Prehistoric guide

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Sarira was not a magic weapon because of the monk's own mind practice, and the money was hard to shake.

As soon as Mao Sui's golden eyes stared, the iron pole of his right hand rushed to the dust and hit him. The dust unhurriedly took out the serial shovel. The two of them fought in one place. Mao Sui's magic power was much worse than that of the dust, but Mao Sui also had his own strengths. He was proficient in the method of earth, appearing and disappearing on the ground, which made the dust in a hurry. As soon as the dust saw that the little man was so difficult to deal with, he took down the rosary and threw it fiercely to the ground. One hundred and eight rosary beads melted into the ground in an instant. Suddenly, the whole land was as hard as iron. Mao Sui's lower body was trapped in the land, but his upper body was outside. As soon as the dust saw it, he smiled and waved a serial shovel to kill Mao Sui. Sun Wu was the most affectionate to several disciples. He was like a father and son. How could he have the heart to watch Mao Sui die? The Songwen Guding Sword in his hand was sacrificed, and he ran to the dust and beheaded it. This Songwen Guding Sword was personally refined by Huanglong for Sun Wu. It was already comparable to the primary congenital Lingbao. It was extremely powerful. Where could the dust resist it? It was about to die. Two white lights flew out of the Chu army and entangled the Songwen Guding Sword. Mao Sui took advantage of the master's action and fled back to the array. Sun Wu hurriedly changed the seal formula, the sword turned for a while, and escaped from the white light. At that moment, an old monk dressed in a yellow sè robe came to the front of the battle. The old monk was very thin, and his two long eyebrows almost hung down to the ground. It was the long-browed arhat who shot him. The two white lights just now were the eyebrows of the long-browed arhat. Long eyebrow arhat was born in Jiejiao, and his cultivation was profound. Now he has practiced Buddhism, and his strength has improved faster. After all, he has reached the realm of Da Luo. In the first battle of Fengshen, Jiejiao and Lanjiao have formed a life-and-death feud. Now, as soon as Long eyebrow sees the people of Lanjiao appear again, he immediately wants to take the opportunity to export his bad breath. Therefore,warehousing storage solutions, regardless of his identity, he deals with Sun Lou. As soon as Qi Bo saw the long-browed arhat, he knew that he had to send a good hand. As soon as he turned his eyes, it happened to fall on Xiao Sheng. Xiao Sheng used the money to fall on the Dragon and Tiger Ruyi of the Golden Spirit Holy Mother during the war of sealing the gods. Now he is also a great power in the realm of half-step big Luo, just to deal with the long-browed arhat. Xiao Sheng immediately knew the meaning of Qi Bo, waved the sword, a sword gas hit the long eyebrow, the two white eyebrows of the long eyebrow flying up,drive in racking system, like two silver dragons, instantly scattered the sword gas, a shake of the monk's robe, sleeves instantly enlarged, as if like a mountain, hit Xiao Sheng. Xiao Sheng was also an experienced man. He waved his sword again and again, and integrated Yuqing's immortal method into it. The sword soared and cut off the sleeve of the long eyebrow. The long eyebrow was furious. He took out the demon-conquering pestle and hit Xiao Sheng according to the law. Xiao Sheng waved his sword to meet him. Hit a few strokes, the long eyebrow suddenly showed the golden body, suddenly the body is tough, Xiao Sheng with a sword almost difficult to hurt the long eyebrow, long eyebrow took the upper hand, will subdue the demon pestle sacrifice, according to Xiao Sheng hit the past. Xiao Sheng raised his hand to sacrifice the money, a pair of small wings flashed a few times, heavy duty rack manufacturers ,warehouse pallet racks, and the demon-conquering pestle broke away from the control of the long eyebrow and fell on the money. Long eyebrow is also after the battle of the gods, but at this time is obviously negligent, even forgot that Xiao Sheng has such a treasure of money, immediately suffered a great loss. Xiao Sheng fell the magic weapon of the long eyebrow, the heart is overjoyed, but also know that by virtue of their own cultivation can not easily break the golden body of the long eyebrow, quick-witted to take out the dragon and tiger Ruyi, as long as the eyebrow hit the past. This dragon and tiger Ruyi is the magic weapon of the Golden Spirit Holy Mother, the top-grade innate Lingbao, with amazing power. Xiao Sheng was lucky to receive it, but Xiao Sheng was so humble that he had not been able to refine it thoroughly. But at this time, it was enough to deal with the long eyebrow. The long eyebrow was covered by the light of Ruyi Bao, and his body was hard to move. He was about to die. Xiao Sheng seemed to have forgotten the truth that ordinary people were innocent and guilty. The dragon and tiger Ruyi was the magic weapon of the Golden Spirit Holy Mother. It was so powerful that all the monks present would be jealous. Manjusri took the lead in reacting. The dragon stake in his hand suddenly came out and ran to Xiao Sheng. Qi Bo was so frightened that he offered his Xuan Song Staff to help Xiao Sheng. Samantabhadra and Manjusri had been together for a long time, and their hearts were the same. Manjusri went to seize the treasure, and Samantabhadra naturally blocked Qi Bo's people. Samantabha put Wu Hook Sword away, and Qi Bo was blocked back in an instant. When Xiao Sheng saw Manjusri dealing with himself, he was also shocked. Fortunately, Xiao Sheng's reason was still there. He played a trick, and the money flew up and went straight to the Dragon Pile. How dare you, thief! Manjusri suddenly felt that the connection between himself and Dun Longzhuang had been cut off. Manjusri had taken the money very seriously, but he never thought that this magic weapon could actually drop his own magic weapon. After all, he was much higher than Xiao. But as soon as he saw this scene, Manjusri was even more delighted. He not only had to get the dragon and tiger Ruyi, but also had to receive the money. Manjusri suddenly showed the sarira, and the Buddha's light shone. The momentum of the dragon and tiger Ruyi's fall was immediately stopped, and the sarira immediately turned into a big hand of gold. He ran to the dragon and tiger Ruyi and caught them. Xiao Sheng didn't want his magic weapon to fall into the hands of Manjusri. If he sacrificed the money again, he would fall into the big hand of gold. He didn't know that the big hand of gold was transformed by Sarira. Sarira was not a magic weapon because of the monk's own mind practice, and the money was hard to shake. Gold s sè big hand suddenly change direction, will fall treasure money in the hand, Manjusri at this time has come to the opposite of Xiao Sheng, a God thunder hit, immediately to Xiao Sheng's half life, Manjusri will dragon and tiger Ruyi also received in the hand, waved Ruyi, the result of Xiao Sheng's life. Manjusri suddenly got two innate magic weapons, immediately heart gas, will be Xiao dragon stake sacrifice, straight to Peng Zu hit the past, Peng Zu Qi Bo and others know that they are not able to deal with Manjusri and Samantabhadra, if blindly try to be brave, afraid is xxìng life is in danger, immediately scattered, Samantabhadra took the opportunity to slay Cao Bao. The army of the State of Wu was defeated in the first battle, but the morale of the State of Chu was high. Manjusri gave the Dragon and Tiger Ruyi to Samantabhadra for sacrifice, and he left the money for sacrifice. He also took great pains to sacrifice, and prepared to defeat Lanjiao again. Huanglong Zhenren didn't know the fiasco of Lanjiao,Teardrop Pallet Racking, but he didn't know how to deal with it for a while. After all, there were too few people in Lanjiao. Even if he made his own move, there was still the Tathagata who didn't go down the mountain. I'm afraid it's hard to win.