Doomsday Paradise

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It took her only three or four seconds to read, but it was too long. Louqin felt the ground tremble slightly and rhythmically, and then the pages went black, and even the words were covered by a shadow. She slowly closed the book and turned her head.

262 Why don't you let me wear shoes (Owe the daily update chapter of Magic Five) Siri's vague voice seemed to come from the communicator, but Lou Qin couldn't hear what it was saying now. [80 eBook wWw. 80 txt. COM] When you have a long, wet and sticky tongue swaying back and forth in front of you, as if sniffing your scent, I'm afraid you won't be in the mood to listen to what others are saying in their ears. Lou Qin instinctively felt sick and afraid of the creature in front of her, but she still tried to suppress the emotion that made her legs tremble, and said in a voice as cold as possible:.. Fallen species? Even she herself did not realize that she was imitating Lin Sanjiu's calm tone unconsciously. It was still Siri's calm and vague voice that came from the communicator; it was obvious that Lou Ye had not heard his sister's words at all. Although Siri did not mention the fallen species at all, the Ruyue Library is still part of the doomsday world, and it seems not unimaginable that there are fallen species here. She watched helplessly as the small air holes on both sides of her tongue suddenly contracted, and a lot of saliva dripped down from her tongue, and one drop even fell on Louqin's shoes. This thing is not so much the tongue as the weapon and breathing organ of the strange creature in front of it-Lou Qin is now being pointed at by its weapon, and his mind is rapidly calculating what to do next. The number on her body is only "3". Although Lou Ye asked her to attack herself before she left so that she could transfer some survival numbers to Lou Qin, this method was put aside because she would become almost powerless for a period of time after the "lethal attack". So, how to fight this battle? The long flat face slowly rose from the top of the bookshelf, and then, with a movement that made people's scalp tingle, slipped down from the bookshelf-with its movement, more and more bodies gradually emerged in front of Louqin's eyes. To read the latest chapter of this book, please go to the www. Mianhua Tang. CC of Cotton Candy Novel Network. It was a cylindrical body like an earthworm, and even its color was exactly the same as that of an earthworm. It was so huge that even Lou Qin could not hold it in his hands. After it had completely slid down the bookshelf and stood upright,wire mesh decking, it was clear that the upper part of its body was already two meters high. It formed a solid, tall, dark shadow in the dark space. Lou Qin glanced at most of his body hidden in the darkness and swallowed his throat dryly. Do the people in the North Hall know about its existence? So big, there's no reason not to know, right? What the hell is this? But if it has something to do with the people in the North Hall, then why didn't you take it with you when you attacked the Central Hall. The confused thoughts were just half floating. Suddenly, the wind moved, and Louqin suddenly realized that the tongue had gone nowhere-thanks to the very low visibility in the darkness, after standing up straight, the face of the "earthworm" was almost hidden in the shadow, mobile racking systems ,industrial racking systems, and the long tongue as strong as a human torso came out of nowhere. Go straight to Louqin. While the girl rolled in confusion and quickly hid behind a bookshelf, she suddenly felt a burning pain in her back and arm-Lou Qin touched it with her backhand, and her palm was covered with a sticky patch, not knowing whether it was blood or mucus on the ground. Enduring the pain as if her skin was about to crack, she looked down and could not help hissing-the shoe that had just been dripped with a drop of saliva had been corroded by a small piece of vamp, and there was still a faint smoke in the small black hole in the center. Bastard! "Lou Qin endured the pounding of her heart.". As he cursed, he stretched out his arms and picked up a few books from the shelf behind him. "Why don't the degenerates here let me wear shoes well?" The voice did not fall, only to hear another "rustling" sound-Lou Qin turned his head and found that the long tongue was just behind her, under the contraction of the two exhaust holes, a larger amount of mucus than just now dripped all over the floor. Strangely, however, the ground was not corroded; the slime was only on the ground between the bookshelves, forming "puddles" of high corrosion. Accompanied by another gust of wind, a dark shadow came from the side of Louqin. This time it was clear that he was going to force her into the "puddle"; probably because the mucus was discharged from both sides of the tongue, the direction was not controlled, so the "earthworm" chose this way of fighting. She did not dare to be hit by the long tongue full of mucus, and quickly rolled on the spot. However, before she could stabilize herself, the long tongue changed its direction and hit her again, and the slime was thrown into the air and fell down. Behind you is the second floor railing, and then step back. Lou Qin was about to fall down to the second floor of the North Pavilion-she gritted her teeth and blocked the books in her arms with her body. While the mucus "pricked" her clothes and skin, Lou Qin had already opened two books quickly, and her eyes quickly crossed the pages. However, Lou Qin felt a chill in his heart as soon as he swept away. The place was too dark for her to see anything--but she was not content to leave the book and run. She had the luck to put her eyes almost to the page, and could only read a few vague words by the occasional burst of light from the opposite side; but such a few words did not even make up a complete sentence, and naturally had no special effect. I don't know when the attack behind me stopped. It took her only three or four seconds to read, but it was too long. Louqin felt the ground tremble slightly and rhythmically, and then the pages went black, and even the words were covered by a shadow. She slowly closed the book and turned her head. The flat, noseless face, at some point, was close to her shoulder-the chin hung over her left shoulder, and from one side of the face to the other,industrial racking systems, like a zipper, it gradually opened a huge mouth. What are you looking at, little girl? Lou Qin froze.