Single out the proud prince.

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He was wearing a white expensive casual suit today, and he looked handsome and expensive. What's the matter?

In shallow music listened to these, the heart is very surprised, there are more schadenfreude. That Lin Sitong was beaten unexpectedly, ha ha, deserve it! Atomic Qing wants to chase her. Hum, dream on. Feng Yuncheng will also take the initiative to challenge the atomic celebration, which is really a big reverse news. But it's none of her business. The most important thing for her now is to review her lessons. Everything else, get out of the way. She has been very serious, very hard to calm down to study, but why God is always against her ah. Yu Qiangle stared indignantly at the girls in front of him. What are they doing around their table, and they look like they're going to eat her? Does she owe her children money, or does she rob their men, so hostile to herself? Yu Qiangle, you are so shameless that you dare to seduce our atomic celebration. What? What did they say? Yu Qiangle pulled out his ears and looked at them. "Say it again!" "How dare you seduce Atomic Qing?" One of the girls growled at her. I can't wait to come up and tear her face off. What's good about this woman? She has no figure, no face, no face. Atomic Qing will take a fancy to her and plan to chase her. What the hell. Seduction? Yu Qianle looked at their red faces with amusement and said, "Did you make a mistake? When did I seduce him? Evidence, I want evidence." There's no proof. What are they making a fuss about? It's easy to bully her. You don't admit your mistake! Atomic Qing has put the word down that he will chase you. You still don't admit that I have never seen such a hypocritical person as you. Oh,indoor endless pool, so that's it. Yu Qiangle said, "It's too late for you to know my hypocrisy now." She was generous enough to accept her own shortcomings. Looking at their green faces, he said, "It's his own business to pursue me. I didn't say I wanted to pursue him.". Why do you come to me? Why do you think I'm easy to bully? A few girls face a white, all you look at me, I look at you, before the shallow music with a person's strength to beat Lin Sitong's minions can not get out of bed for a few days,Whirlpool bathtub, they know best. It seems better not to make her angry. But such a fierce momentum to find her accounts, and so also afraid to go to other people laugh. So we still have to hold on. If he wants to chase you, you should let her chase you. We tell you, I'm afraid your beauty is not on the table. Don't make a fool of yourself there, will you? Smiling instead of being angry, Yu looked at them with a smile and said, "Thank you for reminding me. I know how heavy I am.". But people have put down the words to chase me, if I do not agree, you are not going to say I pretend to be aloof ah? So, "seeing everyone listening, I couldn't help laughing and said slowly," I can't let you down, and I can't let you down, hot tub spa manufacturers ,hot tub wholesale, right? Therefore, I have decided, I agree to the pursuit of atomic celebration! "Touch!" There was a sound outside the classroom. The students were startled and looked at the sound in place, only to see that I do not know when, outside the door stood a Fengyun City. When I looked at his face, I was even more shocked. Feng Yuncheng, his brother, actually had a big face and a swollen face. His face was blue and purple. It was so scary. A handsome face is even more out of shape. You can't see that it's a beautiful face that makes people scream. Yu Qianle patted his chest and stared at the God outside the door. This guy has become like this, and he still wants to come out to scare people. It's true. Feng Yuncheng looked at Yu Shallow Music with a frosty face, looking at her eyes shocked, puzzled and incredible. And more heartache! See Yu Qianle inexplicable. What's that look in his eyes? Feng Yuncheng walked slowly up to Yu Qiangle and asked in a deep voice, "What did you say just now? Say it again!" "What?"? What did I just say? Yu Shallow Music asked in puzzlement. What did she just say to make him like this. Several girls on one side immediately opened their mouths ingratiatingly and said, "Yu Qiangle just said that she accepted the pursuit of Atomic Celebration." Feng Yuncheng stared at her, and she was so frightened that she immediately stopped talking. Looking at Yu Qiangle, with undoubted anger in his eyes, he gritted his teeth and said, "Have you really thought it over?" Thinking about what? Yu Qianle nodded blankly with his words. Suddenly a gust of wind passed by, and Yu Shallow Music only felt a flower in front of her eyes. When she came to her senses, she found that Fengyun City had already walked out of the classroom. Looking at his back far away, the heart is thinking, this guy is not taking the wrong medicine today, she agreed to the original Qing's pursuit of what he has to do? But there was no room for her to think too much. After a while, the bell rang for class and she was reviewing again. When it was time for lunch, Yu Qiangle slowly packed up his textbooks and went to the canteen to fill the bottomless pit. Shallow music! Yu Qiangle heard someone calling her, stopped and looked at the source of the voice, that is not our original handsome man who is! He was wearing a white expensive casual suit today, and he looked handsome and expensive. What's the matter? Yu Shallow Music asked coldly. This guy, if it wasn't for his boring behavior, she wouldn't have been turned by those nymphomaniacs. I have to blame him. Don't be so cold-faced. Come on, let's go to dinner together! Atomic Qing said and took Yu Qiangle's arm and walked to the hotel. Without warning, Yu Qiangle grabbed his hand and walked a few steps in front of him. He shook off his hand and said loudly, "Who wants to go to dinner with you?". Go and eat by yourself, Miss Ben is not free! This guy is so overbearing that he pulled her forcibly without her consent. Atomic Qing stopped, looked at her steadily, and said, "Don't be angry.". I heard you announce that you would be my girlfriend this morning. You can't be a scalper. He did not say that it was all right, but as soon as he said it, Yu Qiangle could not help staring at him mercilessly. "You still want to say it.". Who do you think you are? If you want to chase me, let you chase me. Arrogant playboy radish. "I'm a playboy, but it's all because they want to pester me," he said with a smile without changing his face. I just can't bear to refuse. Shallow music, don't be angry. In the future,whirlpool hot tub, I will never associate with his woman again. I promise And he raised his hands. Yu Qianle snorted. "Your assurance, your assurance is worth a few money?" Although the surface is like this, but the heart is still very useful.