The day [year] of becoming a white lotus

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Ok, white lotus clear nod, this fate is really enough its wonderful, also always better than is a person to blind date each other will agree

"All right." Cooking is just an excuse, Lotus does not agree, Wu Guixiang does not insist, "aunt go out first, you young people chat for a while." Then he took his old man out. Originally accompanied by two big and two small have gone out, leaving only Bai He and Wu Liang in the room, the atmosphere is somewhat awkward for a while. Bai He lowered his eyes and did not open his mouth. Comrade Bai He. Wu Liang stood up and watched his aunt and uncle, and when he looked back, he saw the white lotus hanging his head and showing his neck like jade, and the warmth behind his ears climbed up again, and quickly turned his face away and sat down. My aunt should have told you about my family. I will tell you about my work again. I am currently stationed in Muta County, Hehe City, Northern Xinjiang Province. I am at the regimental level. My monthly salary plus subsidy is 208 yuan and 19 cents. I have the qualification to accompany the army. There are schools, hospitals and small stores in the army. My basic living needs can be met. I don't smoke at ordinary times. Sometimes if a comrade-in-arms comes to the door, he will drink a little, but this situation is not much. The fixed monthly expenses are 10 yuan for his family, and 10 yuan for each family of four former comrade-in-arms. I live and eat in the army, and there is no expense. "Oh." Bai He nodded his head, meaning that he was able to raise himself. "I understand." Is there anything else Comrade Bai He wants to know? Wu Liang asked. Facing a pair of sparkling eyes, Comrade Bai He said that he was under great pressure. However, since the other party was so direct,aluminum tile trim, Bai He could not beat around the Bush. "I am generally clear about your situation. I have a few questions. First, I want to take my brother with me. I don't know if you are clear about this. Do you agree?"? Second, what do you think about Diuzi? Third, what are your requirements for your future wife? "It's right to take care of my younger brother. This aunt has told me that I don't feel at ease to put the lost son in the Wu family again, but I don't want to force you to do as much as you can. Dabao and Erbao have it, and the lost son is the same. If it's not easy to deal with in the future, you can give it to me to deal with. I don't have too many requirements for my future wife. I'm law-abiding and can care about my family." If you are willing to work, you can go to the army to have a look in the future. Family members can be placed to work,stainless steel edge trim, but this also depends on whether they meet the requirements. It doesn't matter if they don't want to work. Many family members don't work. The heavy work at home belongs to me. I can wash and brush these things. That is, my cooking is not delicious. In the end, Wu Liang scratched his head with some embarrassment. En, are the correct answers, so far, white lotus no complaints, "these I can do, then you?"? What can you give to your wife, or do? Ah? Wu Liang was a little confused. Pay all the wages? That's what Lao He seems to do. This consciousness is good, white lotus nods, "still have?" "Everything at home is up to you?" The teacher's family seems to listen to his sister-in-law. This can also have, "Do you still have it?" Also? Wu Liang had a moment of worry, then thought of something, originally some relaxed posture also re-board up, solemnly said: "Loyalty!"! Like loyalty to the Party and the country! "Good!" The white lotus was shocked by the last word of loyalty, stainless steel tile trim ,tile trim factory, and when he came to his senses, he realized what he had said, his eyes twinkled, and his white cheeks were stained with a trace of crimson. Are you saying yes? Wu Liang did not react to come over, but also some Leng Leng asked, in exchange for a big white lotus eyes. Wu Liang then came to his senses, touched his nose with some embarrassment, and then took out a pen from his pocket and handed it to Bai He, "This is the gift I prepared." "So this is a promise to send, do not promise not to send?" Bai He said jokingly. That's not true. It's just that if you say yes, it's a token of love. If you don't say yes, it's a life-saving gift. Ah? Bai He looked up with some puzzlement. The pen you gave me last time, I pinned it in my pocket. On the battlefield, a bullet happened to come through the middle of the pen, which was a hindrance. If it hadn't been for that pen, I wouldn't be sitting here now. Wu Liang has some feelings, every time he thinks of it, he feels that this experience is really too magical. Bai He looked at the pen in his hand and then at Wu Liang. "So, you're here today because of this?" Bai He raised the pen in his hand. I do not want to lie, indeed, if the object is not you, I may not come today, because of my family and my last wife's situation, I actually do not want to find in my hometown, but after this incident, although I do not know you, but you always have a special affection, so, so.. "Wu Liang felt some fever on his face, and his voice became lower and lower.". Ok, white lotus clear nod, this fate is really enough its wonderful, also always better than is a person to blind date each other will agree, is also a kind of comfort? The author has something to say: This chapter is about me.. Anyway, I don't think so. But I can't change it for the time being. Let's do this first. I'll go back and change it when I think of the best way to change it. Chapter 70. Things seem to be so settled, white lotus thought, do not know what to say, so got up to say goodbye to go home. He seemed to be very calm all the way, but it was not until he went home and entered the room that he leaned on the door and took three deep breaths, trying to calm himself down and wake up. Sister? How's it going? Is it not possible? Does he dislike you? Dabao and Erbao had been staring at the door restlessly since their sister went out. As soon as they saw someone coming back, they rushed out. Unexpectedly, they were still too late and were locked out of the door. Yes, sister, forget it if you can't. Why don't we go to Big Brother's place? Big Brother's place is also very good. Remembering his sister's previous question, Erbao suggested. Yes, sister, and big brother. Don't worry. The northwest is also very good. I'll write to big brother later. Dabao is in a hurry. White lotus is still doing deep exhalation, one breath did not come down to be choked,aluminum tile edge trim, cough the waist is bent. Dabao heard more anxious, "sister, what's wrong with you?"? I'll call my fourth uncle. 。