thick mutant in the mouth also changed from dragging out of the mouth to standing up, opening two rows of sharp teeth and making a sharp cry. Poof! Suddenly, the mutant exploded, and a large number of insects gushed out of the bursting mouth. It feels like half of this mutant's body is full of bugs, twice as many as people who see it during the day. As soon as these insects sprayed on the ground, they could only see their fangs and did not know if they had eyes on their heads. Turning left and right, they recognized the direction and joined the army of insects before, struggling to climb up the trees. It's just bugs. It's much easier to deal with. Mutants, on the other hand, can use axes, drive cars, and are harder to deal with than bugs. The men in the three trees fought all night. Six men in the tree, holding long branches tied with torches, sat on the trunk of the tree, looking tired for a while, far away, biting the insects on the bark. When the sun rose again, the earth began to get hot again, and the rest of the insects were so hot that they fell down and twisted their bodies on the shady ground, and finally stopped moving and waited to dry. Coming down from the tree and looking at the insect corpses all over the ground, the teammates were once again glad that they had survived the night. He Ningyan ordered, "Joseph, bring the car here.". ” When all the staff got on the bus, He Ningyan asked, "Joseph, if you are tired, I will drive and you can sleep for a while." "I'll drive!" Aticha volunteered. "Joseph taught me. It's empty here. It's good to practice." "Good!" He Ningyan took out compressed biscuits and water and ate them: "You drive for two hours. Who else wants to practice?". The others rest quickly! "Open the map!" He Ningyan took the half-eaten compressed cake and pointed to a place with his little hand: "Here!" Joseph, who was still in the cab, was stunned. "To the water's edge?" "Well!" He Ningyan eats quickly: "Last night's mutant is stupid, go to take an axe to chop.". If you hit it with a car, your life may be in danger. So we have to find a new safe place, and we don't know if the water can stop these insects. There are seven days left, less than half of the time left. After eating, she clapped her hands and covered her face with the blanket. "Call me if you have something to do. You can handle the rest by yourself. Don't forget to collect gasoline, water, food and things that can be burned." He closed his eyes and soon fell asleep. Ho, ho! Teammates are calling her. He Ningyan woke up with a start in his lethargy. Looking at He Ningyan like this, Aticha hurriedly said: "It's all right, we're here." He Ningyan, who had been as alert as a hunting dog, relaxed. He sat up slowly and wiped his face with his hand. He looked out of the window and stopped one kilometer away from the water source, which was relatively hidden. Then praised: "Hum, not bad, leave too close,silk ficus tree, if discover unusual, the likelihood cannot escape." After getting out of the car and walking to a higher place, he took the telescope from Mohammed's hand and observed around the water source. Soon she put down the telescope and handed it to Aticha.