Abuse cry that scum attack [wear quickly]

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This kind of face-watching thing, if you are not lucky enough to buy it a hundred times, may be less than a hundred yuan.

Liangchen wanted to pull back his hand, but as soon as she moved, Xie Qiuli knew what she was going to do and gave her a warning look. Xie Qiuli: What do you want to do? What do I want to do.. Boss Xie, what do you want to do! Why don't you marry me! Liangchen bit his lower lip, looked at her with grievance, pulled two times and failed to take his hand back. Cool Chen: "Here, from the elder sister, tomorrow also go to work, now has been very late!" " Xie Qiuli didn't let go. "It's only eight o'clock," he said. She closed early today. Is it only eight o'clock? Cool Chen subconsciously wants to say impossible, but intuition tells her, Xie Qiuli said is right, now only eight o'clock, today Xie boss closed early. Since the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival, it seems that the shop has not been open normally for a long time. They either don't open the door or close the door on the way, and now they close the door in advance. Isn't the Internet bar crowded at night? Not very understand these cool Chen thought of the news that had seen before, seem to be the Internet bar to stay up all night or something. Feel and Xie Qiuli relationship is much better Liangchen can not help but think of the problem of losing money, unlike before dare not ask dare not say,endless pool factory, she asked the export this time. Xie Qiuli was stunned when he heard her words. You misunderstand. When Liang Chen heard this, he was stunned and blurted out, "What?"? Isn't it? Xie Qiuli hesitated, as if preparing how to explain to her. Although she was pondering, her hand still did not let go of Liangchen. Xie Qiuli: "I open this Internet bar is not to make money actually, say the word of money, actually I also do not lack money." "Huh?" Xie Qiuli: Let me explain this to you. This shop used to be my father's. After my father passed away,whirlpool bathtub, in order to commemorate them, I did not demolish and rebuild it. I stayed all the time. I just refitted the third floor and lived here. In fact, the third floor used to be a warehouse. Death? They? Guys? Liangchen opened his eyes wide. Xie Qiuli means that not only her father died, but also her mother died? Xie Qiuli: "Because the house is mine, so in fact can not lose any money, that is, some electricity is more expensive, but I do not open a shop to make money, is simply want to leave something." Cool Chen interrupted her, want to speak and stop: "Your home...?" Xie Qiuli's eyes flashed a trace of heartache, but it was fleeting and was not captured. Xie Qiuli: "There was a car accident ten years ago." Did boss Xie come here alone in the past ten years? Cool Chen suddenly some love to thank the boss. Ten years ago, boss Xie just.. By the way, how old is boss Xie this year? Liang Chen, jacuzzi bath spa ,endless swim spa, who was aware of it later, was confused. Sister Li, were you still young at that time? Things have passed for a long time, Xie Qiuli mentioned that there would be some sadness, but not immersed in the sadness of the past can not extricate themselves, quickly adjusted the state of mind, and she took the initiative to talk about their past. Seventeen years old, go to college, not young. Xie Qiuli continued: "it was the Mid-Autumn Festival, and I was elected as a student union Cadre. Something important happened to the student union that year, and I was delayed for two days. I didn't go home on the Mid-Autumn Festival, and my parents drove to Nanchen City. On the way, the tunnel was landslide, including my parents. That tunnel landslide killed more than a dozen people." If boss Xie hadn't been stuck by things that year, there might be no boss Xie now. The idea flashed through Liangchen's mind. I'm sorry, Sister Li, to remind you of a sad thing. Xie Qiuli didn't mind. He shook his head and said, "It's all over.". I went to the cemetery to worship my parents on the Mid-Autumn Festival. So that's it! Liangchen also wondered that day why Xie Qiuli came back so early. You don't have to worry about money. I'm not short of money at the moment. Xie Qiuli said: "My parents have insurance, the money is still in the card, and I played with my friends a few years ago, curious to try to go to the lottery shop to buy a few lottery tickets.." Xie Qiuli paused and opened his mouth with some amusement: "The result is right." Win the lottery? Cool Chen came interest, ask curiously: "In how many?" Two hundred million. ” Liangchen: "… …" Liangchen: "??" Can you win so much money in the lottery? Cool Chen's face was a little stiff, and she thought she was so poor that she was penniless. Well, it's impossible for boss Xie to go bankrupt. So you don't have to worry about my bankruptcy. Xie Qiuli continued: "The Internet bar is actually open for fun." Liangchen: "… …" I don't understand the idea of rich people like you. I'm just a poor guy. Cool Chen was hit, and even suddenly gave birth to their own or else to buy to see the idea. This idea was extinguished by her as soon as it came out. This kind of face-watching thing, if you are not lucky enough to buy it a hundred times, may be less than a hundred yuan. Is Liangchen lucky? She felt that if she was lucky, she would not be able to meet such a scum as Li Lin. Is there any pain? Xie Qiuli's hand touched her wrist restlessly, and the wound on her wrist had scabbed and healed, as if the doctor was surprised that her healing speed was not scientific. She can cross, cool Chen now does not believe in the current sense of science. Take back strange idea, cool Chen shakes one's head truthfully: "Already did not ache, it is the hand does not make strength." Xie Qiuli's thumb rubbed against the shocking scar, and the faint heartache in his heart accumulated more and more. Don't be so stupid again. "I said there was no future, and this was just a little accident." Xie Qiuli raised his eyebrows and said, "a little accident?" Liangchen: "Don't you go to take a bath?" "Do you want me to leave so much?" "No, no, of course not. I'm just asking. After all, it's getting late." "Cool Chen wants to pull back again, but Xie Qiuli still presses, did not let her succeed." I'll give you half an hour. "Thank you, Sister Li." Liangchen heart is reluctant,endless swim pool, because she felt that such direct contact with Xie Qiuli was too challenging her nerves, but fortunately Xie Qiuli did not ask her why she had been blushing. Xie Qiuli: "Are there any riff-raff calling you?" Liangchen: "No, I didn't get a call from anyone." 。 monalisa.com