the whole clan alternately

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The two veins are separated and never intersect, but every twenty years, both veins elect goddesses to take charge of the affairs of the whole clan alternately.

Back that day, Xue Miao-miao's worry finally did not confirm, that night Qiutong also tired tight, just hurriedly for her to change the outer shirt, did not find the inside of the universe. This Qiu Tong's careless temperament saved himself once. The two things are over, Xue Miao-miao began to pack his bags, this time, there should be no foreign affairs interference. Xue Miao-miao kept her promise and gave Qiu Tong an ingot of gold. Unexpectedly, Qiu Tong didn't even look at it. She was as angry as she was. She scolded the beauty's family severely. Even Fu Mingzhao, who she had always loved, became a bully in her mouth at the moment. Then he pulled Xue Miao-miao to explain that he must not take care of the affairs of the Lu family any more. But calm down, one to one, two to two, although Lu Childe is wrong first, she can not forgive, but the child is innocent after all. Premature babies, under the backward conditions of ancient times, need extremely careful and professional care to recover. Moreover, the baby was rescued by herself, and when Xue Miaomiao held him for the first time, she felt a soft and weak twist in her arms, but she still couldn't harden her heart and let it go. The baby is thin and small, the blood supply is not good, after two days jaundice began to rise, the nose and conjunctiva are obviously yellow. In ancient times,aluminium tile trim profiles, it was also called fetal yellow. According to common sense, neonatal jaundice will reach its peak in seven days, and then gradually subside, and it will go down in more than two weeks. But the child has never had any sense of decline, but day by day. Yellow urine, thick tongue coating, moisture gathered in the body. Without blue light physiotherapy, Xue Miaomiao had to start with traditional Chinese medicine, stewed with Artemisia capillaris and Gardenia. The decoction for clearing heat and promoting diuresis should be adjusted according to the baby's weight change. In this way,aluminium edge trim, every two days, she would go to Lu's house and nurse for more than an hour before leaving. Because of excessive blood loss, Mrs. Lu's face has been pale and sallow, but fortunately, there are enough medicinal materials and ingredients to regulate the blood, and after many days, she has been healthy and should be all right. Apart from explaining the main points of nursing every time, Xue Miao-miao did her routine and hardly said a word more to Wan Ping. Mrs. Lu's attitude was much better than Wan Ping's. She talked very little and mostly obeyed Xue Miaomiao's doctor's advice, during which there was nothing unpleasant. But the mental condition is not very good, always sick Xi Shi general leaning in the bed, hugging the child, or sitting on the edge of the bed in a trance. Perhaps because of her sensitivity as a woman, she always felt that, judging from Mrs. Lu's deep love for Mr. Lu, she seemed to be too cold to the child. This is strange, what woman will not treasure the crystallization born with the beloved? It's really hard to guess. Since that day, Lu Gongzi has not appeared again. But Fu Mingzhao blocked several times, apologized to himself and so on, tile profile factory ,stainless tile trim, Xue Miaomiaoquan as did not hear, to take care of the baby, and draw a clear line with him. Fu Mingzhao was very uncomfortable and ashamed, but Xue Miao-miao didn't even give him a chance to explain. There was a faint smell of milk and body fragrance in the room. When Lu Heng walked in, he just stopped outside the screen. "What's important when you come to find the king?" Had it not been for her weakness in giving birth, Lu Heng would never have stepped into the West Chamber. Wan Ping and a servant girl who was waiting on him took the child to the side room, and for a moment there were only two of them left in the room. Lu Lang, will you come and see me? Xu Niangzi's tender and tender voice came, coupled with her charming posture, I'm afraid few men in the world can resist it. Look at the situation, you recuperate a lot, so, the king will teach people to start preparing for departure. The emperor has drafted the imperial edict in the Daming Palace. Now that you have a prince, promotion is just around the corner. After a narrow silence, I heard the sound of a heart-wrenching split silk coming from inside. Dressed in pale yellow brocade, the woman's black hair was scattered, barefoot walked up to him, although pale but still beautiful face, a line of tears slipped to her lips, her whole person was trembling and asked, "Since you have no intention of me, why.." Why did you take me away from Phoenix Valley? Lu Heng bent over her and wiped away the tear with his rough fingertips. "But later, I gave you a chance, but you chose not to go back." Xu Lian bit his lip and tried to shake his hand, but he avoided it coldly. Lu Lang should know that the Phoenix Valley is lost and can not be entered. What's more, since the beginning of seeing you for the first time, I have identified you and can no longer escape. But why was Lu Lang so cruel and fickle that he forgot all about Jialuo that night? Xu Lian's delicate body, like a flower trembling in the wind, trembled against the screen. The past turns over, seems to return to three years ago, or general Lu Heng led his men lost in the East China Sea, strayed into the Phoenix Valley that day. There are many misty mountains in the East China Sea, and there is a valley named Phoenix in the mountains. Phoenix Valley is the ancestral home of the ancient family. The goddesses in the clan are in charge of the affairs, and each of them is beautiful. By chance, every few years, the sacrificial woman would go out of the valley to look for a man with excellent talents to borrow seeds from the valley until she gave birth to a daughter, and then sneak out of the valley. And Lu Heng, the king of Lancang, stumbled into the Valley by mistake on the day of the goddess sacrifice. After hundreds of years, Phoenix Valley is divided into two branches, one is the medical pulse, which is proficient in the art of Qihuang, and the other is the magic pulse, which is proficient in the art of detoxification. The two veins are separated and never intersect, but every twenty years, both veins elect goddesses to take charge of the affairs of the whole clan alternately. The goddess is a virgin who has just reached the age of 28. She is the woman with the most outstanding appearance and ability in the clan. At that time, Xu Lian was the goddess chosen from the bewitching pulse, and Lu Heng was chosen by the sacrificial woman, who urged her to go to Wushan according to the ancestral precepts on the bank of Jialuo Lake. Unexpectedly, when Xu Lian stepped into Jialuo Lake with tender feelings and the budding heart of a young girl, Lu Heng was still struggling to endure under the power of the medicine that urged Huan San. The situation is very strange. She had been taught to be ignorant of men and women, and for more than ten years, she had never seen a man who was more excellent and handsome than the man in front of her. How could she not be moved? But just when he was about to be happy, he suddenly restrained himself, tied himself to horseback,china tile trim, and led his men out of the Phoenix Valley. Xu Lian extremely panic, but also see his endurance is amazing, unexpectedly can be urged to break through the tight encirclement under the power of the medicine!.