Blood Parrot-Gulong _ txt Novel Paradise

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Blood Parrot-Gulong _ txt Novel ParadiseBlood Parrot-Gulong _ txt Novel ParadiseBlood Parrot-Gulong _ txt Novel Paradise

The blood slave lost his voice and said, "Where did you say?"? Qi Nong Jia Jia Pu! "I didn't think there really was such a place," said Wang Feng. His voice suddenly became unreal. There is no blue sky above, no earth beneath, only wind and fog, ice and fire, and I am holding you in the middle. His voice was even more illusory. "Before long," he said, "the ice congealed into a wall of ice, and the flames formed a wall of fire. A hundred thousand demons lined up under the wall of ice and fire. Before the Demon Palace, thirteen blood slaves flew in with blood parrots." The blood slave did not make a sound. Then Wang Feng added, "When it came, it was just a flame. The flame exploded like a blood flower, and the blood parrot appeared." His voice suddenly changed again, becoming terrible, and he said, "As soon as it appeared,large ficus tree, it laughed, laughed like a man, and spoke like a man. The first thing it said was to call my name." He heaved a sigh and continued, "I was almost scared to death by him. Fortunately, I remembered then that he owed me two wishes." Wang Feng suddenly seemed to remember something funny and laughed. At this time, he was still laughing,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, that is, the blood slave had some admiration for him. He smiled and said, "Do you know what the first wish I made to him was?" The blood slave didn't answer him. Then he himself said, "I want him to tell me the secret of the blood parrot." He burst out laughing. The blood slave did not smile, nor did he show anything. Wang Feng seemed to feel that it was too boring to laugh alone. He quickly stopped laughing and asked, "Do you know how it answers me?" The blood slave finally spoke and asked, "What did it say to you?" Wang Feng's words became illusory again. He said, "He didn't say anything. He just used his magic power to make the scene of the day when the Demon King was one hundred thousand years old and the demons gathered together in Qinong Jiapu to turn the parrot into blood reappear in front of my eyes. He answered me with facts to satisfy my wishes." The blood slave was silent again. "Go.". "Although I saw a wonderful scene that I had never seen in my life, I wasted my first wish," said Wang Fengwei. The blood slave interrupted him again and said, "It owes you two wishes. Even if you waste one, what is your second wish?" Wang Feng said, artificial coconut palm trees ,large palm trees for sale, "I want it to tell me the whole truth about the mysterious disappearance of the jewelry in the treasury of Taiping Anle Fugui Wangfu overnight." "How did it answer you this time?" Asked the blood slave. Wang Feng said, "This time it didn't answer me directly either. It just told me to go up the stone steps of the Demon Palace and jump into a magic boat on the vast ocean at the end of the stone steps. It said that if I jumped down, the magic boat would take me to a place where two people could solve all the doubts in my heart." The blood slave suddenly asked, "Did you really see the vast ocean and the magic boat?" Wang Feng said, "That vast ocean is actually a sea of blood. The magic boat is just a raft." "Did you really jump?" Asked the blood slave. "That's why you and I are here now," said Wang Feng. The blood slave was silent again. Wang Fengtu sighed again and said, "This place may be hell.." The blood slave interrupted him for the fifth time and said, "Where did you get all this nonsense?"? "Do you think what I said is nonsense?" Asked Wang Feng. "What is it if it's not a lie?" Asked the blood slave. Wang Feng said, "Although I have traveled all over Qinong Jiapu, I haven't turned into a monster yet." "It's just a legend," said the blood slave. "What Qinong Jiapu? What hundred thousand gods and demons drop blood to turn into parrots?" "There seems to be nothing wrong with my eyes," said Wang Feng. "It's the same if you have a brain problem," said the blood slave. "My brain has always been normal," said Wang Feng. The blood slave sneered, "Then if you hadn't seen a ghost just now, you would have gone mad." "He didn't see a ghost just now, nor did he go mad." Another voice suddenly sounded in the darkness. A very moving voice, a woman's voice. Ethereal, as if floating down from the sky. Wang Feng's blood slave could not help looking up. There was a flash of blue light in the sky of Chi Xu Ding Fang. Firelight. The kind of fire they saw in the basement. Then the voice added, "But in the next few days, you will go mad, and you will surely see ghosts.". "Wang Feng could not help but get up, and the blood slave snapped," Who? "" The voice giggled and said, "You can recognize Wang Feng's voice, but why can't you recognize my voice?" "You-it's you!" The voice of the blood slave changed immediately. There was a strong fear in the voice. Wang Feng seemed to recognize the voice at that moment, and he shivered in his heart. A face immediately appeared in the green light of the fire. A very young face, in any case, this person is only 14 or 15 years old, just a little girl. The little girl in red. The green light of the fire was only a mass, and although it had dyed her face green, it had not yet dyed her clothes green, and it was not difficult to distinguish that it was a red dress. But they knew that the little girl in red was really not young. The little girl in red is naturally the magic needle Wei Qiniang. When the demon king floated out of her pupils and appeared in the basement, she disappeared like smoke, and now she appeared in the sky. Could it be that she has been turned into a demon by the demon king? Wang Feng opened his eyes and stared at the green fire and the face in the light of the fire. Suddenly he said, "Why don't you take off that mask?" Wei Qiniang said with a smile, "I'm at least ten years younger wearing this mask. Don't older women like to dress themselves up as a little girl?" Wang Feng sneered, "Even if you don't take off your mask, I already know who you are." "Who am I?" Asked Wei Qiniang with a smile. "Aunt Li!" Said Wang Feng word for word. It was obviously Wei Qiniang,faux ficus tree, but he said it was Aunt Li. Didn't Wei Qiniang go up in flames in the basement? It seems that if there is nothing wrong with his eyes, there is something wrong with his head. The blood slave didn't say he was crazy this time. Neither did Wei Qiniang. "Why are you so sure?" She asked with a smile. "Voice," said Wang Feng. 。