Eternal Heaven Emperor 780

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EternaEternal Heaven Emperor 780Eternal Heaven Emperor 780Eternal Heaven Emperor 780l Heaven Emperor 780

And when everyone looked at the "Ye Han" he was holding in his hand and there was no change at all, they were all stunned. The so-called disclosure of life experience turned into a joke in an instant. "How can this be?" Ye Chuan's eyes are full of doubts. "It's impossible. How can there be no response?" Difficult, this Ye Han is not me at all. There was a sudden shock in his heart, but he had just come up with the idea, and before he could speak, he suddenly felt a terrible attack. "Ye Chuan dared to disobey Emperor Taizu's will and deceive the emperor, and his crime should be punished." The cold voice of Emperor Xin Lan suddenly came into his ears. He suddenly turned his head and saw a dragon-shaped sword galloping out of the hands of Emperor Xinlan. "Ah, it's the imperial sword," Ye Chuan shouted in horror, trying to flee into the distance. However, the speed of the dragon-shaped sword rainbow was so fast that it fell on him in an instant and cut him in half from head to foot. The power of the imperial sword is not only aimed at the body, but also directly at the soul. At this moment, Ye Chuan just faced Ye Han, his face was full of panic, he opened his mouth and pointed at Ye Han's disguised Fang Tianxiao, as if he wanted to say something, but in the end he could not say anything, directly cut off his breath, fell down quickly from the air,silk ficus tree, and fell to pieces.  ...   Chapter four hundred and ninety suppression of the two kings! A strong king was killed in front of his eyes and smashed to pieces. Copy URL visit nbsp;: 7777772e766f6474772e636f6d Please remember our URL: dagger strange novel qi. Such a scene fell in the eyes of Ye Huan, Ye Yong and others was so horrible that they shivered all over. Emperor Xin Lan had already used the death of a top strong man in the royal clan mansion to tell them that the imperial edict she had just transmitted was absolutely not a joke, and if not, she would not have come with the imperial sword at the moment. Originally, in their hearts, more or less, they are still thinking that even if Ye Chuan fails, they will continue to think of ways to completely get rid of Ye Han. But now they dare not have such an idea any more. Although I don't know how Emperor Xinlan invited the royal family,artificial banyan trees, none of them dared to offend the majesty of their ancestors. Emperor Xin Lan this sword, controlled all the royal children who had other thoughts. However, the others were not frightened by Di Xinlan. Especially Qin De and Qin Yue, the two kings of war, they felt that Emperor Xin Lan was simply provoking them. Qin De said to Di Xin Lan in a cold voice, "Miss Di Xin, I don't know why you shield a human rebel like this. But if you think you can save Ye Han by killing Ye Chuan, you're making a big mistake." Di Xin Lan immediately frowned. Before she could say anything, she suddenly realized that the king who had just been hit and flown out by her had rushed up again. She tried impatiently to sweep him out again, only to find that this time, the other side's condition seemed a little different, the breath of the whole body was expanding rapidly, and emitted a terrible and dangerous breath. "No, artificial grass panels ,artificial plant wall panels, he blew himself up." Lan Qing, the founder of Lanyue Valley and the king's peak, saw through the state of the other side at the moment for the first time and couldn't help shouting. What The others were all startled and quickly retreated. It is no joke that a strong man of the king level, even a strong man of the second rank of the king level, detonates the power of Qi and blood all over his body by himself. At the same time, they suddenly saw that Qin De and Qin Yue joined hands to open the field, taking advantage of this moment to quickly rush to "Fang Tianxiao", to be exact, they rushed to "Ye Han". All of a sudden, everyone also suddenly understood what Qin De meant by that sentence just now. Originally, with the strength of Lan Qing, it was not impossible to stop the other side from exploding, but when he found out that the other side was going to explode, it was too late, and there were many disciples of Lan Yuegu beside him to protect, so he could only watch the other side's whole body suddenly expand, and then explode directly. "Boom" The power of terror raged in an instant, and all of a sudden everyone mobilized the strength of the whole body to defend. However, Rao is so, this force is still sweeping a hundred miles around. The nearest people are naturally the kings of the two sides who have just confronted each other. Among them, the weaker ones are injured in an instant, and their hearts are depressed. But Lan Qing, Lan Xinyue and others are under the full defense, only then reluctantly protected the disciple under the door. After leaving the dangerous area, everyone had no time to check their injuries and looked in the direction of Ye Han. Under their nervous gaze, Qin De and Qin Yue had rushed to the front of "Fang Tianxiao", but under the protection of their field, "Fang Tianxiao" was not affected by the self-explosion energy of the king. Mr. Fang, thank you for your hard work, "Qin Yue said directly." Time is running out. Please hand over the traitor to us as soon as possible. When we turn around, we will strongly recommend you to join the Hall of War and be named King of War. " Qin De and Qin Yue both looked at "Fang Tianxiao" expectantly. In their opinion, as long as Fang Tianxiao gave Ye Han to them, they could leave here directly with Ye Han. Xuanwei and Chongxuan Pagoda must have a connection with Ye Han, Ye Han was taken away, Xuanwei and Chongxuan Pagoda will follow, then the task can be successfully completed. In this way, they did not even have to pay for the benefits originally promised to Ye Huan and others. However, they had no idea that the "Fang Tianxiao" in front of them was not Dan Wang at all, but Ye Han's disguise. Hearing Qin Yue's words, "Fang Tianxiao" leaned forward and slowly handed over the "Ye Han" in his hand. His face suddenly raised a strange smile, said: "So you promised to him, is to recommend him to join the temple, ah, this is a good condition." "Well,outdoor ficus tree," Qin De and Qin Yue gave a light sigh at the same time, and immediately they all noticed that something seemed to be wrong, and their faces changed one after another. Brush ".".