Salted fish, she's always lying down to win.

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So I cried when I wanted to. The author has something to say: a little missing plot has been added. Chapter 137 the ancient supernatural world (2).

Han Zhi did not know where he was showing a flaw. But now that this Miss Ning has exposed the matter of pretending to sleep, Han Zhi is embarrassed to pretend to sleep again, can only pretend to just wake up and open his eyes, looking at the opposite Miss Ning showing a clever smile: Although now it seems to be a fool, but no matter how, it is always right to please that Miss Ning.. Close at hand is a very gentle hibiscus face: the skin is like congealed fat, the eyebrows are like distant mountains, and a pair of water-cut pupils are filled with smiles. Han Zhi's smile froze on her lips and she couldn't laugh any more. This Miss Ning is beautiful, Han Zhi walked so many worlds, have to admit, the world can rarely find a more beautiful woman than her. But Why does Miss Ning have the same face as the men she has seen in her previous lives?! Could it be that he was tired of being entangled with himself for several lifetimes and did not want to be a husband and wife with himself any more, and that he only wanted to be a sister with himself all his life? If that's the case.. This is really.. That's great! After becoming a sister, you certainly don't have to be tossed about like a pancake by this man! Your own waist can also be liberated! Han Zhi managed to restrain the smile at the corners of her mouth! …… However, it needs to be confirmed again. Han Zhi did not care to hide herself at this time. She looked expectantly at Miss Ning in front of her. Her eyes were full of friendliness: "Miss Ning, do you have a brother or a brother?" After all, there is another possibility: this Miss Ning may also be the man's sister. Hearing Han Zhi say so, Miss Ning's eyes were dark, and she restrained the smile in her eyes and hung her head. Seeing Miss Ning's appearance, the maid on one side quickly interrupted their conversation with a smile on her face: "Miss Ning, you know my young lady. She's used to being silly and doesn't have any bad ideas. It's estimated that she's just talking nonsense. Don't be sad.." Seeing that Miss Ning was still hanging her head without saying a word,alumina c799, the maid mercilessly glared at Han Zhi, who was standing aside and was somewhat confused. Her face was immediately filled with a bit of grief: "The emperor has been trying his best to track down this matter all these years. After catching those kidnappers, they will certainly die a terrible death!"! Miss Ning, don't be too sad. Kidnapper? Sad? Han Zhi listened to the maid's words in the heart a stomp, immediately gave birth to a sense of foreboding. So In this life, before he came to this world, had the man died in the hands of the kidnappers? …… What will happen in the next life? Will I be able to meet that man again? For a moment, Han Zhi did not know what kind of feeling was in her heart, and the whole heart became empty in an instant, as if she had lost all her direction. Miss Ning raised her head, just in time to see the appearance of Han Zhi's lost soul, Ceramic ferrule for stud welding ,ceramic bobbin element, and her eyes flashed. Xu felt that Han Zhi was stimulated by her. Miss Ning held Han Zhi's hand and gently opened her mouth: "Sister Han Zhi, in fact, it's not a big problem. If you want to ask anything, just ask me directly. I'm glad you can take the initiative to talk to me.." Do you have a brother? Does he look like you. Han Zhi stared at the Ning girl and asked aloud without giving up. That man's ability every lifetime is extremely strong, Han Zhi does not believe that he died like this! "Sister Han Zhi, why do you want to know so much about my brother?" Miss Ning asked in a soft voice, and there was a trace of darkness in her eyes, which was fleeting, and no one noticed it. Han Zhi did not speak, she pursed her lips, but looked fixedly at Miss Ning in front of her. She is a fool now, and naturally she has the right not to speak. Miss Ning took a deep look at Han Zhi, and finally sighed, with a bit of sadness in her eyes: "I do have a brother, my brother and I look like.". We were all in that motorcade, and no one expected to meet the kidnappers, my parents, my brother.. "I was captured and tortured in the stockade and survived, but after so many years, I still can't forget the miserable appearance of my parents when they died.." It turned out that the man was really dead. Han Zhi pursed her lips. These past events are obviously not a good memory for Miss Ning. After that, Miss Ning's face turned white in an instant. But with a strong smile, she turned her head and looked at Han Zhi. Then she seemed to find something. Miss Ning opened her eyes slightly and took out a veil and handed it to Han Zhi: "I didn't cry. Why are you crying?" Only then did Han Zhi discover that her face was covered with tears. Han Zhi hung her head in general. What a pity. "I just feel sad." And heartache. So I cried when I wanted to. The author has something to say: a little missing plot has been added. Chapter 137 the ancient supernatural world (2). Seeing Han Zhi's performance, Miss Ning seemed a little confused. She turned to look at the maid beside her and asked curiously, "Did Han Zhi's sister and my brother know each other before they died?" Han Zhi is a fool, the maid is not always staring at her, naturally do not know the whereabouts of Han Zhi, but now in front of Miss Ning, the maid obviously can not show this. The maid looked at Han Zhi and squeezed out a smile: "The young lady had secretly seen the eldest son at the banquet before.". The eldest son is very beautiful, and it's hard to forget after seeing the young lady. "Well." Miss Ning nodded thoughtfully and sighed lightly: "After so many years, it's hard for anyone to remember my brother.." The maid laughed, did not know how to answer, hung her head and did not speak again. Han Zhi carefully looked at Miss Ning's appearance: Miss Ning was as beautiful as a flower, and her skin was snow-white. She looked at Han Zhi with a trace of compassion in her eyes. She spoke softly and behaved gently and dignified. No matter how she looked, she could not find a trace of the man's shadow. That man is really likely to be Miss Ning's brother who died early in this life! …… Because of this matter,7g Ozone Generator, Han Zhi was depressed for two days. Xu is to feel that Han Zhi's mood is not right, these two days, that Miss Ning came to see her every day to accompany her to talk.